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Lover's Path Tarot

I just got the Lover's Path Tarot the other day, and I love it! The artwork is beautiful, and I have really enjoyed getting to know the stories of famous Lovers. I have only done one reading with it so far. Does anyone else use this deck regularly? What are your experiences with it? Do you use it for questions only pertaining to love and/or relationships, or do you also use it for other questions?
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I think I let my instincts guide me when I select a deck to read with - I try not to think about it consciously. I've just been looking back at my Tarot journal and see that the Lover's Path readings have always been relational. But its relationship in the very broadest sense, not only between people and within a person, but between the querent and his or her ideals, plans and projects.
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I just bought this deck a few days ago. It is beautiful - the artwork is amazing. I too love getting to know the past lovers in this deck.

Looking at the peolple, objects and symbols you see they are not too different than other decks in what they reveal they are just portrayed more romantically.

I am going to share an interesting reading I had with this deck in a new thread because I would like others' insight to what I am seeing and what they see. I hope you add your input.
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Hi there. So glad you are enjoying this deck. I'm afraid I got it quite awhile ago and have just not clicked with it at all. In fact I've never actually used it or tried to read with it. I've tried many times to trade it away with no luck. It's a shame because I thought I'd love it. Enjoy yours though.
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