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Himself (17)

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FaeChylde, you rock my world.......

Jump on!

I also wondered if Himself weren't more about you, and less about others, when I read this post at first. I'm glad you're finding some resonance at last.
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Lucretia Luna 

Can't believe there's been no posts for so long!

I am new and just looking through a fraction of what's on offer here at AT. It's grand!

Anyway - enough exclaiming. I would like to know how fire pit dancing, etc. has been going and I would like to talk about Himself a bit.

I think part of his fascination is that each individual feature of Himself, particularly of his face, is somehow independent of the rest. When looking deep into his eyes the feel I get is so different from flirting with his lips, or tracing his slightly phallic nose. The loam of his torso is different from the glitter of his star energy. The spikes of his horns contrast with the smooth invitation of his skin.

You know, I am a touch typist, rather fast and accurate, and in the above para. I made any number of mistakes! I think Himself has a very unsettling, addictive personality - he works on people, getting under the skin and prodding from within. And we like it - he is seductive and sensual without having to be directly about sex. There are many parts of ourselves libido driven, it is said, and this type of channeling sexual energy into other areas is part of creating/maintaining one's drive. With Himself, this is never boring or duty-driven - it is an exploration, even of darker things, which we can enjoy.

Hope this sparks some more discussion.


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It's unusual to have someone look at you so directly like that. And he's not appraising you with that look either.

You know, some people look at you directly, but they're sort of studying you, sizing you up, laying back and watching. Not Himself. Himself is committing himself/Himself with that look. He's seeing right into you and saying: "I'm here for you; I'm going to change you; no evasions on either side."

If you're not used to it, it's unsettling. If you're ready for it, it's food and drink.

Also, I think that if you're a woman, you have to learn how to accommodate to Himself, even if Himself is an aspect of you. If you're a man, I think you have to learn how to be like Himself. The directness and penetration of that gaze are masculine, I think.
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Weird, but right now Himself is about my marriage.
Too personal to get into, but he keeps appearing.
And, I'm not really happy about it.

I mean, I'm glad to see him, but he has an agenda with me and well, he is not easy to put off.
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Is Himself intended to be Jesus?

I can't find any information about that...however that's exactly who Himself looks like to me, (from the pic online, I don't have the deck yet) and the name of course implies that might very well be who it is...however I can't find any information...

I did a search on this study group and this thread and nothing came up for Jesus, I'm surprised no one else sees the resemblance to the typical depiction of Jesus ? Jesus on the cross specifically, with His arms outstretched and his looking down, etc...
I didnt' read the whole thread, only did the search, so if I missed it, or if someone knows of a link that might have info on Himself please post it for me, because I'm very curious about this .

Thanks in advance.
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I've been through an emotional turmoil the last couple days, helping someone else in a healing capacity, and was stretched to the limit to use all I know about meditation, mindfulness, and coping to get through. Still shaking on the other side of the abyss . . .

So today my faerie card was Topsy Turveys--indeed, I said, it's been a struggle to see what's up, shift my perspective, cope with the internal chaos (my grief and fear over a family member's relationship crisis). So I drew another card for what's next and got Himself.

And the first thing that struck me was the struggle I've had to blend and balance the heart, throat, and crown chakras. He said, coping with what you feel, what you see, and what you (spiritually) know is the biggest challenge of all. Can you blend them, use them to help, and not sink from the weight of the position you hold as healer.

I'm staring into his eyes and holding his assurance that I CAN do this. Yes, there is a strong Jesus quality to all this--as an enlightened being, a healer, and a sufferer, he knows how tough it is, and yet it can be done.
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Originally Posted by WillieHewes
Himself is the Brad Pitt of fairies.
No way!
Jim Morrison All the way!

I just got this deck the other day and was playing with it today. Himself was the card I drew this morning- ooooh yeah!
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Usually Himself is very sexual and sort of demanding to me, but I see Jim Morrison in him now, thank you hippiewitchie and yes I agree with Imagemaker and VisionQuest too.

I've been working with the Faeries lately and have been having some startling insights with them. I'm seeing them in a whole new way, and working with them in a whole new way.

As if a shift is occurring in how their meanings work with me and come up for me. I love this, that the deck is transforming, which means I'm transforming!
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Hahah, yeah, Jim Morrison all the way! Himself is a rider on the storm. ..
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He isn't Brad Pitt, Jesus, or Jim Morrison. He is just....Himself. He's not sure why we would think he is anyone else. Now he's looking you in the eye because he wants to know if you are really Yourself, or if you are being someone else? (Not to single anyone out, he's looking at me like that too.)
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