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Please leave a tarot card behind before the purple curtain falls

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The Happy Squirrel  The Happy Squirrel is offline
Join Date: 25 Jun 2014
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The Happy Squirrel 

Eight of Cups. We are Strong. And We are moving on.
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yirabeth  yirabeth is offline
Join Date: 13 Nov 2009
Location: Michigan USA
Posts: 34,312

I leave behind The Fool.

Onward we go! To explore, to learn new things, to grow. Always trying to keep the joy, the innocence along with the knowledge. For as much as it hurts as old things pass, new things come to bring their wisdom, their joy, their life to us. I wish that none of us ever stop striving forward to reach that.
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nisaba  nisaba is offline
Join Date: 02 Jan 2009
Location: Proudly Australian
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The Star. As one journey ends, another beckons us forward hopefully.

I remind myself of Terry Pratchett: he once said something like:

Originally Posted by Ptery
Her eyes were like stars, that is, like enormous balls of exploding hydrogen a long, long way away.
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magpie9  magpie9 is offline
Join Date: 07 Nov 2002
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I leave the 10 of Pentacles from the Morgan-Greer well as the 10 of cups from the same deck.
It's endings, moving forward into a future we trust will be good.
It's the warmth, love, support and security of family and close friends. This place has been an amazing emotional journey for much more that "just" Tarot. Though the Tarot part of the journey was amazing, too.

I cannot possibly thank you enough for all you have taught me, given me shown me. I will never forget all of you, and this place. I hope with all my heart that the spirit and wisdom of ATF will go forward with us into a new home. Kate and the Mods made the site, but we, all of us, each of us, made the heart and spirit of it. Everyone contributed, everyone received. We can do it again.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((ATF'ers))))))))))))) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))

wow. 15 years goes by fast when you're not looking
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Fortuna's Avatar
Fortuna  Fortuna is offline
Join Date: 10 Dec 2012
Location: US
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Strength card - Even with changes, we learn we are each strong enough
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GotH's Avatar
GotH  GotH is offline
Join Date: 10 Jun 2012
Location: incognitio
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In memory of this site, I leave the Sun. I learned so much from this community and always felt understood by someone. When I first joined I was in a dark place but this forum was very therapeutic to me. The warmth I received gave me something good to look forward to every morning. This place always glowed with great things.. I leave here feeling bright and happy for the gift of light AT brought to me.

Yes, this site will close soon but the Sun will rise again..
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skywatching's Avatar
skywatching  skywatching is offline
Join Date: 29 Apr 2011
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Queen of Swords

I'm leaving this card as I resonate most with her and it's because of her that I got into Tarot. She is not as cold hearted, scary or mean as she is sometimes portrayed, I saw the following written about her somewhere and copied it down in my journal because I think it describes her perfectly.

The Queen of Swords is symbolic of the rose, seductive and potentially dangerous, capable of cutting the skin and making it bleed, yet the soft velvety petals can blossom into the most beautiful arrangement and captivate your heart. She is wistful and reflective, serious yet sensuous, yet always alert. She is capable of being the Goddess or the crucifier.
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Flaxen's Avatar
Flaxen  Flaxen is offline
Join Date: 03 Jan 2010
Location: UK
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I will leave behind the Hierophant. This site and its members have been like a wise, old teacher. So much knowledge has been freely shared and it will be an awesome library of our collective sacred teachings.
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Mab's Avatar
Mab  Mab is offline
Join Date: 28 Oct 2014
Location: The sticks, United Kingdom
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I will leave behind the Ancestor from the Greenwood Tarot. For all of those here and those before us, walking their paths between the worlds and sharing their dreams and visions.
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Nytebugg  Nytebugg is offline
Join Date: 01 Jun 2009
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I leave behind the Tower. I hadn't known that the forum was closing until someone sent me a PM tonight about it. I was shocked but sometimes things come to an end and you have to build again.
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