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thoth study or intuition????

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All Is One 

Yeah, me too....was told I couldn't post to this thread and I was suddenly wondering "Hey! What the hell did I do? I've been soooo good lately."

Our Marion: the oil on troubled waters, voice of sanity, and last bastion of civility in a time of travail...

Thanks, Marion! AT wouldn't be the same without you.

As for the communication issues... AC said ~

"And then folk wonder how it is that there should be error and misunderstanding in the transmission of thought from one person to another! Rather regard it as a miraculous intervention of Providence when even one of even the simplest ideas "gets across." "

~alison, who hadn't read AC for a long time until this thread came along.....
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Originally Posted by Umbrae
How can one understand Crowley and not understand me?

Let me try one last time.

I believe its dogmatic to hit folks over the head with the insistence that they begin with the books.

I believe that (especially in this instance) a well designed deck (The Cowley/Harris Thoth) will inspire the people that have an innate curiosity to delve deeper into the symbology. Inspired learning, results in a deeper understanding than dogmatic insistence.

The Thoth deck unfolds like a flower in bloom with inspired study. I think we actually agree on the goal but disagree on the path.

And not everybody will be inspired by the deck to study.
Well said Umbrae. I think everyone is free to choose their own path. The one thing we all have in common is that we are all fascinated by the Thoth deck. I think I can be classified as an intuitive reader. However, I understand why some people feel the need to read as many books as they can on Thoth and Crowley . A lot of time we don't trust our intuition and think we need something seemingly more solid to back up our feelings. I used to read a lot of books, but somehow it just didn't feel right to me. I have always been an intuitive person. Then a breakthrough happened when I learned how to identify if I've reached my intuitive state, and how to cast my logical aside for readings. To those who believe you need to read a lot of books, I totally respect your choice, but I'd like share with you the feelings of being able to be inspired by the images themselves. Just imagine yourself as a child, looking at the images, feeling them, breathing them, living inside the pictures, without any judgement and conscious thoughts. Be aware what feelings and sensations come up. It's a very interesting experience. =D

The Thoth tarot has inspired me to go deeper within myself, and journey on the spiritual path.


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