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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step THIRTEEN

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Thanks squeakmo9. I still don't really understand why the eagle represents Scorpio, but I'll just accept it. I guess I'm not quite ready to start studying astrological symbols just yet...
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21 Ways...Step Thirteen: RWS The Emperor


1 & 2 Symbols and objects: their use
Mature man with white hair and beard- wisdom, paternal, power, leadership

Mountains-the Emperor sits taller than the mountains, he’s reached his zenith in spiritual attainment.

Very narrow stream – He does not express emotions well

Ankh – Indicates that he is the ruler the ultimate authority (Egyptian) (Greer)

Crown – indicates royalty, supremacy,
The symbol of Aries in the center of the crown represents his astrological sign. He has the personality traits of Aries.
Ram’s head – Represents the Emperor astrological sign Aries (Pollack)
3 white and 2 red stones around the base of the crown – wealth

Red cloak – The red indicates courage, the cloak indicates pride in who he is.

Blue Tunic – of the many meanings that Mary gives for blue I like to think that the blue indicates spirituality and truth .

Bright orange robe-Pride, active mind vital energy

Armor – Warrior, protection, discipline

White throne – purity, spiritual, center of authority

Concrete Throne - rigidity

Raised Platform – Could represent spiritual attainment, also he’s above everyone.
Yellow light on the horizon, one of the peaks has a yellow glow- confidence and intellect

Bright orange sky mountains – vital energy

Desert– Desolation, deserted, solitude

The Number Four- Consolidation, authority, stabilization

3. Where have these symbols appeared…
The very narrow stream, do not express emotions: I have been concerned about my son and haven’t been able to coax out his feelings about his circumstances. he does not reveal his emotions easily.

4. The desert reminds me of how alone I sometimes feel living without a partner.

5. I see many references to his power and authority, (ankh, Color red, crown) I think this is to reinforce that this is a powerful, authoritarian person with strong views (stern demeanor) and a no nonsense attitude. (narrow stream, desert, and absence of plants)
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Greer (2006) 21 Ways - Step 13

Step 13 – Symbols

7/The Chariot

• 13.1.1 – Details of 7/The Chariot:

o Grey, block-style chariot chassis.
o Grey city walls and buildings (same color as above) with red roofs where applicable.
o Yellow sky with no visible sun.
o Yellow wheels, same color as sky.
o Light blue canopy over figure like found on a four-post bed with white stars. The stars are both in five- and six-point forms with a few with eight-points to match the charioteer’s crown.
o Olive green foliage with black for trunks of trees in background near city walls, there is even some white there as well. The grass under the chariot is the same color as well.
o A crown on the charioteer that is yellow (like the other yellows) with a big eight-point star on the top and then a dome that is surrounded by small points at the base of the dome.
o The charioteer has long, curly light brown hair and a tan complexion a shade only slightly lighter than the hair.
o Has two moon-faced shoulder-plates, the crescent of the moon is the standard yellow of the card and light blue for the faces.
o The gauntlets are nearly lily-white, but the hands are uncovered.
o The breastplate seems to be glowing a whitish-yellow due to the amulet which is as white as the gauntlets. The amulet is the focal point of the card.
o A yellow and black belt is worn along with a light-blue and black armored skirt with astrological signs on it.
o There is a moat/river behind the chariot but before the city, the water is the same light-blue found elsewhere on the card.
o The charioteer carries a thin, light-blue wand with a yellow pointed tip upright (i.e., tip points to the sky) in his right hand.
o A yellow dot on in the middle of two light-blue wings over a white shield with a red top on it. This seems to be a coat-of-arms for either the city or the charioteer.
o Two sphinxes, one male that is predominantly black with white stripping and one female that is predominantly white with black stripping.

• 13.1.2 – Use of Objects in 7/The Chariot:

o The chariot chassis itself is meant for motion, travel, and prestige.
o The sphinxes are opposites, but when used constructively provide power for motion towards goals.
o The armor has both a protective and ornamental/prestige function.
o The wand in his hand and crown on his are symbols of accomplishment, office, and power (i.e., phallic).
o The amulet is a symbol of power, but more internal.
o City walls are for protection, as is the moat/river.
o The moon-faced shoulder pads speak of the watery nature of the card as does the canopy.

• 13.1.3 – Appearance of Symbols:

o Symbols of office and power have come with my job and my ability to provide rent money to persons or remove them from my program for non-compliance.
o The chariot chassis is often like my car that takes me to work to exercise this office and power.
o The watery aspects as well as the moon-faced shoulder pads speak of how emotionally challenging the work can be.
o The sphinxes represent my seeking to balance dualities, such as:
 Head (a participant’s prospects for being a good candidate for success) with Heart (compassion for persons struggling with need at the first chakra).
 Program Stipulations (the letter of the law) with a Desire to Help those in Need (the spirit of the law).
 Rule-Focused (upholding discipline and making consequences for actions) with Grace-Focused (forgiving faults and offer second chances).
 Avoiding Participants with a Bad Track Record with Giving People a Chance so they can show they’ve Changed.
 Person Struggles (e.g., Self-Confidence versus Feelings of Inadequacy).

