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The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - The cards you like the least

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Hemera  Hemera is offline
Join Date: 06 Jun 2006
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Well, I donīt like tha Hanged Man either.. But I can tolerate him. Whereas the one card that I REALLY dislike is the 5 of Swords. It makes me nauseous..

I also miss the beautiful, serene Empress of most other tarot decks. Iīd like to see a more Serene Lilith as an Empress in this deck.
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chrisam-crystals's Avatar
chrisam-crystals  chrisam-crystals is offline
Join Date: 11 Aug 2006
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for me the following are a bit of a struggle....

the world - where is the imagery to support the card?

5 pentacles - a gruesome ghoul creeping through a misty graveyard....what has that to do with the meaning?

9 cups - a dead corpse that has been embalmed.....hmmmm

now as for the high priestess i can understand that one in a way, as to why pick an egyptian theme for her.

what better culture and time in history to choose for an old vampire that holds the knowledge of the unkown?

was vargo influenced by the film "queen of the damned" and the character called akasha?
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The last in line
Join Date: 14 Aug 2006
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The cards with no background are the ones that I dislike the most. They seem to break the flow of the theme such as Justice, the wheel of fortune, 3 of swords, even the devil. Are these cards without background to emphasize the severity of the message? So as not to distract us with other scenery?

The egyptian style cards throw me off as well. The 9 of cups image has nothing whatsoever to do with cups? Unless, your wish is to be encapsulated in a tomb. I can see the symbolism, but it's buried deeply.

I'm not fond of the Aces. I'd rather they each have different patterns symbolising the elements of the suit rather than having them all look like fire. But, that's just me-
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Skydancer's Avatar
Skydancer  Skydancer is offline
Join Date: 06 Dec 2004
Location: Michigan, USA
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I'm with Alissa on this one; only the Knight of Wands. It's out of place.

The only way I can work it into the system is to view it as a wand; imspiration, creative imagining perhaps, and think that it is a dream card - something the Goth wants or dreams of being, but is incapable of becoming "in real life." Large muscles, sword and shield at the ready. Slaying the "serpent of the night" or symbol of "evil" by us other-wordly creatures' standards. Could be a statement about dogma-religion. Them vs. Us 'regular' types.

His face is coverd because he is a creature of the night by birth - even in his 'dreams' he cannot face the sunlight. Or ... the sun cannot face him.

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themagicwand's Avatar
themagicwand  themagicwand is offline
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7 of wands - looks like he's trying to play a very disorganised xylophone.
5 of swords - looks like a St. Bernard has come to rescue her.
King of Cups - is that Eddie Munster? Time has not been kind.
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Glitterbird  Glitterbird is offline
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The emperor seems spoiled not strong. I don't know what it is exactly I just don't care for the card.
Also the Wheel of Fortune and The World seem very flat. But there is so much good in this deck, that I can deal with a couple of off cards.
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