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Gilded Study - the Hanging Man

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I am trying to work on my meanings of the Major Arcana cards, thought I would post it here to get your opinions.

The Hanged Man/Hanging Man

Why dose he hang upside down? This is about being suspended, not of punishment or death. Unknown if he put himself there, but he dose not seem to be in pain or is upset or sad. He is calm and assured. Expectation and action is suspended. He is in a state of complete surrender. By doing this he can gain a new perspective.

By doing nothing, you have others “show their hand” first, or you must wait for someone or something to happen before making an important decision. Patients, Sacrifice, suspend your own needs, wants, and desires for the good of others is the way of the Hanged Man. To look inward, a need for spiritual growth. Putting others first, sacrificing an unhealthy life style for a healthier one. For a better relationship, sacrifices are made.

In some decks the Hanged man is letting go of money bags to symbolize this action is not for financial reward, but a spiritual one. In Norse mythology, the God Odin hung himself in this position for 9 days on the world tree. Coins fell from his pockets he looks at them not as money but only as round pieces of metal, his prospective suddenly changes from the material to the spiritual world, mysteries of life are revealed to him. Some say that runes had fallen from the tree, giving him insight, the ability to read them. He forever sees the world differently.

The Hanging Man might be telling you that there is never a right time, like to have children, start now. This can also mean you are waiting for someone else to do something you will not be seen as the “bad guy” save face. When the Hanged Man is in your reading it’s time for movement to pause. Logic and sense needs a new prospective, another look, time to shake up your beliefs. Time for sacrifice to gain new insight. An outdated wish/attitude you need to let go of. A need for a personality change, “to mellow out”, letting go of an unattainable lover, give someone else a chance. For a long term relationship be sure both of you are on the same page.

If financially things are tight, it’s time to give until it hurts, the more you give the more you will receive. In Health, always question and research it yourself. Spirituality, let go of negative self limiting beliefs. Remember “self-fulfilling prophesy” be careful how you feel and think about your life. Are the “prophecies” you are feeling and thinking resembles the life you wish to see?

The Hanging Man: suspended between the physical and mystical world. Open yourself to new truths, other perspectives, to find solutions in order to bring change. The Hanging Man is “Action in Non Action”.

Direct: Spirituality, pause, time to think, meditation, giving up control. Accepting what is, seeing a new angle, living in the moment, putting others first.

Reversed: Materialistic, hung out to dry, lack of insight, resistant to spirituality, abandoned.
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I've never really gotten a sense of struggle in other decks' Hanged Man but this might be the first time I didn't get a sense of surrender either. This particular Hanging Man seems to be taking an active role in his situation, using it to his advantage instead of struggling against it or surrendering and waiting. He is exploring his abilities in this new situation, looking for what views and sensations it offers him.

His world has been turned upside down and he's not afraid to play with that, to use what skills he has to make the most of it or even to learn what new skills he can while in this state. He is not bothered that he is in a different place than everybody else.
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