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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step TWO

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Hello to all who join this participation in exploring Mary Greer's book, "21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card." Catch up as you can, at your own pace. Many of us will be following all of the 21 steps that we all are taking. Feel free to ask questions or to PM me if there is anything I can do to assist you.

Those of us who have moved on to further steps assure you that they steps become more interesting and will involve you in more thinking about how you use your cards. Again, welcome. Dave
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Step Two: Golden Tarot, Ace of Coins

I am an angel with butterfly-looking wings. Leaning against a rock wall, I hold a large golden coin in my left hand. To my right, a stem of lillies bloom, and to my right, a small lion rests. Behind me, flowering bushes (wild roses, perhaps?) and a peacock with his feathers resting on the ground. Behind the bushes and the bird, another rock wall, with an opening, a tree, and a hill, which looks as though a city lies there.
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Step Two
Tarot of Prague: Knight of Coins

I sit astride a spotted blue, white, and lavender horse. We stand in a large stone-floored courtyard with a tan cathedral in the background. My steed is quiet though ready to move; I hold his golden reins. In my left hand is a large golden coin, with a twelve-rayed sun engraved on it; the sun has a face with a benign expression on it.

At my feet is my gray wolfhound, sitting as quietly as my steed. His bushy tail tends upward, but his nose is down, pointing to the courtyard brickwork.

I am fully armored, in my heavy blue armor, although I've removed my gauntlets. My helmet's visor is up, so I have a clear view of the courtyard and the cathedral in the background. I sit erect in my brown leather saddle with the high back that keeps me seated in comfort.

The cathedral has open archways at ground level; a red-orange tapestry hangs above two of them. The lower levels of the cathedral are newly faced with smooth sand-colored stone. Warmly-lit windows are a feature of this section of the building. Above rise the upper stories with their older, rough stone facing. At the top are the two stone spires, each with a high, arched window. The spires are roofed with gray slate and have multiple sharply-pointed outworks. Several balconies, each with its own tiny spire, rise from the main spires. Between the spires is a pyramid-shaped outwork, with a cross topping it and a golden disk just below the cross. It too has multiple spires rising from it, like candles made of metal. This is the most complex and densely-textured feature of the entire building, dark and somewhat forbidding.

I think my minutes have run out...
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21 Ways to read the tarot - Part Two

Eight of Pentacles - Gilded Tarot

I am sat at a desk which is at an angle perched on a wooden chair. I am wearing blue, red and purple.

I have a pentacle in my hand which I am studying There is a mouse perched at the edge of my desk watching me.

On my left there is an elaborate archway which has two spiders webs attached to it with a spider on one of the webs. At the top of the arch there is another mouse looking down. There are seven other pentacles beside the arch in the air. Beyond the arch there is water. The sun is setting in the distance and the sky has a lot of purples and pinks in it.

To the right of my desk there are three lighted candles on candlesticks .
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21 Ways - Step Two

Golden Tarot - Eight of Swords

I enlarged the card so I can see it better.

A nun stands in a mountainous area that seems to be all stone- hard, angular, sharp and steep; far in the background there are soft snow covered peeks. The sky looks like a storm has just passed or maybe the sun has fully risen. The nun is standing on a foot path which looks like a pass through this treacherous, rocky area. A small stream meanders near the path and along the edge of a precipice. The trees behind her look like juniper and protect that part of the path from the edge. The swords behind her and in front of her tend to act as ‘guard rails’ for the path at this dicey point. She is standing very close to the edge and could slip or be cut by the swords if she moves to the left instead of ahead to the right.

Blindfolded, I can’t see a thing, but I can feel a crispness in the air and pull my coat closed to my chest. Ropes hang loose around my arms. I can hear a stream gurgling nearby and smell juniper. Stillness all around.
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21 Ways - Step Two

Step Two: International Icon Tarot, 5 of Wands

I am walking along minding my own business when I happen upon a group of people involved in a very heated argument. Each person is a different color (I am black), representing their different viewpoints, and each is a different color than me! I am in the Land of the Wands, so the argument is taking place in Wand language - it shows as each person has their own Wand that they are using to strike out at the the other people - making their points and reacting with their own counterpoints.

The discussion is something that I feel strongly about as well, and cannot help but add my own Wand "argument" to the "discussion".
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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step TWO

IV Arthur from the Arthurian Tarot (Hallowquest)

I'm standing in landscape that is dominated by mountains - just the faintest bit of green can be seen on their sides and on the ground, there is still some snow left. In the far distance, the mountains rise to icy peaks.

On a roughly hewn stone throne a man is seated. The look on his face is stern yet gentle as he looks out into the far. A sword rests on his knees, he is holding the hilt with is left hand and very softly touches the blade near the tip with the fingertips of his right hand.
I try to judge his age, but I can't - his hair is a soft faded brown, there could be streaks of grey in it, but it could also be just a trick of the light.
A purple cloak is around his shoulders and partly draped over the throne, so I can't really make out what is carved onto it. It looks like faint tree shapes, a crescent moon, and maybe a rune.
He is wearing a golden circlet.

Behind him. I can see a bright yellow and red standard with many flame-like strips floating from it, much like a chinese dragon. Side by side with the standard, there is a pike pointing up into into the sky. The sky is intensely blue and I'm wondering about it, because the air is still crisp. Yet the snow is melting.

In the left front corner a black bird is sitting, maybe a jackdaw.
Attached Images
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21 Ways - Step Two Fantastic Menagerie

CARD: The Star
DECK: Fantastic Meangerie
Card can be seen here:

I am the central character in the card. I have the body of a woman and the neck and head of a bird. I have a long delicate beak that arches downward. My face is covered by a red mask of feathers, with the red coloring extending down the top edge of my beak. I am very very white and only dressed and adorned by plants and flowers that cover my private parts. I wear two plant bracelets and one plant anklet. I wear two white flowers tucked on the left side of my neck and head. I also wear a white flower covering my right breast and another covering my navel.

I stand with one foot in the water and the other in the vegetation behind me. In each hand I hold plant life. One plucked and one still growing. Although my body faces forward, my head is turned to the right. There are two fish half-in half-out of the water on my right and one to the left. Their mouthes are open. A dragonfly sits onmy shoulder. There are nine stars in the sky. I appear to be emerging from the vegetation into the water based on the position of my body and right foot, which make me look as if I were walking forward.

I ran out of time as I was writting the last parragraph but finished writting my thoughts and then stopped.
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Step Two - Universal Goddess - 5 wands

I'm Pele, goddess of fire. I'm standing in front of an erupting volcano (this volcano is where I live). Between me and the volcano there are five blazing poles sticked in the ground. I have long wavy brown hair. I am dressing a big foulard, red with flowers, tied behind my neck. I have a beautiful pink flower crown a pink flower bracelet and other two pink bracelets. I'm dancing, my arms are raised and my hands open. The lava gushes behind me follow the direction of my fingers. I'm full of the volcano energy and the energy of the volcano is my energy. I'm very powerfull.
Dominant color is red/brown. (little bit darker then the colours in the scan)

(language is a great obstacle for me, I hope you understand what I say!)
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Sounds good to me Eilan!
I really love your card, BTW, what a different take on it, just great!
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