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How the other person feels about a potential relationship with you spread

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Join Date: 03 Jun 2004
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bleu_bell, I tried your spread earlier today, because there's a man I have been finding hard to 'read' in person - and it was spot on with all my suspicions! This is an excellent spread, simple and to-the-point (which I like) and I've written it down for future use. Thank you very much.
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absolutely fantastic spread!! i tried it this afternoon and i was bouncing about the house for ages afterwards (good result, clearly) hehe!

i did have a query over the card for no.4 but i'll post that elsewhere..

no.6 was the ace of wands
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I try this spread for a friend and card number 6 was the page of swords, can anyone give an opinion on what it means.
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Algerd  Algerd is offline
Join Date: 18 Apr 2006
Location: Novopolotsk, Belarus
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OK! I just have done this spread and finally I understood how interesting person think about my friend. But the 6 card was 4 cups. Does it mean she not want enter into relations or simple doubts? Many thanks for spread!
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mystic_smiles  mystic_smiles is offline
Join Date: 13 Apr 2006
Location: USA
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thank you! this is awesome
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oh my goodness. this spread is great!! amazing results. Thank you!!
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anne_soulangel  anne_soulangel is offline
Join Date: 10 Oct 2005
Location: Victoria Australia
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Thumbs up good spread

I like this one, I do itn perodically and it always gives great insites
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~Ralu~  ~Ralu~ is offline
Join Date: 14 Apr 2006
Location: Austria
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Thumbs up ~~~

~Its incredible GooD ;-) thanks for sharing it. ~
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I did this spread and liked it a lot, however, I got the lovers in the "something about you that repells the person in question" position which seemed a bit odd to me... Does this mean he thinks I'm slutty?
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bleu_bell  bleu_bell is offline
Join Date: 10 Apr 2005
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Wow, I'm so tickled that everyone seems to like this spread so much. Thank you all for the kind comments.

Algerd- The 4 of cups in position 6 would (to me) mean that this person may realize there's potential and that the other person is interested but not have the energy or desire to pursue it. Perhaps they want to be pursued vs. having to make any effort. It also depends on what the other cards were. It could also mean a lack of self esteem, kind of an "Eeyore" (from winnie the pooh) type attitude, expecting problems or having doubts about the other persons interest level. Then there are people who see it as a "stable" 4, content with the way things are right now, though this is something I've always had a hard time seeing in this card.

Aibhlin- The Lovers for something that turns them off, hmm.. I don't think slutty would apply unless maybe it was reversed, but even then, I think that would be a stretch. Is there some reason they may think you're already involved with someone? Or perhaps they are afraid of the connection between you, the way they feel drawn to you? Maybe they're not looking for a full blown relationship and think that is what would happen if they pursued you? That is an odd card to get as a turn off.

TaraDeck- The Page of Swords in position 6 to me would mean that this person doesn't take relationships lightly, they may want to get to know this person better before making a decision. At the very least I think they're curious to know more. Hope that helps.
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