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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step THREE

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21 Ways ~ Step three ~ Vanessa Tarot ~ Ten of Wands

1~ The overall feeling of this card seems to be anxiety and a feeling of being overwhelmed. I get the impression the character is becoming tired and wary, and may even be a little frustrated.
But there is also the sense of accomplishment, and the feeling she has what it takes to get the job done.
The room looks very busy and cluttered which could be contributing to her sense of feeling overwhelmed.

2~ I am feeling rather overwhelmed. I dont know where to start with my studies. Everywhere I turn there is something else for me to focus on. The work seems neverending and I am wondering when I will ever get this finished. I feel rather "in the dark" about it all.
I also feel thirsty though. Thirsty for water, and thirsty for knowledge.
I feel a sense of accomplishment that I have managed to bookmark a few passages to focus on, and am feeling as though I am making progress.
I will get there in the end.

3~ This definately reminds me of swatting for exams when I was at school.
I would always leave it until the last minute and then have a great rush to get it done, books, paper and pens everywhere, and a sense of frustration with myself for both leaving it until late, and not having payed as much attention in class as I should have.
Of course all this mayhem led to a feeling of being very tired and overwhelmed but I always had the determination to get there in the end.
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21 Ways ~ Step three ~ Victorian Romantic ~ Four of Cups

1~ Overall, this image has a feeling of melancholy. It may be a celebration, but our main character isnt too thrilled about it. He could even be described as looking rather bored, wishing he was anywhere but there.
Even though it is a party, I feel it is quite reserved and calm. Not a lot of frivolity going on here, as much as the ladies are trying to get the gentleman into the spirit of things, spirits seem a little dampened.
The beautiful bright colours seem to clash with the underlying sense of indifference and inertia.

2~ I dont want to be here. Why wont these people leave me alone? This all just seems too much like hard work to me. I dont even feel like tasting the wine that is being offered to me. I wish I was someplace far away from here.
There is no comfort for me here. Even the beautiful surroundings do nothing to lift my spirits.

3~ This picture reminds me of parties I have been to where I am on a completely different wavelength to everyone else. Someone will make a joke and I just dont find it funny. They talk about things I have no interest in, and their lives and interests are distantly removed from mine.
In these situations I feel extremely bored and even a little annoyed.
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21 Ways ~ Step Three ~ Bohemian Gothic ~ Seven of Swords

1~ There is a feeling of quiet with this card. But also a feeling of urgency. As if this very important task must be done on the sly. and in total secret.
Something very important is in progress, but there is still a way to go before we are safe. There is a feeling that one must keep our wits about us.

2~ I must take this book far away and hide it. There is much important information within which cant be risked falling into the wrong hands. I am a little apprehensive and concerned I will be caught, but I am determined to carry on.
I must tread quickly yet quietly if I am able to return through my window without being found out.
My mission is very important and I take it extremely seriously.

3~ This card reminds me of the times in my teenage years, when, in the summertime, myself and my friends would sneak out of the house at night and go walkabout.
This was pretty dangerous when I look back on it, but at the same time it was thrilling.
I wasnt carrying a book of important information, but the journey in itself had to be kept secret from our parents, and was in itself, for us anyway, a rite of passage.

And by crikey if I find out my 13 y/o has been sneaking out like I did, i'll have her guts for garters!!! lol!
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21 ways - step three - Sharman Caselli tarot


This character is full of confidence, joy and pride. He is immersed in the pleasure of galloping with his beautiful horse. He is proud of his rich garments and holds out his wand with firm strength.


I am strong and powerful and nothing stands in my way. I am sure of myself and aware of the imposing, dominant figure I present to others. I am physically strong and confident in my masculine power, controlling my magnificent horse. I am even a little arrogant; from my lofty position I look down on earth-bound people, if I even notice them at all as I and my horse gallop furiously past and leave all others in our dust.


I don't think I've ever felt this way myself, which is why it is fun and illuminating to imagine what it might be like to have these emotions. This Knight is so masculine, so wealthy, so privileged, so confident, and so very powerful; these are not qualities I have in myself at all. It feels more natural to me to imagine myself as a person standing beside the road as he thunders past, and finding him very frightening indeed.

