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Tree of Life - Da'at(h)

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back to the topic

.) what kind of colour would you give Daath if you had to give it just one (not four )
.) if you painted the tree of life, would you put Daath on it ?
.) if Daath is like an abyss - would you say that Daath is similar to the path that connects Netzach and Tiphareth ("the Tower" according to the GD corrsepondences)
.) if the answer is yes: then there would be 2 abysses (you remember that "buffy the vampire-slayer sequel: "We are your nemesisesesssss...."). So thinking 3dimensional, Tiphereth and Kether would be two beaks of a mountain each somehow divided from the other by a valley ?
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In terms of colouring this area, I would have to personally give it a blackness - however:

For me, Keter is pure brilliance, Hockmah white. To differentiate the two in drawn depictions, Hockmah is somewhat grayed, as the brilliance of Keter is depicted as pure white. This is only in its painted depictions, however.

In a similar vein, the profound depth of the vast pregnant emptiness of Binah is that light-filled blackness - black because there is no-thing, as yet, to reflect the light. Da'at, on the other hand, is the blackness which hinders the pure light - quite a different kind of blackness, for therein beams of light may at times penetrate.

In depictions, then, it would be a spotted black - a very dark gray.

This also gives it its other illusory dimension: it is not Wisdom which is achieved at this level, but Knowledge, oft mistaken for wisdom by some.

With colouration I therefore depict them thus:
  • Keter - pure brilliance depicted by white;
  • Hockmah - pure whiteness depicted by a very light gray;
  • Binah - pure light-filled emptiness depicted by the blackest of black;
  • Da'at - light-speckled darkness depicted by a very dark gray.
As to the 3-dimensional depiction of the Tree, I'll have to post my version soon...
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sun , earth mercury venus saturn, neptune, uranus, pluto mars, jupiter, ( switch moon for earth given the actual plaents as moon is closet to the earth )

are the established ten planets, therefore corresponding with the ten spheres,

logic would say that wouldn't the sun be number one , instead of pluto ?

we know that 1 to 10 sphere are about moving away from the creator in expansion, and to get closer to the creator 10 to 1 in a internal (expansioning awakening procedure called pathworking)
there is a 11 planet exactly halfway between our galaxy and the next after pluto ( i saw two articles on it, it is a theory and more study being done )

after the planet is made for certian we have the corresponding planet with the daath, planet x or z (whatever it will be called)

and people will begin to see the daath not as the abyss of evil , but the nothingness that we come from in from ,, it is the 0 sphere , and in my system the 0 is both here and at the plane of 32 but in accordance to the regulare system 11 would go through ( i havne't actually made otu the details yet as i am still learning )

how can we have the 0 in both major arcanas and minor arcana ? how can we not ,, to limite the nothingness to just the spiritual forces is kind of limiting as the essence of the creator is in everthing :O)

also in some studies i read, let me get cabbalah book
the golden dawn changed the paths the loves and the emperor to not go throught the daath by connecting the emperor from sphere two, crossign the high priestres to sphere 5, and the lovers do not come from 3, crossing the daath and the high priestress, and conecting to number 4.
instead it was change to their variaration 2, emperor to six, ( no crossing through the high priestress or the daath) to number six.
and change the lovers from 3, stright to number six as well ( leaving out the crossing of the daath and the highpriestress)

leaving it the old way give the definate illusion of a missing sphere ,
and so the movement of these paths showed
1. there is no longer an noticable illusion of the daath, ( or as much as we know about it )
2. emperor has no abyss within ( or creator) and no connection to the highpriestress (possibly taken away the effect that eve the emperor needs guidance and that we are our emperors in our live co creating iwth the creator )
3. lovers has no abys within, showing only beuty, and not the fact that love is an unknown powerful force that can only be expereince. ,also crossing of the highpriestress and the emperor was removed , ( there is a interesting combo of lovers the creatoring emperor and the recieving highpriestress sparking the life)
4. the highpriestress was made to travel the abyss by her lonesome away from the emperor , and no knowledge of the lovers ( the virginal image of the nun or priestress change from the life experience sexual high life flowing spirit of the godess of the tribe)
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Great reflections, Holmes...

personally, I find quite a significant distinction needs to be made between the planetary spheres and the number of planets (and is, after all, Pluto really a planet?).

