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Tarot cards associated with personal authenticity?

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Originally Posted by zeldajones91 View Post
Thank you Babs, I would have never thought of The High Priestess or The Hierophant to indicate authenticity, but now it makes a lot of sense.

The Hierophant brings up some really interesting experiences in my life, since I grew up in a super fundamentalist/cultish Christian household. Part of my journey to authenticity was questioning my belief system and deciding that I didn't believe any of it. I've gone through that process *over and over and over* again as I deal with so many of the unhelpful and ingrained beliefs that I was taught.

Anyway, that's just to say that your viewpoint has really made me think. Thank you so much for sharing!
First of all, you're welcome. I think that's the real beauty of AT, so many people and different ways of viewing things.

I see what you mean too. It seems to me that the path to being authentically you would naturally involve letting go of anything that you're holding onto that is not authentically you. That means first questioning things so you are sure which is which...

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Interesting topic. I've never really thought of it this way. I see most of the cards as being authentic in themselves, because they all have such different personalities. There are some troublemakers and some sneaky ones, like the Devil perhaps. But even then, he tells you honestly and blatantly that there's something you're not looking at or acknowledging.

The first card I think of when I imagine being true to myself is the Star. It's a card about self-worth, being deeply appreciative of oneself, and almost not even being in the real world (where the nasties are). It represents the place one goes to when one is alone.
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Like Suk, when I think about authenticity I immediately gravitate toward the Star. IMHO all of the cards are like fingers pointing towards authenticity, but only the Star has nothing to prove, learn, deny (or wear for that matter...) She just IS! her authentic self
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Along with other cards already mentioned, the Hermit strikes me as honest... Sharp perceptions and a truth-seeking mind, able to see through lies and "above" employing them. There's the earthy Virgoan authenticity/realism, as well.

The Tower comes to mind, as well. Honesty by force... Often, the jarring result of hidden truth(s) exposed. When its energy hits, things are really hanging out there.
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The Temperance card makes me think of authenticity because it is about having the courage of your convictions, of being self-aware and self-possessed, and less inclined to be influenced by outside forces that would tempt you to go against your own will.

Temperance and authenticity are both states which are not reached passively. Both require a concerted effort and much practice which includes messing up at times, but not giving up. They also both require on-going conscious effort to maintain.
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