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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step EIGHT -- part two.

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21 ways - Step 8.2

Wow, it wasn't easy at the beginning to spot the metaphores for the Universe card, but then I think I got to grips with it, even if most of the phrases i found cannot be technically called metaphores.. ahem..
But i think they still convey information about the Universe in a pictorial way, so I am using them as "mental images" to add to what I know about the card.
I don't know if this is exactly what intended in the exercise, but I found it a stimulating task so.. here I go:


Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End
The letter Tau, as a Cross representing the four and its symbology
Change gives sense and meaning to the categories of space and time
As above, so below
Infinitely big equals and reflects itself in the infinitely small
Material Mother (Malkut/microcosmos) equals and reflects herself in the Supernal Mother (Binah/ macrocosmos)
Universe exists as equilibrium of change and stability.
Put the Daughter on the Throne of the Mother
To complete the Great Work

Active and passive attract themselves in a spiralling movement/dance
Universe as House of Matter
Completition as Fullness of Light
The drop looses itself in the ocean, the ocean merges itself in the drop
To dissolve the boundaries of Ego and join the Unity of Universe
To grow free of limitations
Look to reality as it is
Free oneself
Trust intuition
To be one with the universe

The universe is a galactic wave
The Milky Way is the backbone of night
Universe as the big chain of living
To descern good and evil - free will


Every end brings a new beginning
The cross with equal arms visually represent the Tetragrammaton
I understand the categories of space aand time through contemplating change
Looking at the world we can have an idea of Cosmos; looking at man we can have an idea of God.
The processes that go on at a molecular, atomic, and even smaller levels are analogue to the processes that go on at a galactic, cosmic and even bigger level.
The process of manifesting is analogue to the process of planning
I feel as I am getting put (by life) on the throne of my mum
I will pursue the Great Work

I feel the powers of active and passive spiralling to create my reality
I feel fullfilled when I loose myself in the vastness of the Universe and let the Universe pervade me.
I feel fullfilled when i dissolve the boundaries of the Ego and focus on my oneness with the Universe
I understand the Universe as the big Chain of life.

Just in the last few weeks something has happened that made me realize that i am at the completition of one stage of my life and need to get in charge of the next, or it will just arrive upon me.
I have finally a stable life, and I should start to catch up with my daughter (who lives in my country of origin)
I must protect what I have here and I can't renounce my Great Work so I will not let social works and family to drag me back there.
Only fulfilling my own purpose I feel strong enough to take care of anyone else.
It is hard.
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