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Yes you explain quite nicely...BUT...sometimes a shock or the knowledge of something that we must face..whether we want to or not...that is the role of make us "look" even when we do not want to see....

I agree it is not one likes to hurt....but then again hurting is part of life....where there is great joy there is the very real possibility of great sorrow.

As in the example of the boyfriend is MOST upsetting but then again hiding from it and being fooled by it does not take away the eventual pain...and delaying "seeing it" has its own level of pain also...

I believe that every ending is a new beginning and sometimes Gawtcha is the one who gives us the chance for a new beginning...
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I absolutely agree with that.
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In all of these years that I have worked with the Faeries, Gawatcha rarely shows up. To me Gawatcha was always a male, even before I read the book, not sure why but that is how I see him.

To me he is about forcing oneself to look at things one may want to hide or ignore regardless of how scared, helpless or sad it will make us. To me he also pushes us to do it. To me he is also one that tells you that if you are big enough to do something, you are big enough to take the consequences of your own actions. He also is one to make us look at our own shadow side.
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I have to say, I have not yet associated Gawtcha with anything bad.
When I did my first attempt at a reading, I followed one of the directions in the book, which was that I should look through the deck and pick the cards that appealed to me in that moment. And the second card I chose after The Green Woman was Gawtcha.
To me I sense that Gawtcha is about the shock of surprise, but not that the surprise will necessarily be bad. It's news that will come as a total shock, and I'll be blindsided, but it may not necessarily be bad news with a bad shock. It could be good news that will still come as a shock because it was totally unexpected.
Something like, people who have been trying long term to get pregnant, they've reached the point of thinking it will never happen, then it does. They finally get pregnant, but they just so sincerely felt that it would never happen, that it comes as a total shock.
It's a mind blowing "oh wow, I've just been totally blindsided" moment, but it's good, not bad.
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Is she hiding her face because it is too gruesome to see? Or is reality too gruesome to look at?
She has horns and tiny shreds of wings, she is a jaded fae.
She's tried everything to feel better about herself, and she's ashamed because nothing has worked, in her eyes she is still naked, still flightless, still ugly(to her).
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Gawtcha: The Blimey Bastard

Gawtcha is not always fun. I associated this card with the tower, a shock and rude awakening.
Maybe his hands over his eyes peeking can mean his eyes were blasted open, while unbeknownst to him his view points were fine. A card of enlightenment, nervous breakdowns, chaos, rebuilding to me and how it showed up in my life, when nothing makes sense anymore and Gawtcha has erased all former constructs of my mind and forces me to start over.
Nervous breakdowns and enlightments have a fine line between them. Especially for creative highly emotional folks and in my most confused state of life i have ever been in, this card showed up and explained it all so elegantly.
Not fun, but nessacery for us all. This card shows an extremly dark side to my life and I am greatful for the insight Gawtcha brings however i pray dear god the next time i pull this card let it mean the shock of unexpected fortune and lottery! Then he would be
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This was my Universal card and I had just started with this deck. What I had written down was not was I saw in the book. The deck is kinda driving me crazy though because after I read what is in the book I'm not sure what to got with what I wrote down or what I read and I think, oh yeah that makes sense though. I wrote: Shy or playing peekaboo, looking or being watched, uncertainty about people, a heads up, doesn't seem extremely malicious, is this person up to no good?

Shortly after this there was a fire in my building on the other end of my floor at about 12:40 am and I had to run out in my robe and with the two cats that would allow me to carry them out. Luckily nobody was hurt and it didn't spread but we still don't know how it happened or if it was arson by the person who lived there. I also lost my cat when she ran away after bringing her outside during the fire and chaos and she was missing for about five days but we got her back and she had to be taken to the vet due to a wound in her foot and infection. She seems to be doing better but we take her in again tomorrow. It's been a long few weeks... I also had a bit of a warning it seems now from a tarot reading for my zodiac sign some weeks back that there might be a fire, but didn't know it wouldn't be my causing or actually happen.
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