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I am new! Is my deck valuable?

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Originally Posted by Aunty Anthea View Post
If it lacks the copyright then it could be copied

Someone on this site was playing at giving RW an antique appearance, which actually looked extremely good in my opinion. But stated that he could not sell them because his work was based on a copyrighted addition of RW.

If he used this copy as a basis for his work he could do so with impunity

Does anyone remember who it is ? ? ?
Copyright is not based on the copyright notice! It automatically applies to any new original creation. Please check copyright law. Any work (of certain, enumerated types) now receives copyright as soon as it is fixed in a tangible medium.

Copyright is determined in England and the EU by the life of all the creators +70 years. While PCS may have done it as a work for hire, legally that is only accepted if there is a written contract making this clear. Today she is considered a co-creator of the work. She died in 1951+70 = 2021. A case could be made for US copyright law that states that anything published before 1923 is out of copyright - but that only applies IN the U.S. and you might still be taken to court (if you can afford it), which is very expensive.
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Thanks for all the replies guys I am pretty sure I have narrowed it down to my deck being produced in 1970-71 before it was taken over by the US games company and therefore comes in the blue box and lacks that copyright which is nice. The only thing that kind of sucks is that I don't have a "blushing" fool which seems to greatly increase the value.
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Aunty Anthea 

Thank you everyone for you advice

Especially Teheuti for the very clear explanation of copyright law
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