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Sacred Feminine - I The Magician

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Sacred Feminine - I The Magician

The Magician
Eurynome and Ophion unite.

Context - Eurinome and Ophion

In Greek mythology, the creation of the universe and establishment of the gods is rife with chaos and war. Many people popularly recall that Zeus overthrew his father Cronus in order to become King of the gods and ruler of Mt. Olympus. But an older tradition of surviving fragmented Greek poetry, the Orphics, speaks of the beings who were overthrown by Cronus and his wife Rhea. These two were the eldest rulers of Olympus: the titans Eurynome and her husband Ophion.

Robert Graves constructed a Pelasgian creation myth that places Eurynome as the Goddess of All Things and creatrix of the world, and it's from this myth that the image springs. Ophion (the word 'ophis' means snake) appears as a serpent who was born from Eurynome after she separated sea and sky to dance upon the waves. Ophion wrapped himself around her, and from their union came the Cosmic Egg. When the Egg hatched, the world was born.

Although the Fool card is listed at the beginning of the Major Arcana in the LWB, the interpretations of the Magician indicate that this card is the true start of the journey, which is why the oldest Greek rulers headed by the goddess were chosen to represent it. Eurynome stands in the pose of the RWS Magician, with her first creation entwined about her in love and union. Through her are all things created and from her the divine energy springs that life may continue.

Unlike the RWS Magician, Eurynome is not the vessel of power; she is the power, and from the union of their dynamic, life will continue. She is both Source and Nurturer. The card thus signifies that all things are in balance at her whim that great work may commence with her blessing.
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