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Pollack's 78 Degrees of Wisdom

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Originally posted by MSPSYCHOMAGNET
I have read this book and I do not like it.

Ms. Pollack covers the Major Arcana in depth, however most of her intepretations and commentary are taken in light of the Kaballah, which is the collective knowledge of Jewish mysticism and occult knowlege, secondarily, she makes many connections to Biblical images and concepts. I personally, believe that learning such systems, especially as a beginner, will lend little to your talents or understanding as a reader.

Good Luck!
This was such an overstated and basically inaccurate description that I just had to chime in. The great thing about opinions of course, is that everyone is entitled to one, but to suggest that a beginner avoid 78 Degrees because of references to the Kaballah or Biblical images is ludicrous. Firstly, biblical imagery is all over the RWS deck so it's pretty hard to avoid. As for the Kaballah, you make it sound like it's on every page with is again, misrepresentative. And besides, there's no time like the present to begin learning comparative systems. Not for beginners. Pshaw. It's the 'bible' for beginners. At least in my humble opinion .

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I most definitely agree! _78 Degrees_ is the _only_ Tarot book I would want, if I could only have one. I refer to it time and time again, and each time I read it, I pick up some new insights.

It's even more special now, after having taken some workshops with Rachel, my favorite being "An Alternate Fool's Journey". She shuffled the Majors, pulled one at random (I believe it was the Chariot)and we used that as card 0 and read the rest of the deck as The Chariot's Journey. Extremely exciting and fun!

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I've only just got around to ordering the full version of this book - I've had a battered copy of the majors only for a while and only skimmed through it but sat down a couple of nights ago and started to read through. It makes for fascinating reading - so I ordered the new full version.
I've tried so hard to move away from Rider Waite symbolism, trying hard to get to know other decks but its always the same, I see a card and first thought to come into my head is the Rider Waite version. So I thought why fight it - I can read Rider Waite fairly well, the images are comfortable and this is a book that gets good reviews. I am also using it with the Morgan Greer.
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Could You give me the Link to Rachel Pollack´s book review on this web?

thank you
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I didn't see a review for 78 degrees on this site.

I love this book. I feel it mostly works well with the standard RWS deck. I agree - If I could only have one book on the RWS - this would be it.

IMO - The interpts of the majors are pretty intense and I find I can only read two or three at a time before I start to feel overwhelmed. I was actually glad to see shorter interpts for the minors, because I can injest them more quickly and to me they're just as deep.

Pollack points out meaningful details in the RWS that I might never have noticed - details that actually improve the way I read the cards.

I never been a big fan of the RWS, but with this book and the new Radiant RWS, I just might be.
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tigerlily 6563 

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I have recently ordered this book from my local book store. I was drawn to this book simply by the name. After reading all your opinions I can't wait to get into it.
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I truly love this book, but I would validate that some people might not agree with some of her interpretations she does make some very radical statments and not everyone is comfy with that.

When I first read the book I read one major arcana card a night and got through them, often re-reading sections to make sure I got it. I started on the minors but felt that I wanted to start and complete Greer's Tarot for Yourself before attempting the minors here. I'm also going to do the majors again before attempting the minors.

There are a couple of books that I have around just to look up a specific card while doing a reading if I need more insight but taht doens't work for 78 Degrees. If I stop to look up the Page of Wands for a reading in about 2 minutes I have forgotten the reading and lose myself in the book.

When I read the book I had a "yes, this is what I think the cards are saying" moment in the same way that some peopel find a deck taht is "them". It's just going to be different books for different people.
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Talking I love it

Fantastic book!!!

I haven't read the book from back to front (a whole lotta info to absorb, but instead have used it as I would a reference source and sometimes opening a page at random.

My husband and I constantly refer to it, Racheal Pollack adds so many insights, she's amazing!!!


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I ordered this book a couple months ago and have not been sorry one bit. I'm fairly new to Tarot and did have a few decent books to help add to the limited (in my opinion) meanings from the companion book for the Morgan-Greer Tarot, but she really has opened up a whole new world of meanings and insights for me. I bought her Illustrated Guide to Tarot at the same time, so depending on what mood I'm in, (to get a quick take or in depth) I switch back and forth. But I have to say it has helped me understand symbology and so much more, better than anything else has at this point.
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I was fascinated by 78 Degrees--definite strengths and some weaknesses. There's also her newer book (Sept. 2002) called The Forest of Souls.

It's even more kabbalah oriented, very interesting but very "out there" philosophically. I enjoyed it but it's a bit tough, too.
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