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Originally Posted by greatdane View Post
I was looking for a contact and I must be missing it. Obviously, I wouldn't take the liberty of contacting a publisher and saying HEY look at this!, without the support or at least ok of Mr. Wells. But I would buy this deck and I believe in trying to get what you want. If enough readers or collectors want it, a publisher will be found or we could support Mr. Wells in making this a reality, right?
An email address can be found at the bottom of the Terms of Service page for the website.

Originally Posted by greatdane View Post
I just noticed this today, but wondering if it's not at least in the works of wanting it to happen, why it would be in decks? This can't just be an online deck that is supposed to just stay an online deck, right? Somehow it got onto the DECK SECTION. I also like the black borders for a change.
There are lots of unpublished decks featured on the decks section of Aeclectic - - so that doesn't mean a whole lot.

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Thanks Rodney!

I have seen a lot of unpublished decks there, but I was hoping that meant they were at least interested in being published. Here's hoping David Wells would like this deck published because I want it! :-)) Thanks for pointing out his contact info too. Nice to see I'm not the only one interested in having it, as the more who want it and are vocal about it, the more chances of it being in our hands.
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I would love to have this deck too!!
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Having trouble reaching the designer through the site. I would so love to see this available in the not too distant future. Surely there are enough ATers would who buy it that it would be worthwhile for it to be published.
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Dee Ell 

I love the muted yellow of the skies -- I can't stand the garish colors of the original RWS even though I like the drawings... it's why I don't have one even though I want a more "traditional" deck.

(It sort of reminds me of the QWERTY keyboard phenomenon -- if the technology limited what was possible back then (e.g. color choices in printing) does that mean that we have to keep using it when technological advances have enabled better options? Yet we stick with the "original" as if the artist/creator wouldn't have embraced advancements to improve their work?? (In case you don't know what I'm referring to, the almost-universally used "qwerty" keyboard on computers is actually LESS efficient for typing and was developed that way to slow typists down so that typewriter keys wouldn't jam! And yet it was simply transferred over to computers after they were developed, despite them not having that mechanical issue...))

I would *definitely* back this as a kickstarter if that helped get it published...
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Originally Posted by SweetIsTheTruth View Post
I have no idea, but I can easily see it supplanting decks like the Universal Waite, for those not into the original RWS imagery.
But it is *exactly* RWS imagery! And not just imagery, but artwork, too.
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I'd buy it too! The black borders are great, and the color tone is attractive.

I enjoy alternative colorings of the RWS because I don't care for the standard box yellow, but I prefer Pamela's original line drawings over, say, the softness of the Universal Waite. I'm a big fan of the PCS Commemorative, and I have a mini Albano Waite that I like also. This deck would be another nice option to have in my collection.
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Agreed with all of you! Is there a way to find out if he's a member so he can be pmed? Maybe Solandia or Sulis can pm for us and he can check out the thread?
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Sooooo, what happened with this???
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I love it too.... but...

....but where's Pixie's signature?
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