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Do What Thou Wilt: Split from Book of Law Study Group 1.5

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.. and we haven't even started on the original made up version (even some Rabbi's admit it was 'faked' , the pentateuch seems to have been developed from a variety of Persian and Zoroastrian sources ; monotheism, angels, duality, good and evil, the Garden of Eden ... even Abraham's father came from there ).

But it is a good read. I recently bought a book from a 7th Day Adventist Egyptology exhibit ( ) it has a chart of world history, backed up museum archeology, starting at the beginning of the world ( 4004 bc) ... shows Noah'a flood, and all the biblical history in a scientific form. The chart is, of course now defunct, it apparently hung in the british museum until 1880 something.

It is probably just as inaccurate as the bible, but also contains some valid info. The best information gleaned from it IMO is ' insight ' .

I am not one to 'follow along' a religion. I see the Book of the Law and 'Thelema' as the same ... perhaps even with some deliberate rubbish in it ... it is dated, 'perverted', based on an old fashioned mind set ... but contains some insights and valuable ideas as well.

I know .... I know ....
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Originally Posted by Rubycon View Post
Good point. The way I see it is I am more interested in what its initial intent was. It's been passed down thousands of years and altered in the course of that time as well. Today's Bible teaches a parable, but I would rather know what was originally written in those scriptures.......
Of course the Bible text is corrupt. The problem is being continually addressed by textual critics, using scientific methods of comparison between different ancient sources. Critical texts of the Bible in the original languages have footnoted references to variant ancient manuscripts, which occupy a significant part of each page. At this point, the consensus is that we have a pretty good idea of the content of the original manuscripts, and it is getting even better as research continues.
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