With regards to the Golden Dawn and path allocations, they stem from there. What they 'changed' was the letter allocations Wescott obtained from Levi (from Alef with the Magician to the Fool).

The version of the Tree of Life used is the one made popular in Christian literature by Kirchner. The only 'oddity' is their inconsistency in order of path allocation with a very small number of cards...
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false crown of false knowledge

is daath not known as the false crown of false knowledge?
i read ( and i have to agree) it is the highest plane the intellect ( intellect maybe the wrong word ..mmh i just don't know ) can go to before it has to do what is has to do ( give up the ghost and submit to the infinite ) ... i was pondering the notion that the tarot trump the world/the universe should reside here , seeing as it is the pinnacle of what is achievable without having to be annihilated...
what do you good folk think?
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The equating of Da'ath with the Abyss is,imho,accurate.
It is a Sephiroth,but it is one of "No-thingness",which is why it is "hidden".
It cannot be described,only alluded to.
I would attribute Mercury to it and the Hierophant(Poet/Shaman) and the Devil(Horned God) cards.

...and the answer to crossing it can be found near the ending of the third movie of the Indiana Jones series.

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The concept always reminds me of "pulling" an electron out of the vacuum, and creating... a electron-positron pair. Absence of "something" then looks rather like an "anti-something"? The (real) electron then drifted off and became... US! But then Theoreticians of such calibre were perhaps always around. I mean, who BUILT stonehenge? (OK, OK: Engineers, Technicians... and Grad Students!)

BSF, I think it's interesting how a lot of the modern STYLE of thinking... the creations, reflections, groupings etc. were preempted by this sort of stuff?

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On the ladder of lights the position of Daath is that of Yesod of the World above.

A symbol of Yesod is the erect penis, the circumsision of which is the sign of the covenant between man [male and female] and G-d. A covenant is a binding contract, and Yesod is symbol of the bond between Man and Woman, their union in love and procreation; and the bond between Man [male and female] and G-d. It is the place of the sacred marriage between the bride [lower shekinah, malkuth] and bridegroom [tiphereth].

In biblical terminology of the union of the bride and bridegroom it is said the bride and bridegroom 'know' one another. Intercourse, as a union of the two, is seen as a form of direct 'knowledge' [daath or 'gnosis']. As Yesod is the place of union, in love, between the bride [malkuth, lower shekinah] and the bridegroom [tiphereth, the incarnate logos] so Daath is the union of wisdom and understanding [chokman, the divine Logos, and Binah the higher Shekinah]. The 'marriage' of bride and bridegroom is a sacramental act that binds together not only bride and bridegroom, but Man [male and female] and G-d; the above and the below, the logos and the shekinah. Yesod/Daath is thus the gateway of mystical union, connected to the mystical language [to be found in both christian and judaic writings] of the bridegroom and bride, the lover and the beloved.

To 'know' constitutes a union between the knower and the known. Daath, knowledge is gnosis, direct knowledge through mystical union. As I understand it therefore, Daath is a sefirah, not the eleventh however, because there are 10 not 11. It is the sefirah Yesod of the world above, dotted because it is 'hidden' behind the tree in front and below. Its positioning in the composite ToL provides the key to the construction of the ladder of lights.

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Originally posted by kwaw
As I understand it therefore, Daath is a sefirah, not the eleventh however, because there are 10 not 11. It is the sefirah Yesod of the world above, dotted because it is 'hidden' behind the tree in front and below. Its positioning in the composite ToL provides the key to the construction of the ladder of lights.
Here is an illustration.
Attached Images
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crystal dawn 

Hi everyone
This is a very interesting question. I have always been lead to believe that daath was the sephiroth that is not a sephiroth, the unnumbered one, like the blank rune wyrd the rune that is not a rune, the unknown, that represents the underside of the tree, some say it leads to tunnels of set, whilst the rest of the tree are the tunnels of horus. It has certainly been given the attributes of demons and the darkside, wisdom without understanding, power without control and so on.
as for what colour i would associate with daath hmm a black void or maybe to leave in colourless even, or a grey or murkey colour, or maybe its a place where colour does not exist.
the mysteries of daath are a little like the mysteries of the wyrd rune, those things in life overwhich we have no control.


crystal dawn
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