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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step SEVEN

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Ivy Rhiannon 
21 Ways - Step Seven

Druidcraft ~ The Moon

Princess of Pentacles

- Keywords: goal, thought, feminine, hesitation
I believe this card is an indication of a goal. The girl here is looking at her pentacle with quiet reflection, being cautious in her planning. She is still unsure of how to bring her idea into fruition but the desire to create is there. So she nurtures the idea, imagining its growth until she can birth it into existence.

8 of Swords

- Keywords: desire, challenge, action, will
This card is about a situation. The girl here is bound by her beliefs. She, in her lack of better judgment, has let others decide what is best for her. She feels helpless and defeated because she desires to please. However she knows in her heart that she is restricted by the trap of expectation. Unsure of what will happen if she gathers the courage to break free.

The Wheel

- Keywords: beginnings, work, purpose, rewards
This card is about rewards. It is about the good things we receive when we put ourselves out into the world. It shows the act of coming around full circle and reaping the rewards of our hard work as we fulfill our purpose. The wheel also denotes time reminding us that seeds require time to grow, but the harvest is worth waiting for.

Ace of Cups

- Keywords: happiness, flow, love, climax
This card is about experiencing the fresh newness of love and wonderful joy of being unburdened by stress. The whole card is full of life and expresses peace. The crescent waxing moon in the background is a building of energy and shows new opportunity for growth in relationships. The unblocked energies and free flowing emotions allowing you to dedicate yourself fully.

The Moon

- Keywords: uncertainty, desire, inner process, reflection
This cards is about a lesson. It shows the atmosphere with fear of progress forward. It says the person is uncertain, but is reflecting on what to do next. They just need to be coaxed out of their shell for they truly desire to awake from the chaos of worry. It is a cry for help, a need for reassurance.


I feel the statement is true about me. I am defiantly experiencing the moon card. Right now my life is a mess of responsibilities and choices and I am unsure if the path before me is the right one. It is allowing me to confront my fear and pass through the gate leaving behind my doubt and live. However in a sense I am nervous of getting what I want because I cannot see beyond the mountain. And even though I am not happy here, I know what to expect.
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STEP 7-Mythic Tarot-Five of Cups

7.1a Synthesis number/rank, suit, element, and mode.

Page of Pentacles-Keywords=youth/inexperience, pentacles, earth, court card/who. This card represents a young person learning the skills needed to live a productive life.

Eight of Swords-Keywords=control/restraint, Swords, air, number card/what.
This card represents a situation where thoughts are being controlled and there is a struggle to regain the mental power to free oneself.

The Wheel of Fortune-Keywords=wholeness, fire, major arcana/why. This card represents looking at the entire picture and having the courage to learn from what has come to pass so the future can bring good things.

Ace of Cups-Keywords=newness, cups, water, aces/where. This card represents a new love or relationship that deeply brings joy and a calm feeling to someone.

7.1b The Card I Drew-Five of Cups

Keywords=crisis, cups, water, number card/what. This card represents a crisis of emotions where love is in jeopardy due to someones actions.

7.1c The picture on this card is very good at describing the meaning behind the card. The lady in it just screams "help" with how she is reaching out at something that has slipped away due to her actions.
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Tarot of Prague -- The Hermit

Step 7:1:1

A. Page of Pentacles

1. Rank – Page
2. Suit – Pentacles, Element – Earth
3. Mode – Court Card


Pages – child, message, curious, hopeful, naïve
Pentacles/earth – security, the physical, grounding, results-oriented
Court cards – a person, aspect of personality or style of behavior

You are hopeful that a new job will allow you to develop your skills.
This matter concerns a practical, down-to-earth child.

B. Eight of Swords

1. Rank – Eight
2. Suit – Swords, Element – Air
3. Mode – Number Card


Eights – regeneration, adjustment, restraint, resigned
Swords/air – words, thought, struggle, problem-solving
Number card – situations, actions

You feel restricted, but it is really your own mind that is holding you hostage.
You are resigned to stay in this situation until you can think of a way forward

C. Wheel of Fortune

1. Rank – Ten
2. Suit – Wands, Element – Fire
3. Mode – Major Arcana


Tens – completion and new beginnings, release, wholeness, karma
Wands/fire – movement, spiritual growth, business, enthusiasm
Major Arcana – lesson to be learned, a major force

The time has come to leave your job and start the business you have dreamed of.
A relationship is ending, and you need to let it go in order to move on with your life.

D. Ace of Cups

1. Rank – Ace
2. Suit – Cups, Element – Water
3. Mode – Aces


Aces (rank) – Potentiality, beginning, opportunity
Cups/water – An emotional reaction to an idea, affection, imagination, relationships
Aces (mode) – Realm of greatest potential

You have the opportunity to begin a new friendship or romantic relationship.
Pay attention your imagination – it can lead you to a promising new beginning.

