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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step THREE

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Princess Judy 
21 Ways - Step Three: Golden Tarot 8 of Coins

1. This card seems very straightforward to me. Honest (and hard) work, the job has to be done, and done well. It has a lot of straight lines, and also all the colors are brown. No popping eye colors, no frills. So straightforward honest and hard work are what it is. Getting down to business. With hard I don't mean work yourself to death, but I do mean: using your hands and getting things done, all in a very practical manner. There might be a drop of sweat here and there, but this person isn't a workaholic like most businessmen seem to be today.
This person gets a lot of satisfaction out of his work. He works in a silent manner and natural tempo, and get loads done. He does his work with attention, and does it really well. He's very skillful in what he does.
A craftsman from a guild.

2. I'm a true craftsman, I lůve what I'm doing. My work is not just any work, it is work that I love, that I'd like to develop, that only I can do in this particular way. It's why I came here on this earth. I could do this my whole life, and never get tired of it. I'm working alone and I love the solitude, the work with my hands. It brings me in a zen like state. The cloth on my head is blue/purplish and symbolizes the inspiration I get from the Divine. My sleeves are red and indicate that I know how to channel this force into something tangible. I feel very rooted, and all the brown stand for my earthiness and practicality. My clothes are very practical too, it makes some people think of monk's clothing. I like it. Fashion isn't important to me, comfortable clothes are, so I can do my work properly and not get distracted. In a way, I am kind of a monk, dedicated to my work and learning and developing myself. I keep delving deeper and deeper into it and studying it from different angles. The source brings me endless inspiration and joy. I don't need anything else, this is enough.

3. It was a summer years ago and I was working on my book. Although I worked full time at the moment, I also managed to go to the gym, then went home by train and wrote a bit in the train, then cooked a healthy and very satisfying meal for myself, and then settled on the couch in my study to write, with the doors coming out on the balcony behind me wide open, a summer breeze gently coming in. I felt completely satisfied and relished in the solitude and the work I got done. Everything seemed in perfect harmony, it was one of the happiest summers in my life.
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Princess Judy 
21 Ways - Step Three: Ten of Coins (Golden Tarot)

1) Although the sky looks dark, I wouldn't necessarily consider it night, because everyone is out in the garden and the white garden walls give it a light and relaxed atmosphere. It looks like the walls in a way protect the people in the garden from perhaps what seems like stormy weather, darkness or the outer world. Within these garden walls, everything is good, there are people, flowers, animals, birds singing. The royal figure seems very relaxed and content, there's a smile on her face. The one whose picking berries doesn't seem that content. She doesn't look very weary or dissatisfied either, maybe a bit bland or tired.
The woman scooping water from the well seems concentrated on what she does, really in the moment and content. She could be a sister of the royal figure, she looks very much alike. The mothery figure with the instrument looks kind of surprised, and the child whose playing the instrument eager and content.

2) From the perspective of the royal figure: I am very, very happy with my life. I love books. I totally enjoy myself right now and feel very relaxed.
Berry woman: Well, I'm not so happy. Why do I have to do all the work? I know, I know, it's my job. Well, it pays the bills, and brings food on the table.
Water woman: ... (really concentrated right now, thinks of nothing, is in the moment).
Music woman: I'm surprised, see how that little boy radiates when I offer him this instrument and show him how to play it, and most of all, I'm surprised the feelings of well being this gives me.
The child: play, play, play, laliela, fun, play

3) It's almost eerie... But it has exactly got to do with my life, and what I'd consider success to be.
All these figures are different aspects of me, and live along peacefully in a very relaxed way.
First of all, the most important is the royal woman... I could also call her Princess Judy. I'm a children's book writer, I love writing, relaxing and books are a big part of my life. Although my life is out of balance most of the time, I am happiest when I live like this woman.
The music woman comes second (it's funny, she also wears a crown, but made from dried flowers or something): I'm a musician as well. I play flamenco percussion. Recently I've started teaching percussion to others, and this sudden road took me by surprise.
The child: playing music with others really makes me happy. Studying music and seeing myself becoming better and better also. Playing in general and doing what I want (lalila attitude) is kind of important.
The berry woman: ehm... well, it has got to do with food amongst others, and eating healthy in order to feel well and have enough energy to make my career a succesful one. But I find it difficult at times... It's more like an 'I have to' and I don't feel very creative with it yet... I'd love to be fresh, organic, raw and plant based foods a natural and delicious part of my life.
It also has to do with work. In order to get my career blooming, there must be a certain discipline, daily tasks I need to do... And I don't like that very much. I'd rather be the playing kid, but I know I need to do my job if I want to make my career a succes.
The water woman: being in the now. Wellbeing. Taking good care of myself, spiritual development. So yoga, meditation, drinking enough and eating well, getting enough sleep, that sort of stuff. But especially about being in the now, the clarity, focus, concentration and energy that that brings. It might have some more or other meanings I'm not totally aware of yet.
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21 Ways - Step 3

Druidcraft ~ The Moon

1.) Looking upon the crab I see that he looks to be hiding and secretly viewing the spectacle. He is curious about the dogs and where the winding path leads. The wolves seem free and wild there howling their song together. The whole scene seems enraptured in a chaotic and mysterious atmosphere.

