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The Gothic Tarot by Vargo -- a masculine deck, or a feminine deck?

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September Pixie 

well.. I LOVE the deck.. and I'm a chick but.. my fiance doesnt like any girly type decks and this one he loved.. so.. I would have to say its gender neutral
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I'd also say that there is enough stuff for both sexes in this deck.
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I believe everyone's opinion is valid. I personally think Mr. Vargo did a good job at showing both Masculine and Feminine. I believe the softness comes from the sensusality of the characters, myself. He put many masculine characters in the deck as well as Gorgeous women.
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I think there is a good balance here. I didn't think of the deck as either masculine or feminine. To me, the appeal is the mysterious, dark, sensual images. These things have always appealed to me whether it was clothing, artwork, or music.
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male or female? Definitely both!

Hi, I'm fairly new to posting here at Aeclectic and I loved the thread on this beautiful, beautiful deck.

When I first discovered it on the Internet I was entranced by the dark beauty, the artistic style and the colours.

For me, growing up under the influence of the Hammer Horror films with all that black, blue-black and shimmering paleness it really hit the spot right away.

I'm heterosexual and think the guys in the deck look great. I love the women too - I want to dress like they do (although perhaps I should have done that 20 years ago! hahaha).

My partner saw this deck and he reckons it's the best one I have. He loves the colours and the style. As a scuba instructor/diver he felt it was very watery and ethereal.

His mom, who is a psychic, hated the deck on sight and said "oh no, I don't like that - it's evil!" and pushed them away. Normally she's really into Tarot so I've never seen her react like that at all.

Evil? Not to me.

Beautiful, eerie, compelling? Yes.

I also love the Madame Endora cards from Monolith.

So, my view is that it's a deck for guys and gals. I love it and it's been great seeing people's thoughts on it.

Just out of interest . . . are most of us posting on this thread female?

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Female here.
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Female, too.
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I personally feel that the energy there is primarily masculine, being dark, brooding, and intense. The girlw in the cards look positively vixenish and saucy too, like the proverbial man eaters of old so there's that. My deck also promises to be merciless in its readings.

But when pressed tho, I think it can go either way, since its appeal is not necessarily limited to the male of the species.
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