7:1:2 – The Hermit

1. Rank – Nine
2. Suit – Pentacles, Element – Earth
3. Mode – Major Arcana

Nines – Solitude, self-determination, attainment, wisdom, patience, idealism
Pentacles/earth – Fruition, security, self-worth, grounding, the physical and material
Major Arcana – Major force, lesson to be learned

You may need to withdraw from others in order to find the wisdom you seek
Through patience and grounding yourself in the moment, you will attain a solid sense of security.
The pursuit of your ideals is very important to you at this time.
The lesson you need to learn now is that you alone can provide your own sense of self-worth.
This last statement is the one that feels the most true. I have been through some things lately that have shaken my sense of self-worth, and I feel like I really need to pull myself back together again.

7:1:3 Further synthesis

I have had to leave behind a situation from my past – more in a mental/emotional sense than in a physical sense – in order to find out what is true for me. It was difficult to make this break, and now I feel like I’m out on my own in some ways (not at all in others), but that’s necessary in order to pursue my goal of learning what it is true and possible. I feel like if I’m honest in my pursuit, I will find help along the way, and I will be a stronger person for it.
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21 Ways... Step Seven: RWS The Emperor

Step 7
Page of Pentacles:

Mode: Court Card (Who?) - A person, an aspect of personality, an attitude, an energy personified can be specific object or event.

Rank: Page- Neophyte, new project, during something for the first time, innocence, a child, immaturity, messenger, new ideas, vulnerable

Suit: Pentacles - earth, material, prosperity, wealth, skills, industrious, money, grounding, stability, fruition,

Synthesis: Student of finances
Receiving information, about a real estate deal,
Medical news,
Investment opportunity
Beginning a new project
Learning a new skill

Eight of Swords:

Mode: Number Card (What?) – the situation, life events, actions, what’s going on, terrestrial phenomena and effects

Number: Eight - regeneration, distribution, re-evaluation, acknowledging error, restraint, control, progress, process

Suit: Swords - strategy, analysis, Intellect, conflict, melancholy, action, courage, struggle

Synthesis: re-evaluate the situation, “is all as it appears to be?”
assess your role in creating the situation
determine how you can overcome restraints
Challenge your beliefs

Wheel of Fortune

Mode: Major Arcana (Why?) - The cause, lessons to be learned, archetypal energies, psychospiritual needs, celestial causes

Element: Fire - radiant, energetic, passionate, courageous, desiring, enthusiastic, optimistic, aggressive, willful

Number: 10 – Necessity, completion and new beginning, reaping, fulfillment, release, karma, consummation, extremes, Kingdom.

Synthesis: “you pays your money and take your chances”
The great equalizer (karma)
A new opportunity emerge, when all appear lost
A change in fortunes, direction or relationship
A sudden insight into a problem you have struggled with
A project is completed
A cycle has ended

Ace of Cups:

Mode: Ace (Where?) - The element, realm or sphere of greatest potential, new opportunities or elemental energy.

Number: 1 - newness, potentiality, beginning of a cycle, gift, emergence, inspiration, gift, stimulus, opportunity, beginning of a cycle, birth, pure energy

Suit: Cups - water, intuition, inner processes, psychic, emotional, relationships, affection, love, nurture newness, inspiration, emergence, feelings,

Synthesis: the seeds of love are planted, the heart is open
New relationships,
New dimensions to old relationships
Heightened intuition
A baby is coming

The Emperor

Mode: Major Arcana (why?) – The cause, lessons to be learned, archetypal energies, psychospiritual needs, celestial causes

Element: Fire - radiant, energetic, passionate, courageous, desiring, enthusiastic, optimistic, aggressive, willful

Number: four – Consolidation, foundation, authority, mercy, resolution, order, retreat, stagnation, caring.

Synthesis: radiant + caring = Patriarch, the loving father
not a visionary
Keeper of the status-quo
Aggressive+authority = Very forceful when applying rules or law
Willful + order = Impose his methods on his family or employees

“very forceful when applying rules or law” feels most true

The Emperor is proving to be very challenging for this chapter.

I believe that some of the problems with the economy, which affects my financial well-being, were cause by lax enforcement of rules that were in place to protect society. Therefore, I think we could use the energy of the Emperor in society right now.

