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Ffaff the Ffooter as a person being on denial

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Ffaff the Ffooter as a person being on denial

I did a reading asking if i have been on denial over a situation and Ffaff the Ffooter came up twice, is this card telling me that I wasn't grounded enough to see what really went on with my situation. Any input would be appreciated.
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majah kahlana 

Interestingly I got this card this morning for a reading on a diferent forum. I think it depends on the surrounding cards in your reading, whether this means you werent properly centered or not. Could just mean that you needed to keep both feet on the ground and not get stuck with your head in the clouds (look at the relationship honestly). Or perhps he is sying that you need to take care of you first.

Sorry if this is bit vague but not having seen the cards around Ffaff I cant say for sure wht it would mean for your situation.

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Tara, I agree with the interpretation you have.
But also, when I think of Ffaff I think about my own relationship with my feet. I dont like my feet, when all the girls are out in their flipflops and pretty sandals with their painted toenails I'm still in my thick socks and books. For me, when I see Ffaff I also think about looking at the 'warts and all' of the situation and learning from it.

Due to working with Ffaff I have grown to used to my feet and like giving them some care and attention - creams and how it feels to walk barefoot on the grass etc. When we accept the truth we can truly enjoy walking our life path

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Perhaps he is suggesting that you sit down, reflect on the situation, see it from different points of view (hence the feet off the ground), and then be honest with yourself. Without more info, the context is limited.
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This is a very auspicious faery to come up to answer a question about denial. I can see how you would find it difficult to interpret what his message is regarding your situation, as you can see, we all are having troubles in deciphering what Ffaffs message to you is.

After long thought, I think it's not an issue of wether or not you were in denial about something, but more, it's about the journey, or the path that you have to take. Only you (and your feet) can walk down this path.

Denial is...something that usually others will label our actions. But in the grand scheme of things, does it matter what others think?

I think the message here is, don't think so much about if you were in denial or not, think more about what you need to accomplish in this journey, what it is you are to learn about inside yourself as you walk this path, as each path we take in life teaches us something either about the world around us, or about ourselves in how we relate to the world around us. And don't forget to stop and rub those sore feet while you walk down this long path, that it's ok to take breaks. I know Faff the ffooter is also very found of travel journals. Perhaps journaling would be ideal right now for you while you take this path in life, or maybe picking up a book about others thoughts of what they went through that is similiar to your situation. Or even a fictional story regarding the same subject matter (if approrpiate).

Sometimes, Faff also speaks to me about, the greatest thing about going out on a walk is feeling the freedom you have in doing this. Perhaps the fact that you are walking down this path is liberating you somehow, or giving you a freedom that you wouldn't have otherwise.

I hope this helps, please let me know what you think.

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