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Learning From the Books

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Join Date: 23 Nov 2002
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Cool Learning From the Books

How many tarot books do you all own. I am looking through tarot books right now. It made me think on how many books on tarot. That you people own or bought while you were learning the tarot.
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Join Date: 03 Apr 2002
Location: Texas
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The books I have..I Dont need anymoer i dont think LOL

Tarot Companion
The tarot Handbook
Tarot for the New Generation
Heart of Tarot
Tarot Reversals
tarot and the Tree of Life
Power Tarot
Complete book of tarot spreads
How to use tarot Spreads
A Magical Course in tarot
tarot for Relationships
Tarot Shadow Work
Tarot for the Healing heart
I think that is it!
Not to mention..the books that comes with the various decks.
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Join Date: 02 Sep 2002
Location: By the Sea, USA
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Sea Sprite 

Hi Wicca812,

I've read : Tarot for a New Generation by Janina Renee; Nancy Shavick's Tarot Universe; Tarot for beginners by Joan Bunning and I can tell you as a complete beginner at Tarot, the books just stunt me . Now I've put away the books and trying to learn again.

Sea Sprite
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truthsayer  truthsayer is offline
Join Date: 08 Aug 2001
Location: where mists and dreams meet
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let me try to remember here...
tarot for the healing heart
tarot shadow work
tarot for all seasons
learn the tarot
tarot for self discovery
tarot for yourself
tarot constellations
tarot mirrors
tarot for dummies
tarot mirrors
tarot companion
tarot encyclopedia vol. 3
the arthurian tarot course
new age tarot
tarot revelations
tarot handbook
jung and the tarot
merryday tarot
heart of the tarot
tarot spells
a magical course in tarot
tarot celebrations
78 degrees of wisdom
the complete illustrated guide to tarot
following your path
tarot and the journey of the hero
the book of thoth
thoth book by hajo banzhaf
tarot of the spirit
tarot in 10 minutes
tarot workbook
choice centered tarot
tarot: handbook for the apprentice
then there's the book and deck sets which i don't want to count tonight. i included books that i bought seperately from the decks.
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Phoenix's Avatar
Phoenix  Phoenix is offline
Join Date: 28 Jan 2002
Location: North Bay, Ontario
Posts: 1,905

I have:

Tarot for a New Generation
Tarot Spells
Tarot: Your Everyday Guide
Tarot Reversals
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tarot and Fortunetelling
Tarot Shadow Work
Tarot for all Seasons
Tarot For Self-Discovery

I think that's it.
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Sulis  Sulis is offline
believer in magic
Join Date: 03 Feb 2002
Location: UK
Posts: 23,197

I have:

78 degrees of wisdom - Rachel Pollack
Tarot for self discovery - Mary Greer
Tarot - Your everyday guide - Janina Renee
Learn Tarot - Joan Bunning
Tarot spells - Janina Renee
The truth about tarot - Gerald Suster

the books just stunt me . Now I've put away the books and trying to learn again.
I have to agree with Sea Sprite here, I`m giving the books a rest and am trying to be as intuitive as possible now.

Love and light

Crystalmynx xx
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Trogon  Trogon is offline
Join Date: 27 Aug 2002
Location: Arizona, USA
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Wow... do I feel like the poor deprived stepchild... I only own three Tarot books... boo hoo... I have;

"A complete Guide to the Tarot" by Eden Gray

"The Mystical Tarot" by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

"Seventy-eight Degrees of Wisdom" by Rachel Pollack

I'm hoping that Santa Clause will bring me "Tarot Reversals" this Christmas...
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Join Date: 29 Aug 2001
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
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OK, the books I have are:

Tarot Spells - Janina Renee
Mastering the Tarot - Eden Gray
How to Use Tarot Spreads - Sylvia Abraham
78 Degrees of Wisdom - Rachel Pollack
Tarot in Ten Minutes - R. T. Kaser
The Heart of the Tarot - Thomson, Mueller, Echols (this is a book about a 2 card layout, there's a different book with a very similar title)

I don't think I "need" any more books, but wanting more is a different matter entirely! LOL Lately, though, I've been referring more to my personal notebook instead of the books.
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ihcoyc  ihcoyc is offline
Join Date: 07 Sep 2002
Location: So. Indiana
Posts: 884

Tarot books I have are:

Crowley: The Book of Thoth
--- Perhaps the best of the older occult classics

Huson: The Devil's Picturebook
--- Implausible paganizing fluff

Butler: Dictionary of the Tarot
--- Collects meanings from many sources, and describes the older traditional and esoteric decks. Flawed but useful.

Reed: The Witches' Tarot
--- A deck book acquired w/o the deck

Knight: The Magical World of the Tarot and The Treasure House of Images
--- Two of my favourites. Strongly based in magickal techniques and visualisation. Magical World is the book I would recommend to beginners.

Kaplan: Tarot Classic
--- Has a nice discussion of Tarot history. An average keyword collection, useful for those who use Marseilles styles.

Pollack: 78 Degrees of Wisdom
--- The best reference I've seen about the Rider Waite Smith style decks; if you use one you should get this.

Louis: Tarot Plain and Simple
--- A Roget's Thesaurus of keywords. Could use more actual text.

Anonymous (Valentin Tomberg): Meditations on the Tarot
--- Meandering meditations, from a Roman Catholic, western-mysteries perspective on the Tarot of Marseilles.

Decker/DePaulis/Dummett: A Wicked Pack of Cards
--- A helpful antidote to some of the stuff you find in the other books.
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Join Date: 09 Oct 2002
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A Complete Guide to The Tarot - Eden Gray - Too pat and basic
78 Degrees of Wisdom - Rachel Pollack - Excellent
Choice Centered Tarot - Gail Fairfield - Different yet good
Tarot Reversals - Mary Greer - Excellent
The Forest of Souls - Rachel Pollack - Confusing
Tarot and the Tree Of Life - Isabel Kliegman - Confusing

I'm not sure what I think of the last two books. I think I need to read them both again. Either the Forest of Souls is to "out there" or I'm not ready for it. Tarot and the Tree of Life didn't really explain Kabala to me the way I wanted it to. I also didn't care for her writing style; but that's me.

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