The Emperor is a necessary energy to maintain societal order, family stability, and a solid foundation from which to grow and create. Although stern, powerful and authoritarian he’s a loving father and ruler.
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21 Ways...Adept Level Step Seven


My Fool’s Journey
Where am I? Why am I here? Where did I come from? As my vision clears, I see that this is a place of exquisite beauty, made even more beautiful by that heavenly body the sun. I am so excited to explore this place I start skipping off with my head turned to the sky, thinking of all the wondrous discoveries I will make. An inner voice began to nag me to be careful just as I came to the edged of a cliff. In my naiveté, I jumped anxious to see what awaited me.
I landed at the feet of the Magician from the Magician I learned that I have some power and could use it to influence my current situation and not be a victim of my youth and inexperience.
High Priestess
After an enlightening visit with the Magician I set out on my journey again, came upon a beautiful lady seated by a river between two columns, and was informed that she was the High Priestess. She taught me that the external world was not all there was to be explored, that I must be still and listen to my inner voice to discover my true self.
The Empress
While contemplating who I am during this phase in my life, I bumped into the Empress, this all-encompassing nurturing mother, who conducts love from the universe, who is not afraid to express her passion. She said that I also was one with Mother Earth and all whom I encountered. She showed me that loving freely and openly, expressing physical love passionately was my gift to others, I only needed to find my inner Goddess to live my external life to its fullest.
While I was in the forest dancing with the fairies and other woodland creatures reveling in my newfound freedom. I twirled in my circular skirt, tripped and fell into the arms of the Emperor. He was not amused, looking at me sternly as I offered him a flower from my hair. “Balderdash!!” He shouted, “Who’s in charge here?” He asked, “Life is serious business, says he” There must be rules, schedules, chores, tasks, responsibilities and above all there will be order. I learned from The Emperor that order is necessary but oppressiveness is not.
What I learned from the Emperor was reflected in what the Hierophant taught me. Through these archetypes, I discovered that it is my responsibility to contribute to the betterment of all humankind, protect the environment and be open to a power greater than I am. I must recognize and respect what came before me but I will not stop dancing.
As I continued I on my journey I came upon this beautiful man by the lake of happiness and immediately had the urge to join with him. My inner Goddess awakened, I looked at my image in the water and adjusted my hair. Suddenly his reflection appeared in the water next to mine. We stared at each other’s reflection for a moment, without speaking, we embraced, I became whole. Now I will make my own way, create my own destiny form my own belief systems.
As I stand in my Chariot all grown up I realized that:
I am the Captain of my fate
I am I the master of my soul (Henley)
I was quite full of myself feeling quite self-righteous. Then I met Strength who challenged me to recognize and accept my dark side, and face my suppressed desires, and open my mind to forgiveness. From Strength, I learned that I could calm the beast that reside in me, quite it voices and learn to love myself unconditionally then I would truly be whole.
As my temples began to gray I found that being alone gave me time to commune with the Divine within as I wondered if I was fulfilling my purpose here.
Wheel of Fortune
I began to contemplate miraculous and tragic events, and became as inquisitive as a small child in my questioning these occurrences and realized that no one could give me answers, that there weren’t any answers, that this was the Universal Wheel of Fortune ever turning and where or when it would stop no one knew.
Having encountered the energy of the Wheel of Fortune, I knew that I must live responsibly and compassionately daily. That an action I take today will have future consequences, I must be ever cognizant of my choices for myself, others, creatures and the environment.
Hanged Man
In addition, the Wheel and Justice taught me that I have to let go of the illusion that I am in control, when in fact it is a greater power that has control of the Wheel. I can only go with the flow living as responsibly and compassionate as possible.
Having received these lessons I must clean my spiritual house, shed bad relationships and live a life of service and generosity.

Temperance is here to remind me not to lose my equilibrium that I must retain my balance and stability and strive to live a harmonious life yet be aware that I will on occasion encounter extremes.
Ah, the Devil with his exotic and seductive demeanor planted himself right in my path. This is good, because it gives me the chance to explore my motives, test my resolve, am I who I say I am or am I a hypocrite? Do I wear a façade? Am I genuine? Am I easily swayed from my beliefs, values and commitments?
The Tower responds with a resounding no. There’s a bit of the egotist within, a bit of jealousy and envy that must be rooted out now. So I’m publicly smacked down and is humbled by the experience.
I was totally exposed I sought respite in the presence of the Star who is free of disguises and is open and vulnerable. She restored my faith in myself and taught me that there is power in being vulnerable.

The Moon, my chosen card.
As the Moon rise so does my anxieties. I know that I’m secure but there are deep seated fears I cannot shake, unfounded fears. I can rationalize them away but they always come back, when I least expect them.
Everything looks better in the bright warm light of the Sun. Fears disappears, anxieties are calm, I feel strong and fearless all is right with the world.
After being purified by the Sun I felt new, reborn I can now answer my calling to a higher purpose.
Finally, the work is done I’m whole. All elements are integrated I understand happiness and fulfillment are goals to achieve and once achieved should not be taken for granted. One must be ever vigilant to continue moving forward, it is so easy to regress. I’m ready to go on another journey to share my experiences and lessons, have new experiences and learn new lessons. I cannot sit on my laurels I must continue to grow.
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For SistaSpirit

You have captured your card-meanings in a very neat manner. Although we all go through, as well as re-travel, the Fool's journey, it is always refreshing to follow another's path as well as retrace our own steps on this journey.

