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mixed elemental dignities court cards

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Ruby Jewel 
Talking Tarot

Mister Green,

If you go to the thread "Talking Tarot" and find the link "arguments for Justice and Strength", I have taken the time to do some explaining about this layout. There are a couple of messages by me on the last page.
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Thanks Ruby will look into it, its a bit late now so of to bed and will continue my quest tomorrow.
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Sounds cool ... I will have to look into it

(my system of laying out the deck to see similar requires a 3-d board - positions up and down as well as left and right ... this sounds easier.)
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Ruby Jewel 
Golden Dawn Guys & Gals

Hi Ravenest,

Yes, there are 3 double triangles (top and bottom) aka "septenaries" across from left to right. The last triangle, aka "ternary" is just the top triangle because it is made up of the last 3 cards, which is Sun, Judgement, and World....with Fool left over. It is the end of that journey through the deck. So, if you have room on the board you could put the last triangle/ternary alongside the 3 septenaries. Then you would have 4 triangles across the top of the board and three triangles that make up the bottom bottom triangle for the 4th/last one.

A lot of people are put off by the seeming difficulty of this Papus method, but once you understand what the pattern is, the layout creates itself. It is a most enlightening layout. Supposedly based on the Kabbala, but those Golden Dawn guys argued so much about which card fit the Kabbala alphabet that this sort of fell by the wayside. I also laid out the Tree of Life, and still have it laid out next to this one, but I find the Papus one resonates for me. I have learned so much from it

You are right about it being is. Once you lay it out and get familiar with it, you will be able to visualize it without any effort at all.
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