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"78 Weeks: a new study" - Which deck?

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Talking "78 Weeks: a new study" - Which deck?

First of all, a big THANK YOU to JMD for getting this started!

Now, I'm wondering ... just out of curiosity ... which decks we will all be studying? Why did you chose that deck?

I don't suppose it'll make any huge difference in making the decision (to know what others will be studying), as we're probably all going to study the deck or decks we want to. But it might be a fun and interesting discussion.

I'll start the ball rolling;

I've chosen 2 decks to study - my new "Tarot of the 78 Doors" and my slightly older "Victoria Regina Tarot".

I've chosen the Tarot of the 78 Doors because it is one of my newest acquisitions. Also, the "78 Doors" seems to be significantly different in imagery and perhaps in interpretation than my Rider-Waite and Thoth decks and those based off of them. I've chosen the Victoria Regina because it is one of my favorite decks as far as art work goes, and I haven't really had much of a chance to study it as much as I would want to. Also, with the VR, I do have a bit of trouble reading with it and, as such, I should benefit from further study.

So... how about the rest of you? Hmmmm? "Enquiring minds want to know!"
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I'm using my Thoth.
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Does it have to be just one deck all the way through?

I'll probably look at the Heron Marseilles, because I was surprised last time at how much came out of those simple images. I'm also curious about what might come of a long meditative look at the Visconti majors.

I am also considering the Tarot de Paris because it is beautiful and substantial and I don't feel I understand it yet.

I'm going to stay away from decks that bring in other stories like the Tarot of the Saints and the Inner Child Cards, and just focus on the Tarot symbolism.

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Though I shall principally be using various Marseille-style decks, I intend on also having a closer look at the Visconti decks, especially the court cards, and for the pips, having a closer and more detailed look at Mamluk cards.

In addition, any other images that seem to connect to the cards in question.
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Thoth because, well, it's Thoth, and the Old English because I want to get to know this deck better.
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I intend to use the Universal Waite as my primary deck for this study, and may also study a deck with non-scenic pips at the same time - one of my TdM decks, not sure which yet.

I imagine I'll look at other decks from time to time for comparison, too . . .
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gilded and maybe my osho zen too

because that's all i got
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I am still so unsure! I've debated getting a universal-waite just to get to the basic sybolism and all that.. but I know for sure I want to get to know Motherpeace all over again maybe Universal Waite, maybe one of my other decks.. ambivalence reigns!
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I'm using the Tarot of the Old Path - its a deck I've only had for a couple of weeks but I connected with it straight away. I was going to use the Morgan Greer but I feel that the deck wasn't right for the study - I know so much about the Morgan Greer now anyway and I wanted a new fresh feeling deck with new ideas to take me through this study.

The Tarot of the Old Path is making reading the Court cards very easy and I've always struggled with those in every deck I've used.

And I love the colours and the artwork of the Old Path, its not so busy in the Minors that you miss detail, the Majors are busier. Its a feminine feeling deck and after the masculinity of the Morgan Greer I needed a change.
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I will use the Vision Quest - it's a deck I've had for years, it is still fairly traditional (I would not want to use a deck that I don't really know if it is tarot or oracle) and I think it has a lot of depth to it without looking too elaborate.

But maybe I will bring in the Hermetic too...this one could really do with some more study, but I don't know if this exercise will be the most fitting for it.
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