advice for a newbie learning tarot with this deck?

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i find this deck difficult to read with i often get stuck with certain card like the high priestess and the fool its not having the kind of indepth imagery like in RW.
its just my opinion others may not feel the same.
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This is my first and currently only deck. It was the one I was "drawn" to when I picked out my deck. I had been advised that RW was an excellent beginners deck, and I do believe that is so, but I also read to ultimately choose the deck you feel a bod or connection with .... I feel like this deck is "part of me."... a very special part of me, if that makes sense :-)
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Originally Posted by rainbowmoon View Post
I am a newbie and am using this deck. Has anyone else learned to read tarot cards using the gilded tarot deck? did you find it easy or difficult?

could anyone suggest some easy exercises for a beginner? I am using the book that came with my cards but looking for some others too. thanks so much!
I learned with this deck so it has a really special place in my heart. What I did to help me was begin with three card exercises....past present future. Otherwise, my best advice is to PRACTICE PRACTICE AND PRACTICE. Do readings for anyone and everyone. Explain you are learning and might need the book for a guide. Read the descriptions on here. Read descriptions on all kinds of websites. You will learn in time.
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I am learning on this deck and originally didn't connect with it but gave it another chance and I'm getting the hang of it. It's really accurate for me which was awesome.

I had to find another deck from the RW which I try to connect with but it just doesn't happen.
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i didn't find this deck is difficult to read, it is under rsw system,

for learning, record daily draw is very good exercise. and draw 3 cards for readings. past percent future, if you need advice card, just draw one card for it.

don't jump out to do cc spread (10 cards). it is like before you know how to walk, you are running without even knowing .
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