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My sister, sagitarian's, fabulous Fae reading

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*blinks aways the tears*

You guys.. this is beautiful! I am so glad this was bumped.. I might never have seen this otherwise.
You both are so lucky to have each other.*sighs*
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Thank you to everyone that has posted. I love my sis to pieces, and love reading (especially for her). I believe our readings come out "Top of the line" b/c we are so connected, as she tried to describe it (which I can hardly do so), said something to the alines of "we are connected more through soul genetics". We've discovered together that we've lived a few lives together (and I don't think we're done yet). Hey sis, if you're reading this, do think it would be cool if next time we came back as twin sisters? smiles...if we do, watch out world! Giggles mischieviously! (I know it's off the subject but something I would like to share anyways) originally, I had only wanted one child, but after thinking about the kinship I have with my sister, that I'll never have a friend, another family member, or anyone else in my life like her. No matter how mad I got at her, or her me, the next day, the next week, the next year, when I woke up in the morning, she was still my sister! I decided I wanted to give my child/ren the same chance to have a special friendship/kinship like my sister and I have! Love ya Sis!

From the lil sis
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(Alissa gets seriously misty...) Can someone give me a tissue please?

Awwww (((((((((her little sis))))))))))

I never knew that was part of your reasoning for having multiple children?! That's such a loving tribute, I love you so much!!!

(grins) That's really kinda funny too since I'm only intending to have one, and when I was a teenager, I "predicted" myself having 3 children. Now, you=3, me=1. Weird, eh?

Twins ... oh lordy me. I don't know if you and I would live until puberty, given the rate we used to go at each other growing up. Our poor parents-to-be ... I don't envy them that job.

Strangely enough, my sister and I have corroborated our mutual past lives uniquely. As a late teen, I came to believe in reincarnation. In my early to mid 20s, began receiving images of previous incarnations.

These images eventually became a narrative that I could consciously pick together, and roughly "knew" the stories of. They are part of my own personality's archeology. I communicated none of this to my family members however; all of my family live outside my state, and I had irregular contact with them then, including my sis.

Years and years later, my sister and I are visiting, and we start talking about past lives and our mutual belief in reincarnation. She tells me all about one that she remembers, and believes I was in ... and I begin to realize her story and my story are the same story, seen by two different *extremely close* friends in the same environment. She was even able to fill in a few blanks I didn't understand.

That freaked me out. But then I quickly grew to like it.

It's nice to share my love for my sister on this forum - thank you to everyone's indulgence. She's a truly gifted and amazing person, and I love her dearly....

... And the Faeries Oracle deck is a really great deck too.
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