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Phantasmagoric Fave and Least Fave Cards

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Join Date: 18 Aug 2002
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Little Baron 
Yaboot pops by before hitching a lift back to London

Hi everyone

When I have had a few minutes, I have been popping by and having a look at your contributions.

Just wanted to take a moment to welcome Becky and Ruby7 to the group.

You'll both love it here, I am sure; the group are building up such a wealth of knowlege around this deck that I don't think exists anywhere else on the internet. It is suck a great tarot deck so it is so beneficial for its readers.

Anyway, I will be off again today. I will try and post some thoughts on previous draws I have not contributed to when I can. Thanks to those that have been keeping them going while I have been absent - much appreciated.

Glad that we are still making so much progress with the Phantasmagoric.


*Some dreams come true*
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Little Baron  Little Baron is offline
Join Date: 18 Aug 2002
Location: UK
Posts: 9,963
Little Baron 

Was looking through my deck (again) this evening and so many cards I had not warmed to, I now felt and understanding and sensitivity to now that we have studied them and know them better. Does anybody else feel this way?

With this in mind, I wondered if out favourite and least favourites have changed -

I seemed to have overlooked the 3 of Swords before but I find this one very emotional. I understand the central figure and I just love the compassion of the two cats. They look like they are going to break down and cry on his behalf.

I didn't get Lucy on the Five of wands until that was drawn today. It seems like cards seem brighter and come alive once we have studied them and know the characters names.

Still not nuts on Twister. It's those eyes, the open mouth and the thin mustache. I can't see myself ever warming to him.

I love Latex and also the artist in the four of coins; she looks so content. Still adore Felix and Tom Tom.

Any changes with you guys?

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I'm also wondering what the favorite and least favorite cards are of those relatively new to the deck, and whether those of us who have had it longer have developed attachments to more of them. I know I have:-)
I was just going through the deck and came up with a little stack. Besides still liking the Chariot and Mr. Moon, I've grown very fond of the Fool and his little dog. Among the minors, I heavily favor the Water Cup Desert and love the 3, 6, 8, 9,10 and Queen of Cups. I've also gotten to really like the 8 of Swords and the 7 of Wands.
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Considering I just bought this deck a few days ago, I just went through the cards to see if I could give an honest answer to this question. Honestly, I am not sure if I can do that yet. Granted, there were a few cards which disturbed me at first glance, but I think it was predjudiced by my "normal" interpretation of the cards. I find the deck as a whole to have a certain charm surrounding them.

I guess the image which initially bothers me the most is the gas mask. The cards containing that image give me a cause to pause.

As I study this deck closer, I am sure I can then pipe in more intelligently with my selections.

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