2.) Crab - I am afraid but interested about my surroundings. Still I will not venture far from the safety of the water and stay well hidden not wanting to leave the security of my position and become exposed.

Key Words: Secrets, Fear, Resisting Change, Curiosity

Dogs - I feel lost in the moment tossing back my head and screaming out at the vast world. So lost in the moment that I forget who I am. My voice is all that matters and I care not who it frightens.

Key words: Over indulgence, Rash decisions, Untamed desires.

3.) This reminds me of my youth walking late at night with my best friend jeremy spouting poetry and living for the moment. The passion and invincibility I felt made me foolish and rash in my decisions. It was all feeling and no rational thought. I was young! I was right! I was free to take on the world. LOL raging hormones!
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21 ways: Step Three. 8 Swords

Bruegel Tarot.

mmm.... botched it at step two methinks.

3-1) One of the fighting women.
3-2) The injured man.
3-3) The soldier. Whom I covered in step two (naughty)

3-1) This is crunch time - and I am furious! Gonna settle this now, once and for all. I have no awareness of anything else except HER - and I so want to deliver a killing blow! I'm secretly hoping I won't have to kill her, but am poised to do real damage. (Why can't this be settled with out violence.....?)

3-2) Oh my god - they're out of control, and now I'm badly hurt! Falling... unable to do or say anything to stop this frenzied madness. ...and they don't even care, haven't noticed!

3-3) I am the arm of the Law - well actually a soldier who keeps the peace.These damn woman are certainly going hammer & tongs at it. They're about to murder each other, and anyone else that gets in the way. Probably as usual with these people, over something relatively minor. I'll put a stop to this right now!

Is this how it's meant to be 'felt'?

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Tarot of Prague -- The Hermit

1. It's peaceful street, everything is quiet. The people who live here are in their houses to enjoy their evenings -- having dinner with their families and resting up for the next day. A solitary, elderly man, holding a lantern, has just emerged from one of the houses, where he has eaten his dinner, and now he is ready to walk some more. His lantern glows brightly and will guide him on his way. He knows he cannot stay on this street, that he doesn't belong here with the others. He has to find his own way, even though part of him is sad at the thought of leaving.

2. I've just had a wonderful dinner with some kind people who invited me to share theirs with them. It's very pretty and quiet here on this pleasant street, but I know I must be going. I was never meant to stay. My lantern glows brightly, I have my walking stick, and I am used to being alone. I will walk into the night, until I get tired and find somewhere to rest. Every day takes me further. I'm not sure of my final destination, but I know I need to keep walking with my eyes and ears open, finding my home anew each day as I go.

3. I was recently in Rome, walking past colorfully painted houses on cobblestone streets. I was not alone, like the Hermit (although it would have been pleasant to have been alone at least some of the time!), but, like him, I knew that my place was not there, even though I really wished it could be. I traveled for a week, enjoying being a stranger in a strange land.
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STEP 3-Mythic Tarot-Five of Cups

1) The atmosphere seems cold now, but the couch is still warm from the couple who were just in it. The gold winged man who is running away is in a hurry and doesn't look back. The lady has a look of dispair and regret as she reaches toward the man. The night sky appears cold and quiet and the empty gold cups look sad tipped over next to the couch.

2) (The lady's perspective) "Please don't go!" ...I don't know why I just did that-I'm so stupid, why can't I just trust my own feelings? We are so happy together. I hope he will forgive my mistake...I have just done the one thing he asked me never to do! I wish I could wake up and this would only be a dream. How can I get him back? How can I regain his trust? This room is so cold without him. On top of it all I have this mess next to the couch to clean up, well at least all is not lost.

3) I think there have been many times I have said/done something I regret soon after the fact. I see the persons reaction and instantly think...that came out wrong...oh but now it's been said/done and how can I take it back? It seems in these situations of regret and hurt feelings, all environments become cold and unwelcome. Only time can heal the wounds.
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Mojo Twin 2 
Radiant Rider-Waite - The Lovers

The Lovers - emotions

There is an immediate feeling of warmth and giving in this card, symbolized by the huge solar disc in the background that hangs about the angel. The warmth is shown by the lush green grass and the vigorous mountain in the back. There is life and it shows all around the card.

There is also a feeling of openness, willingness, and surrender. This is shown by the open arms of the man and the woman. They are ready to take in anything that comes there way. They are fearless and innocent, as shown by their nudity. No sense of embarrassment or tension bothers them. They embrace the moment and are ready.

