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Tarot of the Origins - Ace of Jewels

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Tarot of the Origins - Ace of Jewels

[Ace of Coins]: Etching of Jewels

The Etching cards represent the fundamental basics of their suits, a human mimicry of a natural element. It is artifice, yet to understand something deeply, we must mimic it, imitate it, reproduce it. However, where rock is the medium of other cards, the Jewels use human flesh for a canvas.

"The pain I felt as the holy person carved the lines into my flesh was worth it. I am the chief woman of my group, and I have been blessed by the spirits. Now I am doubly blessed, for the lines in my flesh represent the tracks of energy from the spirit world made manifest. Earth Mother's power flows and twists over me, marking me as one of hers. I am made more precious and unique for my markings.

The materials that we take from the Earth Mother's body for ourselves are natural, raw, unworked and unadorned. Such is the human body when we emerge from the wombs of our own mothers that must be shaped, worked, moulded into something wonderful: an accomplishment and legacy worth of our family for the people around us.

I asked to leave my breast bare, that you might see both the natural beauty and the spiritual beauty of the Mother in my flesh. Like the gold I wear in my hair, I am a product of the Earth, her child, and my body celebrates her dynamic. Jewels are more than wealth; they are art and they are beauty, and so I must be a beautiful, shining example to my group."
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