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Successful horary: Is the Chief Miniister dead?

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Successful horary: Is the Chief Miniister dead?

Context: Ms. Jayalaltha, Chief Minister (roughly equivalent to Governor in the US system) of Tamil Nadu, a state In India, has been in hospital for months, with next to no news about her health being released to the public.

Yesterday, rumors started spreading she had passed away. In India, when prominent politicians die, even of natural causes, in some states, their followers ofter riot and destroy property, as a way of displaying their grief, and so the government often does not officially release the news of such deaths till police and paramiilitary deployments to counter such riots are in place. When the former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, was assassinated, confirmation of her death came almost a full day after it actually happened.

So yesterday, there were rumors and counter rumors floating around, and I thought this might be a good time to test out my horary technique.

Chart cast for 23:13 hours in Bangalore, India. Question: "Is Chief Minister Jayalalitha dead?"

The Chief Minister gets the first house. (Leo. I used fagan bradley with whole signs, but my friend using tropical + Regiomontanus confirms that there is no difference in that chart wrt houses etc. Dignities of course differ). (1)

Look for conjunctions of Sun with lords of 6th, 8th, 12th. (there are other things to check, but this got a clear match)

My reading, as communicated to my friends who use their own systems of divination (more below on these)

"The horary chart for the same question is interesting

The lord of the First (Leo, so Sun) is conjunct (by moeity) Lord of 6th (Capricorn, so Saturn) in the 4th (house of endings). This would seem enough to confirm death via sickness.


the Sun is in its own decan so has a tiny shred of dignity, and the
Moon (Lord of the 12th) is approaching a *sextile* ( a positive dignity, if a weak one)
with the Sun.

So i guess (from the horary) she is brain dead, but still on ventilator/heart and lung machine etc, so technically not *quite* dead, and everyone is waiting for someone to pull the plug, post the paramilitary deployments are complete etc

I'd imagine this would happen in either 5 hours or 5 days (from degrees of separation between Sun and Saturn and Moon and Mars etc.) I'm not sure how to convert this five degrees conjunction betweesn 1st and sixth house lords into a specific time period. We'll see soon enough" wait and see what happens when"

So I did get the timing wrong.

Interestingly Lenormand cards gave Scythe + Cross + Anchor, which the reader interpreted as ' Yes, her suffering is ended. She's gone"

The Tarot Reader (single card draw) got the card Justice, upright, which he interpreted as "True".

So all divination systems confirmed her death.

All these readings were done at the same moment, almost 18 hours ago, with respect to the timing of writing this post ,by different people.. The news media announced her death a few minutes ago and the state is going into lockdown. (police presence on the streets, all shops closed, internet and mobile down - to prevent rioters from co-ordinating attacks ) etc . This will probably continue till her funeral is complete)


(1) Turning the chart would be insane. I get the first. Then I have to find my nation's province,s (I live in a different state), Chief Minister, so 10th (leader) of 4th (home)'s 3d(? subdivision?). Giving the late Chief Minister the 1st house is much easier.

EDIT : Yes she's gone. They've formally announced her death / switched off support machines 30 minutes ago. She almost certainly died earlier, and the government delayed announcing it, as happens often in India. Rumors had predicted the announcement would come just after midnight, to give the police etc maximum time to prepare for anti-riot duties tomorrow. And it was announced just after midnight.
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An interesting if sad application. Good to see Lilly's method works.
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Yes very sad

She was a great woman and a good chief minister (as Indian politicians go). Hundreds of thousands of people attended her funeral. It is the end of an era in the state's politics.

I used Lilly's methods for "Whether One Absent be Dead or Alive." . Worked perfectly. The other folks (Lenormand/Tarot readers) are very impressed by the horary chart, after I explained the symbolism and Lilly's method)
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