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Leleii  Leleii is offline
Join Date: 23 Aug 2003
Location: New Jersey, USA
Posts: 276

Thank you Kate for a beautiful deck. Everything about the
deck is perfect, the cards, the package its in and the book.
I own 50 decks and for me, the Golden is the most beautiful.
Whenever I use the deck and I shuffle the deck, I feel like
I am looking at beautiful paintings from the dark ages. It is
like I have my own private paintings of art. Your deck is special
it's like somebody hired famous artists and ask them to create
the tarot deck during medievil times.
There is always people who write negative reviews on everything.
Since they are not happy within they have to lash out.
Ignore the reviews, know where they are coming from and
know that you created a thing of beauty. Something to be proud
of. I still love reading with the deck and I do better with
RW clones than any other system. I learn on the rider waite
and I do the best with that type of cards.
Thank you, once again Kat
Bright Blessings and Stay in the Light.
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Join Date: 15 Jun 2003
Location: somewheres
Posts: 268

I just did a tarot reading with them today and it really has a special feel to it that I don't get with other decks.

Still am enjoying the cards...
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Join Date: 18 Jul 2002
Location: Brisbane Australia
Posts: 292

I'm picking my copy up from the bookshop this afternoon! I can't wait to have this deck in my hot little hands.
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skysilver  skysilver is offline
Join Date: 15 Jun 2003
Location: somewheres
Posts: 268

Have fun! .... They are much more beautiful up close. The website doesn't do them justice.
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Join Date: 18 Jul 2002
Location: Brisbane Australia
Posts: 292

I picked up my copy of the Golden Tarot yesterday. It is beautiful! So many little details to look at and explore. I love the gilt edges, they really add to the beauty of this deck. I like the little twists on a few of the cards (like the 5 of pents, where the beggars are inside the church). I know Iím going to really like this deck.

Kat, youíve done a superb job!!

Iíll be breaking it in on the weekend at the Time Out For Tarot meeting.

Edited to say : I forgot to mention the cardstock. It feels different to other decks. It feels very sturdy and not slippery. I havenít shuffled the deck yet, but I think it will shuffle quite well. The cards feel really good in my hands, and they are a good size too. Big enough for the detail, but still small enough to handle easily.
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retrokat  retrokat is offline
Join Date: 12 Aug 2002
Location: Western Australia
Posts: 570
Individual signed cards

Just a quick note to let you all know that I've broken up a new deck to sign for indivdual card sales. If you missed out on your favourite card last time and weren't keen on all the miserable swords cards that were left over, let me know what you're after and I'll list it on eBay.
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seaofclouds  seaofclouds is offline
Join Date: 06 Aug 2004
Location: ohio, usa
Posts: 54

I found this deck yesterday at the bookstore, after mulling over whether or not to buy it for weeks. Since it was sitting right in front of me, practically calling my name, I picked it up.

I opened the box a bit later at the coffeeshop, and I have to say, I just grinned from ear to ear while looking at each card. It's so beautiful and inspiring! I wasn't sure if I would like the collage deck, but it doesn't even look like collage art!

The box is awkward shaped for the tote I carry, so I will have to find a bag for the cards, but my friend suggested that I keep the box for other trinkets. I am the sort of person who has to carry all her favorite decks with her everywhere (can make for some large luggage)!

I haven't decided what my favorite card is. I really like the Death Card for some reason. Also like the Empress with all the bunnies. But only because the Empress is *my* card and I have house-bunnies...

Very impressive, indeed!
~Melissa Seaofclouds
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Little Baron  Little Baron is offline
Join Date: 18 Aug 2002
Location: UK
Posts: 9,963
Little Baron 

I saw this deck in a shop when I was in the North of England a month or two ago. It is beautiful, but at the time, didn't have enough cash to buy it. Just want to add to the long list of people that have supported and praised it. It is by far the most gorgeous of Rider Waite clones I have seen. Hopefully, one day, I will own a copy. Congratulations on your sucess. I am so glad that you were persuaded to publish it as I can see that it is a valuable deck more many readers.

Best wishes

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yupkigirl  yupkigirl is offline
Join Date: 18 Sep 2004
Location: East of the Sun, West of the Moon
Posts: 53

Finally, my copy of the Golden Tarot arrived yesterday from Amazon! It was a surprise birthday gift for me from my brother, and when the first shipment from Amazon got *lost* somewhere, they were nice enough to send in a replacement. It took a while for the cards to arrive, and I was biting my nails fearing that the 2nd shipment might get lost also (and probably resign myself that the cards were not for me).

Anyways, the cards are just so gorgeous! I didn't expect them to be *that* gorgeous! The gilt edging is just perfect, and I am so afraid to shuffle them. I have not yet sat down and studied the cards, but am loving what I have seen so far. I love art and history, and this deck provides me with both. Makes me want to go to Europe and look at the paintings Kat Black derived the images from.

To Kat Black, include me in your long list of admirers! Thank for such a beautiful work. I know the cards will be great to read with!
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Join Date: 12 Aug 2004
Location: New York, USA
Posts: 26
lovely RWS rendition

Dear Kat and everybody

I deeply admire and enjoy this deck.

I think Lady Pamela's card designs are quite magickal and have a mysterious power. What I like about the Golden so much is that in a funny way, I see it as the deck that the original RWS "pretends" to be.

The original RWS has a medieval-ish quality, despite the fact that it was made in 1909. It's sort of storybook-retro. The Golden, on the other hand, is a reconstruction of the RWS out of actual medieval art. I find that quite apt and haunting.

Last night I did a spread with the Golden and then as an experiment I laid out the same Universal RWS cards over top of it. I had to go back to the Golden. They were so much richer.

I still think of Lady Pamela's designs and meanings no matter what deck I'm using. I think the Golden is the nicest rendition of those designs I've ever seen.

best to everybody
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