After thinking a bit, something's come to mind. Several years ago I was working on an archaeological excavation on an uninhabited island in the Arctic, and one day as the dig was drawing to a close the director asked me to do a quick trench in an area away from the main excavation site. I went off alone and did the trench quickly and efficiently, and I was proud of this, as well as of being selected for this work. Returning to the rest of the group, walking over the craggy, desolate, empty landscape, perhaps I experienced the Knight's isolation, and his happiness at his successful return to his people.
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21 Ways ~ Step three ~ Housewives Tarot ~ Two of Pentacles

1~ On initial inspection, the card seems to have an aura of busyness. Busy, busy, busy. But also a sense of capability. This housewife may have many things on her plate, and she is being pulled in many directions, but she has the capability to deal with each thing in turn with poise, determination, and good humour.

2~ I am good at what I do. I manage to juggle all my tasks and still have time to sit down with a cup of tea. I am strong and capable. Everyone knows they can rely on me and I enjoy being there to help run things smoothly. I am a loving mother and devoted dog lover. I run a clean and efficient home.

3~ This is very reminiscent of my life right now. For the most part I am able to run an efficient home while still going out to work, looking after my daughter, concentrating on my music/songwriting/singing and still having time to enjoy some peace and quiet. Not to mention my tarot reading and studies.
This card is an inspiration really.
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Red face Gilded Tarot ---Page of Pentacles---Emotions

There are significant aspects of the Page card that elicit distinct emotional responses:
* The vibrant emerald aura that surrounds and infuses this card instantly soothes and relaxes me.
* The sky is depicted in a highly unique and unusual way and brings to mind moments of my childhood when my favorite moments were the first few minutes of a thunderstorm and the immense excitement I felt.
* The abundant foliage and perfect blooms stir up feelings of peace and contentment.

Step 3-1) The Page is observing something just outside our vision that has him fully engrossed in his thoughts and oblivious to the richness that surrounds him. The intense focus to his gaze reveals that whatever he sees is of great interest and worthy of his absolute attention. The slight turn of his lips suggests that he is just as pleased with what he is seeing as he is with what he is contemplating. The presence of the peacock reflects a calm, peaceful atmosphere. It's relaxed posture tells me there is no crisis to be wary of. With his head fully turned and his eyes firmly fixated on the Page there is an underlying current of curiosity and anticipation for action.

Step 3-2) Look at how much ceremony is followed as they finish setting up for the competition! Such reverence! Such regard for detail! I wonder what it will feel like to stand among them as one of them rather than standing faceless and inconsequential in the background... They will finally see my face and watch as I prove that I have learned their skills and am a worthy and capable opponent! That I can bring value to their brotherhood and clever contributions to their strategies! When I get my opportunity to gain their attention I will finally be able to show them that I am ready for their challenges. I must stay focused.

Step 3-3) When I was a sophomore in high school I was the new kid on the scene. I was from a poor family that had moved from the South to New England and the transition was a rough one. I went from being a relatively popular girl, accepted and loved by my many friends, to becoming an object of scorn and ridicule, cast out of a community that denied me entry because my clothes were second-hand and my accent was associated with ignorance and inbreeding. My mother had attended the same school when she was a teenager and it just so happened that I ended up with the same English teacher she had. He was a bitter and scathing man and I found myself the focus of his derision. He referred to me in class as 'Superstar'. The reason for this being that I did not actively participate in class and rarely did I ever complete a homework assignment, so his deduction of my behavior was that since I did not take part in anything then I must know everything. He also advised the class that I did not care about my grades and did not do homework because I was going to be a 'Superstar'.
On one particular day he decided to do an in-class assignment that consisted of writing a short story within 30 minutes. Loving writing the way I do I sneered with self-gratification when, at the end of the 30 minutes, I handed in my very first completed assignment for that class. The following day he did not greet me with his customary 'Superstar' salutation. He simply sat at his desk and barked for everyone to be quiet. He proceeded to flap a handful of papers in the air as he began to very excitedly tell the class about a single story written the day before. He used the words 'amazing', 'incredible', 'miraculous'. He told us that the student who had written the story was one that he had misjudged as lazy and a waste of space when in fact this student was brilliant and clever and was the first kid in his class for the past 20 years that inspired and astounded him within a matter of 30 minutes. He walked to my desk and leaned down into my face and very intently apologized to me in front of the entire class for his completely wrong assessment of my character. He proclaimed that I was an exceptionally gifted writer and then turned and read my paper with great pomp and vigor. It was at that moment that I was filled with the spirit and promise of the Page of Pentacles.