I've found that I often discover a modified or new version of what I previously found in any one card. That comes from both our study and our experiences in life. As some of us near the end of this book's course of study, we feel sad about reaching that end, yet, as you have shown, it is always fruitful and rewarding to retrace our steps and become reinvigorated. Thanks for your posting. Dave
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Thanks for your comments.

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Step Seven, Synthesis (Whispering Tarot, The Emperor)

Part 1:

Page of Pentacles

Mode is court card: a person or a style of acting or attitude or a way of relating to others. (Who?)

Page/Princess in the Whispering Tarot: dependent; open; vulnerable

Pentacles: security; self-worth; centeredness

Together these words could indicate:
-a person shoes openness and vulnerability comes from a sense of security
-a person whose relationships with others are built on a sense of self-worth
-a relationship/relating from a foundation of security, self-worth
-finding one’s sense of security through dependence on another
-able to be vulnerable because of knowing one’s own worth

“This card is the Princess of Pentacles; it represents…
… a person dependent on others for security.”
… an attitude of openness based on your sense of security.”
… being open and vulnerable in relating to others/another.”

Eight of Swords

Mode is a numbered card: life events; actions; what is going on. (What?)

Eight: complexity, extension, restraint

Swords: a struggle to plan or work out problems; strategy; resigned

Together these words could indicate:
-resigned to restraint imposed by a life event
-complex strategy is needed for action
-a struggle between extension (reaching out) vs. restraint
-resigned to what is going on around you
-extending oneself in a struggle brought on by a life event

“This card is the Eight of Swords; it represents…
… a life event that requires strategy with regard to moving forward or retreating.”
… action to carry out a complex strategy.”
… life events that resign you to restraint.”
… what is going on forces you to struggle to move plans forward.”

Wheel of Fortune

The mode is Major Arcana: the lesson in a situation; archetypal energies expressed; principles. (Why?)

Ten: effects or results of completion; release; feeling fulfilled/fulfillment

The element for this card is fire for my deck.
Fire: energetic; courageous; desiring; optimistic

“This card is the Wheel of Fortune; it represents…
… a lesson in having the courage to see a cycle to completion.”
… the archetypal energy that is energetic and optimistic in pursuing fulfillment. (Jupiter)”
…the lesson of desire pursued and released.”

Ace of Cups

Mode is Ace: the element, realm, or sphere where the situation has the most potential, especially for producing something new. (Where?)

Ace: singularity, source, desirous, (Rx) delays

Cups: imagination; receptivity; an emotional reaction to and nurturance of an idea

“This card is the Ace of Cups; it represents…
… a dream/dreams, where imagination has its source.”
… meditation, a place of receptivity and singularity.”
… a place – which might be physical surroundings or a place in consciousness – where emotions may nurture a desire and/or may cause a delay.”

Part 2:

The Emperor

The mode is Major Arcana: the lesson in a situation; archetypal energies expressed; principles; the cause. (Why?)

Four: building a solid foundation; structure; feeling secure; rest

The element for this card is fire for my deck.
Fire: radiant; willful; optimistic

Statements from parts 2 and 3:

“This card is The Emperor; it represents…
… the principle of resting ones will on a solid foundation.”
… the archetype of secure (self-confident) exercise of will.”
… a lesson in feeling secure and, therefore, able to radiate optimism.”
… a lesson that building a solid foundation supports the exercise of one’s will.”

… feeling self-confident and therefore able to accept suggestions or a new approach.”
… the archetype of a daring leader.”
… the principle of sharing/delegating authority, and support for those delegated to.”
… the lesson that rest can be as productive as activity.”

Which statement feels most true?
How does it relate to your life right now?

“This card is The Emperor; it represents a lesson in feeling secure and, therefore, able to radiate optimism.”

I am currently job-hunting. When I go to interviews, I want to express competence and that I feel secure about my abilities and good qualities. I want to be optimistic in saying what I have to offer my next employer. I set aside feelings of insecurity or need that challenge me sometimes. (*Patiently waits for right job and right employer to recognize that they need me!* :-) )
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Dear all,

I have not forsaken my journey through "21 ways" I currently experiencing a major health challenge but I fully intend to return beginning in early January.

Sister Spirit
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Hello Sister Spirit,

It's nice to know someone is out there!

Hope you are feeling much better.
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