There is also a persistent feeling of calm. The Angel and the man and woman have very placid faces, showing neither happiness nor sorrow. They seem to be, again, reflecting a sense of acceptance. They are joining each other and face many unknowns; however this doesnít detract them from the solemnity of the ceremony they are participating in.

Warm, loving, open, calm, serene, accepting, light, fearless, willing.

First Person
Iím on a cloud, which feels soft and supporting, I am cross legged upon the cloud so the man and woman on the grass below me cannot see my legs. I must appear to them as if I am magically appearing out of the cloud.

I have been directed to bring these two together and I feel a sense of joy that manifests as calmness and serenity. There is no need to get excited. There will be plenty of time for excitement as these two move forwards in their lives. It is so good to see them standing naked as God made them when they were born. There is no fear in them and it makes me even more joyful; yet I mustnít detract from my mission here, which is to bring these two separate elements together.

The beautiful part of this joining, this wedding if you will, is that even after they have been brought together, they will still be separate. There will be this vessel containing them both - which you can call a relationship if you like. This vessel causes them to move together, to be together, to bear children together, and yet to remain as separate individuals, as man and woman. This is the beauty of Godís plan in this world, the joining of these two sexes into one being that is never truly one being for it maintains the varying elements of the two.

The sun behind me is very warming, itís rays pour upon my back and my wings. I feel so comfortable and warm that I am able to bring my best, my joy and love for these two, to this proceeding. I only want what is best for them. I am generous and I care about the future, but I want to bask in the now - in the moment - in the place that these two human beings are standing. The landscape is so inviting: the lush, green grass, the earthy mountain, the mysterious trees that seem so symbolic in the context of whether or not this man and woman are actually Adam and Eve, bringing forth humanity onto the planet. The fruit tree behind the woman, who looks at me with calm, has the serpent of wisdom wrapped around it. We all know that the state of innocence cannot last in any mortal. The tree behind the man must be a gift from God - the Tree of Life - the flames for leaves, the blackened branches. This is symbolic of the path of life, the path of the spirit, and the many different paths that man and woman can take as they journey together.

Yes, it is good to be here. It is good to be a part of this ceremony. I wish them well on their journey.

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21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card---Step THREE

Pictorial Key Tarot---Queen of Swords

3.1 The environment looks cool and peaceful. The sky is blue with scattered clouds. The queen is seated on her throne wearing a rich, warm gown trimmed with fur. She appears contemplative. Her face is expressionless... In her right hand she holds her sword. She is not holding her sword above her head, but rather resting her elbow on the throne's arm. Her attitude is not one of battle-readiness or fear, just contentment. The three butterflies flying around her bring a feeling of spring.

3.2 I am in an environment that is cool and peaceful. The skies above are blue with scattered clouds. I am seated on my throne wrapped in a luxurious, warm gown. I am contemplative. I wear no expression on my face for I am deep in thought. I am holding my sword in my right hand but do not appear in a battle-stance. I am simply resting my elbow on the arm of my throne. There are butterflies circling is springtime.

3.3 At this time I cannot think of a situation similar to the one depicted in my chosen card. I will add a post later.
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21 Ways: Step 3

Step 3: Fey Tarot (The Chariot).
Parts One and Two

The environment looks pleasant; the sky is clear, if a little hazy, so itís probably a warm spring day.
The fey on top of the carriage has a serene expression, and her realxed posture shows she is calm. She is an adventurous, curious and independent traveller to be sitting by herself on top of the carriage. As well as looking forward to her destination, she is enjoying the journey.
The driver fey looks a little more anxious, maybe he is running late or isnít looking forward to the end of the journey. Maybe his passenger is an important person and he is worried about carrying her safely.

I am sitting on top of the carriage on a beautiful spring day. I am enjoying feeling the wind in my hair and the sun on my skin. I am proud to be an independent person, and I love the feeling of adventure in travelling to new places. My driver seems a little anxious, and is not enjoying the journey as much as I am. He doesnít seem to share my attitude Ė maybe he has had bad experiences or is just bored of travelling so much!
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21 Ways: Step 3, part 2

When I have felt this emotion:
I think this card pretty much encapsulates how I feel when I travel. I love feeling independent and like an explorer - I've taken a few holidays all by myself, so it does feel like I'm on a bit of an adventure. I distinctly remember a moment when I visited Macchu Picchu and myself and my friend had gone to find the 'Inca Bridge'. She'd gone ahead of me a little way, and I was able to look out from the side of the mountain across a forested valley and feel like I was the only person there.
The driver fey also sums up my other attitude to travel - I'm a natural born worrier, so I have to fight against feeling panicky when I go anywhere, and make myself enjoy it!
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