I apologize for the lengthy post. I know we're not supposed to really get so wordy. But I felt it was a necessary evil and that I will be forgiven as long as I don't make it a habit.
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For llunnacee

There is no need to apologize for the long post. Indeed, there is every reason to celebrate it. Being able to draw feelings, imagery, meaning, relatedness out of our cards is what tarot reading/study is all about. While we may not have a personal story of great importance to us that can be drawn from every card, being open to inspiration and association is so very important. Your posting was great. Thanks for sharing. Dave
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21 Ways to read a Tarot card - Step 3

STEP 3, The Gilded Tarot - Nine of Wands

Step 3-1) The soldier, who's paused momentarily, appears profoundly weary but has still taken great care to stand the majority of his wands upright, before taking a resting, though still-defensive, posture in front of them. He's remained forward-facing, and appears resigned to the knowledge that he's not yet reached his destination, but must gather his last resources for a final push

He exudes an air of palpable exhaustion, whilst still remaining poised for action, if required.

EMOTIONS & FEELINGS INVOLVED: Exhaustion, resignation, determination, pride, honour.

Step 3-2) I am so very far into my long journey, but still can't believe there's no end in sight yet. I must rest, even though I know it can't be for long. I afford myself the small luxury of closing my eyes for a moment or two, whilst still cautioning myself to remain vigilent.

Everything hurts; a deep, bone-grinding ache permeates my entire being, and I'm still not sure whether leaving my boots behind was more of a curse than a blessing.

Look at me! How pitiful I must seem to anybody who happens to be looking - poor bloody me, whining whilst carrying such a wonderful burden.

Step 3-3) This particular card is very apt for me, at this point in my life. My wife is disabled (an ongoing, degenerative problem), unable to walk or work, whilst I continue to work full-time. I currently spend my time at work to continue to support us, worrying that she's going to be okay whilst I'm away.

When I get home, I have to try to make enough time for both her and the evening chores, and tend to ignore my own needs to unwind and relax.

On our weekends, I do my upmost to ensure we have quality time together, and get out and about, whilst she's still well enough to enjoy this.

I really do feel almost as tired as the soldier in this card, but know that I'm ready for the next set of problems, as I continue to carry our family forwards.

As can be seen above, I'm also more than aware that I can slip into a 'poor me' frame of mind, from time-to-time, and temporarily loose sight of what it is I'm working for.

I'm dreading moving forwards, into a Ten of Wands situation, but know that I must.
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21 Ways-Step 3

Paulina Tarot, Queen of Wands

3.1- Confident, at ease, nonchalant, sure of place in world, knowing that someone relies on them and in turn they can rely on that someone, feisty, pride, almost lazy way of getting things done (Yeah yeah, I'll do it. I'm doing it now, but it'll be at my own pace, and a big eff you if it doesn't suit you).

3.2- The day is going my way, as it should be. I put on a catty smile, enjoying my spotlight. I have friends who love me, family who takes care of me, and I dmn well know that I look good. I hold up my staff as a way to show my power, but also as a welcoming gesture to please, come and chat and maybe we can have fun.

3.3- If I were a court card, it would definitely be the Queen of Wands. Every other day of the week this card just screams THIS IS ME.
sooo. basically: I felt good, I looked good, and I dominated.
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For vanity

Welcome to the 21 Ways . . . journey. Many of us have gone through the Apprentice Level and are now mostly though the Adept Level, all of this covering a two year span. It has been a great learning experience. While many have not persisted in their studies, most who have gone on are now showing up in various sections of the Forum and exhibiting good tarot work. So, this kind of study is really helpful. If you have questions, just ask. Dave
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