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Crystals To Store With And Help A Tarot Deck.


ditcher24  ditcher24 is offline
Join Date: 20 Mar 2014
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Crystals To Store With And Help A Tarot Deck.

I've been reading about how various crystals can improve the energy of a tarot deck once they are stored away together. What crystals should I be looking out for in order to have a positive effect on my deck?
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starsofnorth  starsofnorth is offline
Join Date: 30 Sep 2014
Location: New York, USA
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Try quartz.
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Hemera  Hemera is offline
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I store crystals with some of my favourite decks and I choose the crystal for each deck separately depending on what I think that the deck "wants". My Vampyres Tarot gets a Bloodstone (of course ) and my Underwater Tarot has an Aquamarine in the pouch. The Harmonious Tarot and a yellow citrine seem to like each other and the Morgan-Greer lives with an Amethyst.
Often I just know intuitively which crystal and deck go together (well, for Vampyres and Bloodstone you donīt need much intuition really.. ) and if the crystal isnīt that obvious I sometimes just meditate on it a bit.

I suppose some crystals would suit just about any deck, like Clear Quartz, Amethyst or Labradorite.
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RiverRunsDeep's Avatar
RiverRunsDeep  RiverRunsDeep is offline
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Clear quartz is definitely a good "all-purpose" crystal.

For my favorite decks, I like to choose crystals that are associated with meditation, intuition, and spiritual guidance. My favorites are amethyst, lapis lazuli, sodalite, and aqua aura quartz.
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linnie  linnie is offline
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Citrine and Kyanite are reputed to be self-cleansing. :-) Which means that they can cleanse your cards and then clear their own energy as well. ;-)
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EvMaeve  EvMaeve is offline
Join Date: 17 Apr 2015
Location: MA, USA
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Citrine and Amethyst

I've also heard of citrine being self-cleansing. Citrine and Amethyst are closely related. I don't know if amethyst is also self-cleansing, but it's certainly cleansing of other things. I store my decks with tumbled amethyst for cleansing and clear quartz for amplification of energies. (Clear quartz supposedly boosts/amplifies whatever else you're working with.)
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greatdane  greatdane is offline
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I have twenty decks, total, and they all fit in a lined canvas flat-bottomed tote. I put different herbs and stones in the bag and they all seem to get along well.
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Jagdamba  Jagdamba is offline
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Originally Posted by greatdane View Post
I have twenty decks, total, and they all fit in a lined canvas flat-bottomed tote. I put different herbs and stones in the bag and they all seem to get along well.
Well that sounds like a cozy arrangement Greatdane What sorts of herbs do you like to include?

I am similar in approach to Hemera...I follow what seems to call to go with a deck from my collection of crystals and keep them together. Sometimes a single quartz, sometimes two or three stones. Perhaps none. Its all about creating the right feel intuitively for me.

Maybe herbs will take it to the next level
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rubyalison  rubyalison is offline
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I keep my favorite clear quartz with my favorite deck. Then for the rest I sometimes put stones in that feel right to me. I don't know very much about stones, I just like them.
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Frey27  Frey27 is offline
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Quartz can be either active or passive, Yin/Yang. If you are looking for more of a receptive energy with your Tarot deck, keep a milky Quartz in the container or box you store your cards. If you are looking to infuse a more active energy, go with a clear Quartz. Same goes for when you are using the Tarot for yourself or others. Keep those crystal's near by to further activate the desired energies in your psyche. You can also check into many other types of crystal's such as Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian, Onyx, Amethyst etc... If you are into Herb's, or Feng-Shui and space clearing, you can also clear the area with your favorite herb before and after you use the Tarot. You may also enjoy using a bell before or after, just to clear the air. There are so many different thing's you can do, from yoga, meditation, prayer, even just simple candle burning can help induce a positive atmosphere and clear away the residue left behind after a deep session. You don't have to do any of this, but I guarantee that if you do, you will reach a deeper understanding of yourself and your surroundings. Then one day out of the blue you will realize that you have come to a point in your life that you can activate these feeling's and vibrations without needing anything but your own mind and will.

All these ancient techniques such as burning sage and incense, using crystals and other elements to guide your will, all these techniques are sacred because they reach deep into your unconscious, the primitive aspect of all human existence. They tap into those memories of use by other ancient people for various spiritual reasons. Bringing great force and power from the memories of all your great ancestors and that of many different cultures and traditions. Just you think of essential oil's for a minute, that is the Chi, or life force of the plant, the energy. Burning the oil is releasing it's energy into the atmosphere, you are then able to embrace the plants whole existence and reach strong memories from the past that you cannot activate any other way. Ancient cultures also enjoyed burning incense due to the thought that the smoke would carry their prayers to the heavens. This is still done today. Just remember to keep your intentions pure before lighting the incense and before storing your cards with crystal's. Your thoughts really do matter, for your reality is only as real as your imagination.

Where you store your cards is very important as well, make it a spot that is sacred to you or a spot that at least has some special importance to you. That act alone will charge the card's with positive energy for future sessions. If you just experiment with what feels most natural to you, you will figure out what best resonates with your true intention and intuition.

Please don't believe a word I say until you see the evidence in your own life. You must experiment for yourself and see what truth you can discover in your own unique way.

Good luck and don't forget to have fun playing Tarot!!!


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