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6 Card C-A-R-E-E-R Spread

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Ivy Rhiannon  Ivy Rhiannon is offline
Join Date: 05 Jan 2004
Location: Clarksville, In
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Ivy Rhiannon 

Ohhh!!! I just found this one! I like it! Neat how you did the positons, yeah does remind me of when we used to do this in school! Deffinatly looks like a keeper though!
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cormac  cormac is offline
Join Date: 30 Mar 2005
Location: indiana, USA
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cormac's Avatar

just stumbled across this and really like it -- and if it is hokey, then it's just hokey enough to remember it easily -- thanks for sharing it
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bleu_bell  bleu_bell is offline
Join Date: 10 Apr 2005
Location: Washington, US
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I found this at just the right time, thinking of changing jobs. Thanks.
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ArwenNightstar's Avatar
ArwenNightstar  ArwenNightstar is offline
Join Date: 17 May 2003
Location: New Mexico, USA
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ArwenNightstar's Avatar

Originally Posted by nocturnaldreamr
hello, i was at work today contemplating what i should do with my life so i decided to create another spread.
anyways, hahah let me know if you try this.. i tried it at a career that i am thinking of pursuing and was quite impressed with the results.
Grin to the first line. That makes perfect sense to me!

And I am going to try this spread out this weekend. Thanks!
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EnglishRose's Avatar
EnglishRose  EnglishRose is offline
Join Date: 27 Feb 2006
Location: West Sussex, UK
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EnglishRose's Avatar

This spread will help me out a lot because i'm at a crossroad in my life right now, i want to change careers so this should help me make up my mind. Thanks for posting,
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shelikes2read  shelikes2read is offline
Spoiler of Felines
Join Date: 22 Aug 2004
Location: PA, USA
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Spoiler of Felines

Well, THIS was just what the doctor ordered! My career path just took an unintended detour. I think I'll try this spread and see what comes up.
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loren's Avatar
loren  loren is offline
Join Date: 18 Oct 2006
Location: Next Dimension
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loren's Avatar

tried this spread last night. i like it.

thanks for sharing this.
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Whitestar's Avatar
Whitestar  Whitestar is offline
Join Date: 09 Jun 2005
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I like it too, glad you unearthed it!
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nocturnaldreamr's Avatar
nocturnaldreamr  nocturnaldreamr is offline
Join Date: 14 Oct 2003
Location: charlottetown,PEI
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nocturnaldreamr's Avatar
holey wow

i totally forgot about that thread, and how i could totally use it right now!

i havnt been on this website for well over a year and a half, but something brought me back to it. i noticed an email from alissa asking permission to use this thread in an e-book she was editing, and i missed the deadline to give the permission. oops!
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Rin  Rin is offline
Join Date: 07 Mar 2007
Location: Canada
Posts: 93

I was looking for a nice spread for my boyfriend. We're both trying to find jobs. Plus.. I need a guinea pig (or two) to help with my tarot skills.

I'm going to try it out tomorrow and tell you how it goes.
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