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"Getting to Knooooow Youuuuuuuu...."

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I personally, and of course we all work differently, don't "learn" decks. I just learnt my method of reading a long time ago and it applies equally to reading with any deck. Basically I read for the most part by analysing the image....If I get a new deck I don't do anything different. I just think up a question, ask the deck, then take a look at the image that comes up and go from there. It's the identical process with any deck. There is nothing new to learn.

By the way, I just got a new deck today which I love. new Fairy Tale Tarot. I just pulled it out and used it the very moment after I had looked to make sure I was not missing any cards...always the first thing I do. And the deck is amazing me with the depth of what is coming up. I never took a second to learn it in any way but I love my new deck. It's being amazing already.

I don't usually do daily draws, so it's hard to answer the rest. But I don't personally see much point to me in comparing decks. I'd rather see them as individuals who think differently. To me they are like people, they speak to us and act and "think" differently.

They're like people in the sense of if I met someone knew that I liked and wanted to know better...the best way to get to know them is not compare them to another friend....Like "Hmmm this new person is like my other friend in this way, but not as much like her in this other way...."

To me that's not the way to get to know a person or a deck. To me you just talk to it and work with it and get to know it on its own merit and get to understand the individual being that it is through experience (if you know what I mean).

I don't know what other advice I can tell you except just relax. It should not be work, it should be play and fun. And the anticipation of learning fasincating beautiful new things you never imagined before. Try not to make it work, it's supposed to be fun and joy.

Like when getting to know a new person you feel drawn to, it's not homework. You don't go home and take notes on how they think and act. You just have fun and then you naturally remember afterwards.

I'm not of course saying that you shouldn't journal. Journalling can be important. I'm just saying you don't have to make it more work than it is and the best way to get to know a deck is by using it and having fun with it. And sharing the joy and wonder that is Tarot together.

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When I get a new deck, I usually go to the Reading Exchange forum and offer to do readings for feedback and/or post on my LiveJournal and Facebook that I'll be offering a limited number of free readings to celebrate my new deck. Usually it's good if I try to plan this for a day when I don't need to get up in the morning...because I WILL be up ALL night! I'll play with it for hours getting to know it, practice as many different spreads as I can think of, see how well it gets along with my other decks...sometimes I'll do a daily draw for a while but I don't always remember to do those, and I don't usually like to use only one deck for more than a few days at a time; if I don't switch it up I don't get as fresh a picture from the deck I'm (over)using.
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