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What Faeries live in your home?

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Originally Posted by cSpaceDiva
Of the faeries from the book, a few have come to visit, but it looks like the Fee Lion has taken up residence. Right now he's sitting on a pile a laundry that needs to be folded staring at me.
And I bet he's got That Look on His Face, right? That accusatory look....

Seen it!
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Join Date: 13 Aug 2002
Location: Perched with ravens, New Mexico
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Today the Nutter Flutter Faery showed up for the first time... She's related to the Buttered Toast Fairy; the Milk Cap Fairy and she are cousins.

This afternoon I was making Nutter Flutters for my son in the kitchen (recipe for those who don't know a Nutter Flutter: Ritz cracker sandwich with Jet Puffed marshmallow creme spread and creamy peanut butter). While spreading the marshmallow on one cracker, it slipped from my grasp and landed on the counter. I grimaced inwardly, imagining the mess of an upside down marshmallow cracker to clean....

The cracker landed marshmallow side up~!

And so I said, Thank You~! to the Nutter Flutter Faery.
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I'm not sure if this is helpful or not, but my sister sent this to me off her SCA bulletin board. It certainly explains a lot of things.

> Beer Fairies (Delicticus Barleynhopsinous),
> sometimes referred to as 'Feer Bairies' by those who are often in their
presence, are delightful, mischievous creatures, that thrive on the foamy
heads of a mug of beer. The more that one drinks, the more Beer Fairies are
attracted to you. In fact those that have had a lot of beer often have
scores of these creatures buzzing around their heads, which is why they have
such a difficult time walking. The drone of the Beer Fairies wings also
afflict those who have attracted many of them to themselves such that they
have to speak louder to be heard over the beat of these creatures wings.
> Most of the antics that the Beer Fairies perform while one is consuming
that marvelous brew (causing you to trip over objects, making what would be
vaguely humorous jokes inordinately funny) are harmless, however they have
an annoying habit of being consumed along with the brew. Most often they are dipping into ones cup to sip on your brew, and you take a drink, thus
consuming a Fairy by accident. The problems arise the next morning when the
trapped Fairies are trying to free themselves.
> Some become lodged in the head and pound on the inside of ones skull in a
desperate attempt to escape. Others may have slumbered away inside the
stomach, and their wings cause great discomfort to those who consumed too
many Beer Fairies.
> Even so, most who have met with these troubles find themselves returning
to the presence of the Beer Fairies, but since they think they have learned
their lesson they attempt to avoid consuming more of the Beer Fairies by
giving the common oath 'That is the last time I'll ever drink (Beer Faires)
again!' or some variation.
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That's hilarious, HudsonGray!

Fear Berries (sorry could not help myself ).... LOL

I guess there are Faeries in the wine, port and indeed my liqueurs, too!

I have found out something:

when I am desperately seeking something (like lately my Tarot Nova deck!) and not finding it - I stop and tell them Faeries to "give it back!" - and lo and behold, the moment after, I see it!

I knew the deck was in my handbag as I had taken it along to friends, but the handbag had disappeared with it, and when I requested it back, it was found sitting under a chair! No idea how it got there...

Or the day I found a letter I was looking for in my wardrobe what kind of joke was that!

Hehe, yes they have a way of making themselves known, funny little crowd.
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We often have things go missing and then return...once it was an old metal dustpan???
For years and years now, almost every time I go to bed to read or sleep, I (and my husband on occasion) have felt foot steps along our blankets, I always assumed it was one of my cats that have gone on, but am definately re-thinking this!!!
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I've actually got a funny story to tell you guys about the faeries that inhabitted my mom's home when I lived there. I went downstairs (with my bank card in hand), got something out the car, came back up with bank card in hand...walked through the door and...the bank card was missing. I looked by the door inside, and looked by the door outside. I retraced all my steps, taking a flashlight with me, looking under the stairs, in the stairs, on the stairs, in my car, on my car, outside my car, under my car, EVERYWHERE! This card was no where to be found. Finally after 10 minutes of fruitless searching, I threw my hands up in the air and proclaimed loudly, "Look faeries, I know this is all very funny to you, but that bank card is important to my life and I need it! Now return it!"

I walked out the door once more to resume searching for it, and it was on the doormat, waiting for me.
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That is funny Platinum Dove.... But you used the magic word, you told them you "need" it back, not just that you wanted it back. That works about 99.9% of the time, and I still can't figure out why. Fae magic I guess
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Join Date: 13 Aug 2002
Location: Perched with ravens, New Mexico
Posts: 4,700

This was another thread I remember so vividly when I first wrote it, it was such fun! And it began a wonderful playful discussion with the Faery lovers all over the forum.

Of late, I've been talking mostly with Singers and the like, how about you all? Any new Faeries show up in your house?

There is this one Faery out in the back yard... I've been cobbling a path in my yard for 5 years now, off and on, and the little bugger likes to remove stones now and then just to remind me that nothing is permanent, no matter how much we may occassionally wish it to be. I believe he inhabits the areas near my son and whispers in his ear, driving him with the urge to pluck Mommy's cobbles, despite the numerous gentle scoldings he's received when doing so.
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as of late...

There's been quite the assortment of fae around me. The lounging fae, the kind that whisper in my ear to ignore the mess of the house and to spend my days in a careless wonder. Eventually the fee lion will show up and stare at me in the face, normally hanging out around my kitchen, and he called in some fae of smells b/c there's been a mysterious smell from the kitchen, and honestly I can't figure out why. All the dishes (although not "cleaned") don't have food on them, but the worst is in the freezer. We just defrosted the freezer and put all fresh food in there, AFTER wiping it down. I don't understand this pungent smell, but I believe it to be the work of the fee lion and crew. Bodach and other mischievious fae keep whispering their thoughts in my children's ears as they run and play, or at least that's what their doing in their eyes, as they break things, loose things that are important to me, and color on important papers. And through all of this, I believe the faery god mother brings me her sweet gifts from time to time, as she helped gently guide me to some new friends, brings many butterflies near me, and the other day a bunny rabbit came hopping through my yard, went across the street, and then down a few other yards then disappeared. And last but not least, I think Tom the Poet has been sitting on my shoulder as one of my spirals of poems has been sitting out in the open, and I've been feeling the bug to do henna as of late. Oddly enough, last night, I ended up grabbing my book of poems as a flat surface for my friend to lay her hand down on while I placed some henna on her. I believe this to be the work of Tom the Poet anyways, and internally, soul shrinker has been with me, to help me with some of the more harder things that I've been facing. Meanwhile I've had the laume hanging out with me, sorting out my emotions, feelings, thoughts as we sit and watch for frogs, butterflies, and bunny rabbits.

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