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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step ONE

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21 Way Step 1 Medieval Cat Tarot King of Cups

Picked 3 cards flipped them over and chose the King of Cups.

The Cards depicts a cat dressed in regal clothing sitting on what looks like a plinth rather than a throne. He holds in his hands a chalice filled with water. Behind him is a water wheel which shows watere cascading over it and into what appears to be a stream behind the plinth on the floor. 3 puddles of water surround the plinth.

This is the King of Cups from the Medieval Cat Tarot.

Sorry for the late joining.
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21 steps

Step One: The art of Tarot The Devil

We see a women dressed in a vibrant red dress and interestingly she has a choker on. On her left shoulder we see a devil and on her right an angel.
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XII. The Hanging Cat
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21 Ways Step 1--Manga 4 Wands

4 Wands, Manga Tarot (LS)

Better late than never, as they say! I will try to catch up!

Step 1:1 I've chosen 4 Wands from the Lo Scarabeo Manga Tarot.

Step 2:1.1

A pretty young woman with long, straight red hair is turning her head to face the viewer. (Her body is turned to the right.) She's wearing a cream-pale yellow kimono with a red obi and pink and red lotuses with green leaves and brown twisting stems on the skirt and long sleeves. The sleeves have pennant-like attachments that make them reach all the way to the floor like the skirt. The skirt is swirling like she's turning or dancing. She holds some of the skirt in her hand. She also has on a crown garland of pink flowers on her head.

She is smiling and her eyes are open wide.

She is surrounded by 4 bamboo poles. The two in the front are shorter than the two in the back. The tops of the poles are cut at an angle.

From the left and right borders of the picture appear 3 hands (each). It appears they are throwing something. The air is full of pink flower petals that are drawn like tiny hearts. The background is also a pale pink.

In the upper left, partially obscured by the left rear pole is the Japanese word for "autumn" in red surrounded by a yellow circle.
Attached Images
File Type: pdf Manga 4 Wands.pdf (190.6 KB, 352 views)
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21 Ways - Step One

Step One: Ten of Cups - Gilded Tarot

In the scene, a older woman and a younger woman sit on a bench in front of a homely house. The older woman, probably the mother, sits on the bench facing the daughter, knitting, needling, whatever she is doing, while the younger woman, probably the daughter, sits there holding the yarn for her mother. The mother wears deep fushia colours, while the daughter wears a silvery dress.A tabby cat raises up on its hindfeet , probably trying to get the errant strand of yarn dangling from the mother's grasp. Ten elaborately decorated cups halo the family setting, with a rainbow going from the first (the foremost cup to the right) to the last in the background (which is to the left). Four bees buzz around the cups, in the clear blue sky with puffy little clouds. The ground is green and vibrant and lushious, and there are frees in the background as well, healthy and clean.

This is the Ten of Cups from the Gilded Tarot.
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Step One

Step One: The Golden Tarot, Ace of Coins

An angel holds a giant gold coin in her left hand. To the left of her feet, lillies grow, and to the right, a lion is laying down. Behind her, there are bushes and a very camoflauged (spelling...) peacock, and a rock wall with an opening that looks out to a tree, and a hill in the distance with perhaps a city atop it.
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21 Ways - Step One

Step One
Golden Tarot - Eight of Swords

A nun is standing in a glacial looking mountainous area, blindfolded and loosely bound with a rope. She has a red coat on and is standing near a small stream. There are three swords stuck in the ground in front of her and five stuck in the rock behind her. There is a small stand of evergreen trees.
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For tarot4fun, MissLainie, and Rin

For tarot4fun, MissLainie, and Rin . . . Welcome to our study group. We are making great progress as a group. But, don't be bashful about starting at this point, there is plenty of time to A) catch up gradually or B) progress at your own pace even though you might no fully catch up with the first group. I'll be monitoring all posts no matter what Step of the book you are at.

If there are questions, just PM me. If the groups follows through and wants to start over with the "Adept" level exercises, then we may continue this study group for quite a few months longer. I hope we can do that as a group. Dave
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cool more people !! plenty of room on the tarot bus I think we dropped a few so the more the merrier
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Tarot of Prague - Knight of Coins

The color blue and the almost-pointillistic textures on the horse and knight's armor led me to pick this card from the three drawn. A knight in blue armor sits astride a his standing steed, a wolfhound (? - but that's what I choose to make it) sitting at the horse's feet. They are in a bricked square, with a tan-bricked, gray-roofed cathedral to the rear. The knight looks outward (to the right, the direction all are facing), and holds a single golden coin in his left hand; his right hand holds the horse's reins. The coin is engraved with a twelve-rayed sun with a face in the center.

I like the way the cathedral spires have an upwardly vertical orientation, pointing to the overcast sky. In contrast, the wolfhound is a bit bowed down, his nose pointing to the ground. And I come full circle, still lingering on the fascinating blue, lavender, and white textures of the horse and armor.

My card is the Knight of Coins from the Tarot of Prague.

Joining this group late, but wanted to do some disciplined study, which I've tended to avoid recently, and I think it's affected my growth in tarot knowledge and understanding. I'm looking forward to the full series of 42 steps. Thanks, Dadsnook, for starting this study group.
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21 Ways - Step One

Gilded Tarot - Eight of Pentacles.

A man is sat at a slanted desk under an elaborate arch. He is holding one of the pentacles the rest are in the air.

(Is this enough for the first step?)
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