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5 of pentacles recurring- love reading

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Originally Posted by jenster View Post
I have had this card on my mind a lot in the past year. And I must confirm it has come up consistently for me to depict a person who is too absorbed by his real-life practical worries to be able to open up to anything else.

However looking back the situations involved were different to one another.

I have had it come up for a crash resulting from drug use. "Crash" not as a car accident but crash as the comedown from a drug-induced high.

I have had it come up for someone struggling with sobriety. Not failing at sobriety, just struggling, fighting not to relapse.

I have had it come up for financial worries, big ones.

Also, and I think this is more relevant, I have had it come up as someone who experiences helplessness not because of actual circumstances but because she or he has felt that way either all his life or for a very long period of time.
In other words it's someone who has felt helpless because of real reasons for so long that even when those reasons no longer exist the feeling remains. Does this make sense?

All these scenarios too make sense when you look at the image in the Raider Waite. It's not that there is nowhere they can go it's that they are too absorbed in their helplessness to even see it.

It's not the self-absorption of the four of cups, these are legitimate reasons to not see the better possibility, but just as the four of cups it can be a temporary psychological state.
As no substance abuse is relevant to any of us, the financial hardship is the most likely interpretation. He does know that I have financial worries; a bit sad if they way he sees me is reduced down to this! :-) Thank you for your help!
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Altamira  Altamira is offline
Join Date: 27 Dec 2016
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Originally Posted by More View Post
Pentacles are much more work related than feeling. May be he sees you as a potential problem in his work - if he starts an affair with you he might get in some kind of trouble- with an over possessive boss, or with a lot of pressure from the youngest co-workers or he may miss being promoted at your position. Or just feels uncomfortable having gf at work. The World fits here saying that things will move when one of you moves to a different position.
Thank you very much!Yes! We relate mostly through work. I am of much help regarding his work but then I see how he can consider a problem starting anything more intimate in the work environment. He is one of the few, like me, who have never become part of any gossip in this respect. Possibly it is very important for him to keep this area clear!
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Originally Posted by Altamira View Post
Hello and thank you! I am sorry for the late reply. It makes perfect sense. I can imagine this being true: him noticing that I try to manage to much on my own and taking so much responsibility without support from the higher ups. He also knows that I keep some independence in relation to them. At the same time, it has been me also that have noticed this about him. I wonder if there is any sense of mirroring in that card too. Thank you for sharing how the card relates to you: Perserverance can also describe my situation too at times.
You're very welcome and I'm glad my long winded post was able to resonate with you to some extent- and yes, I have to say I could see the mirroring possibility as well- or maybe a sense of he's not alone in his own personal situation of being in the struggle with higher ups and all of that hardship/"us against them" comes to mind, maybe a bittersweet feeling of knowing someone else is going thru it and almost in a silent solidarity comradely way. And I most definitely relate and sympathize with the Perseverance in those kinda situations!

Sorry for my late reply and hope it's made some better sense for you by now!
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Originally Posted by jenster View Post
Could you elaborate on the five of pentacles standing for marriage? I have never heard/read that interpretation before.
Originally Posted by Curious1 View Post
Let's face it, the 5 of pence doesn't have a warm and fuzzy feeling to it. If there is a relationship indicated, then I think it is more of a misery loves company rather than a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship. Since the card keeps appearing, I think there is meaning in it for you outside of the question you are asking, and, I think it is indicating that you are looking in the wrong place for what you need.

I too, am curious. If it is "a card of marriage" then I would think it would be outside what would be considered a socially acceptable marriage. For example, a gay marriage, a marriage between a mistress and her newly divorced lover, a boss and their subordinate or an extreme age difference, think Anna Nicole Smith, etc.

I mainly use RWS. I always buy the deck with the book, so if you have the book Waite wrote, "The card foretells material trouble above all, whether in the form illustrated—that is, destitution—or otherwise. For some cartomancists, it is a card of love and lovers—wife, husband, friend, mistress; also concordance, affinities. These alternatives cannot be harmonized. R: Disorder, chaos, ruin, discord, profligacy"

I could also see from a marseille style reading that a 5 of Earth could relate to marriage. It's the hierophant and its realm is in the physical.
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velvet moon 

I pulled this card often for someones feelings (and there was indeed feelings) I finally figured out that he saw her as being both unavailable yet thought she was unhappy in her relationship. Dunno if that helps.
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