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Confused over Court.

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It may help to understand his thinking, and he decided his court qabbalistically.

Its just a never ending cycle (well actually 4, but they go forever). The prince kills the knight, marries the queen, has a prince and princess, the prince kills the knight, marries the queen, has a prince and princess, the princekills the knight, marries the queen, has a prince and princess, the prince. And so on
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Originally Posted by ravenest
Dig your new Icon pic Edge! You can just see the evil oozing out of the eye slits

Once someone asked me what does AC actually look like. I sent them that pic.
Mauhahaha!! I think it fits very well with a Thoth theme.
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Originally Posted by ravenest
From this perspective, isnt it time we got rid of the King and gave the Queen a go.
Rant time....

Isn't that just the same debate that caused all that mess in Babylon... what comes first; creative initiative or creative potential. Man or Woman... Air or Earth... Water or Fire... Malkut or Keter... Is Aleph the Air-Keter or was Aleph actually the earth-Malkut from the beginning (it means ox! the perfect symbol of the earth and the feminine). Did the sun worshipping farmers switch it around to piss-off the moon worshipping nomads? Who do we worship? the sun or the moon... or the air or the earth? Moon goddess or sun Father? Is it the Taurus or the Leo? The winged bull or The winged Lion?

Gods spirit hovered above the deep....

In the deep lay Tiamat...

Is the order of creation:Air-(SunFire-MoonWater)-Earth or Earth-(MoonWater-SunFire)-Air. Did the world spring from creative initiative or from creative potential. Is God male or female?

Did it all start with the seed of life or with a womb where life sprang from?

Here's a 'novel' idea (old as creation actually):
How about we realize (once again) that only in their perfect equality is any of them meaningful?

Creative initiative without creative potential is eternally futile.
Creative potential without creative initiative is eternally barren.

Life can only spring from their union. Divine marriage... 1 and 1 are 1.

By sanctifying the Queen over the King again aren't we just reverting x000 years again and saying the nomads were right (potential first) and the farmers were wrong (initiative first)?

Aren't we just switching Aleph around again?

God didn't confuse the languages in Babylon... Languages confused God all by themselves: What comes first? Is Aleph the earth or is Aleph the air?

How do we write our Aleph-Beth... one of them must come first.

How about we drop the numbering of the courts and sanctify them both?

How about we clean up the mess they made in Babylon and not just continue to make the same mistake and put numbers on creation... for it is a human number... ?
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Well, I dont see it that way at all. Its not about who comes first its about giving the oppressed a fair go at running things.

When Aden Ridgeway runns for Prime Minister of Australia, I'll vote for him, Liberal or not, BECAUSE he is a Koori (Australian Indigenous) Parlimentary member).

Who cares who came first (here it WAS the Kooris), all I can observe is that whoever has been in charge around here for a long time (planet earth) has really stuffed it up and lets give others aside from the old ruling classes a go (it cant get any worse!)
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