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got all day???

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I've read a whole deck before as a story to my question. It's quite interesting. I'd be more than willing to try out a spread of some sort when doing this. I just would read mine w/o them. This is a good idea.
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I like your spread idea. It looks like a challange. My first thought was I don't have the room! But I think it would work with my pocket tarot cards... I think I'll lay it out and write it down then digest it later.

Can't wait to see what happens...Thanks for sharing this one.
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Guys...I did it. Last night to be exact. It took me, like, two hours just to get it all set up and the cards written down. I tried to interpret them, but some of them are just sooo confusing!

I can post results if you want...your choice
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Brock Johnson 

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I was looking for a whole deck spread and I was actually thinking about making my own but this is fantastic. I don't have time to do it now with school but I will because summer break is almost here! Sorry for that little outburst, I'm just listening to my favorite song with that notion in my head.

Anyway, I'll have time to do this over the summer and look forward to it. I wonder if anyone works as a professional tarot counselor, if they would use this. I'm sure this would cost a lot of money. Either way, I'm very excited to be able to use this soon.

Very good spread.

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Demon Goddess 

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Originally Posted by Nymphadora
Guys...I did it. Last night to be exact. It took me, like, two hours just to get it all set up and the cards written down. I tried to interpret them, but some of them are just sooo confusing!

I can post results if you want...your choice
Did you post this reading??? I would love to see it.

With love.
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I've started Tarot reading now, It's been a week and I've actually spent a lot of time trying to understand the story of the fool and the different elements (fire, water, wind, earth) and there meanings... I've also spent a lot of time going threw the forum and the different spreads that you can do...

I could not stop laughing when I saw this spread, because I felt the impossibility (at this stage only) of reading such a spread... It actually made me feel good and I was very curious to know what other think... Indeed I'm more than impressed by the number of people that are so positive about such a huge spread.... It makes me feel like one day I will try it out !!!!

Of course not today I suppose when i have a good experience with tarot and my deck... but thank you for making me feel good

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Rebekah1213  Rebekah1213 is offline
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All Day Spread

I did an “All Day Spread” I wanted to try a spread in which I used all of my cards. I use the Quest deck; which is a very power and accurate deck that works with me really well. The cards said probably about 33% of the obvious.

However it has left me with many questions. . .
Under Hidden you area. . I got the Ace of Wand (reversed) this card fell out while shuffling and the Page of Cups (reversed) Now normally upright, the combination can mean a positive pregnancy tests.
Would both of them reverse mean a negative?
Or does the combination only work if they are both upright?
I have been fighting with my head and my hormones about kids. It could just mean that.

I've had several cards mention several illness . . .between summer and fall. I am curious about this, I really don't think that my cards are just referring to the flu. I'm also looking for a depression spread. . . maybe the cards can tell me what is causing it?

I got 3 of Wands under how my discord parts of my personality hurt my past. . . I'm confused on how being true to myself was hurting myself?

The thing is my deck (The Quest) deck has 80 cards. . . the extra cards are one in which I can make of my own, but I had miss placed the blank card. The other card is called Multiverse which talks about many choices or path ways. It tells the person to be specific in what they want out of the path, but be careful what you wish for. . . The reversed side means that you are overwhelmed by choices.

Because there were 79 cards in my deck I gave the last position in the reading called Higher You 2 cards. I got the Hanged Man I must be flexible and do what works for me
and 5 of Wands (Reversed) It talks about obsessive struggle with others.
Many of my other cards keep telling stop the solitude, but why go out there, if I am just going to struggle with others?
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