• 13.1.4 – Further Elaborations:

o I think I broached some of this in the above question as I took it beyond being literal.

• 13.1.5 – Recurring Themes:
o The recurring themes of balance of dualities with both my new position and personal struggles has been a salient single thread that can be found in all thirteen of my posts in this forum for the 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card Individual Deck Study. It’s getting to the point of beating a dead horse, but yet with each step it keeps giving! So how can I let this card go now?
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21 ways - step 13 - crow's magick page of cups

step 13

symbols in the page of cups

except for the lizard, the background and the alabaster cup, all symbols appear in a tarnished gold

• three dots arranged in an upside down triangle; remind me of the sign for radioactivity
• an alabaster cup; used to denote the suit of cups; reminds me of a set of cups i bought at my first-ever garage sale
• a horizontally oriented zigzag line, with a flat line on either end and two triangular “zigs”, similar to lines found in an ECG; make me think of electricity, which makes me think of a very close friend who died recently and who was an electrician
• a square, sides about 8 mm; makes me think of the gold leaf that my father used to use in his paintings
• the outline of a triangle; makes me think of how this sign has been used in secret societies; of AA (it’s the symbol used for AA); of a “danger” triangle
• the outline of a circle; “used” by the lizard in the sense that she/he appears to be jumping out of it; makes me think of the rings that they make animals jump through in the circus; makes me think of the circle that denotes community
• the outline of three rectangles, with one rectangle above the other two, connected with lines, similar to the way photographs are connected in family trees; reminds me of flow charts, particularly of organizational charts
• a symbol that looks like this: a circle with a dot in the centre, connected to a half circle with a line; almost looks like a one-eyed person with a neck and shoulders; the circle with the dot in the middle is the sign for hydrogen; makes me think of magickal sigils
• a lizard in camouflage colours, jumping out of the circle, seen in wide-angle distortion (a perspective that shows his head very close and his tail farther away)
• lizards make me think of the “reptile brain”; of alligators in the swamp; of an inability to understand humans
• camouflage make me think of people who spend a lot of time in the woods, like hunters, also of war
• wide-angle perspective distortion; reminds me of distortion, and also how we sometimes perceive emotional events up close in distorted perspective
• the symbols for gemini, cancer and scorpio; i’m a cancer
• a black background with vague clouds of green, red and yellow; makes me think of galactic clouds

themes: the symbols feel magickal, alchemical, and also make me think of mathematics and physics. all the cards in this deck have a strong science fiction feel to them, and these symbols are definitely part of that.

i also looked at other cards to see where and how these symbols show up. there were four cards where they show up in more than one way. the knight of cups is quite similar; it also shows a lizard, a circle and a square. the 9 of cups shows the same zigzag line, and two triangles. the 6 of cups has a circle and a triangle. the other two cards that have lizards on them are the 8 of wands and the 3 of coins.
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Step 13~The Empress~Vampyres Tarot

BEE: Symbol of the Great Mother and regeneration and the cycles of nature. Bridge between the animal world and plants.
GREEN: Fertility, new growth, spring, vitality, plants.
APPLE: Fertility, ripening, end of summer and autumn.
EMERALD (the pendant): Mental clarity and equilibrium, psychic abilities, clairvoyance, inspiration, patience. Stone of Aphrodite.
RED RING: It could be a ruby or carnelian; life force, vitality, courage, passion.
RED ROSE: On the back of each card is a big red rose. It symbolizes passion, love, energy and beauty. Flower of Aphrodite.
SIGN OF VENUS: Aphrodite is the Goddess of love and beauty and the sea and ocean.
MOONSTONE NECKLACE: The moon, Goddess Hecate.
BLOOD (on her mouth, dress, rose): Hunger, greed, nourishment, life and continuity. When small children eat their food is dripping all over like that, so maybe the Queen is still immature in some way?
MEDIEVAL DRESS: Tradition, wealth, luxury. Masquerade.

2) What are the objects used for?
Many things are there for embellishments and beauty. Most are symbols of the Goddess.

3) “Where have any of these symbols appeared LITERALLY in relation to your issue or just recently?”
I have 10 red roses on the table beside me. (Sadly no emeralds..)

4) What are we reminded of by these symbols?
5) Recurring themes? Comment on these.
There are many symbols of different aspects of the Great Goddess. Much more than I realized before this study, in fact. I´m reminded by my spiritual search and my studies of the Goddess.
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Onion Budgie 

Step THIRTEEN: Radiant Rider-Waite, Six of Cups

13-1 (a) List the symbols appearing on my chosen card, and write down what I already know about the “meaning” for each symbol without looking it up anywhere.

- clear blue sky
positive associations/situations
- white lilies
purity, innocence
- white gloves
honest work
- grey guardsman
- young boy
childhood, innocence
- older woman
wisdom, family [if interpreted in connection with young boy]
- turret
security, safety
- house/building
home, community
- green grass & foliage
growth, productivity

13-1 (b) What are the objects used for?

The white lilies fill the golden cups, and signify a shared effort.
The white gloves have been used while gardening, indicating productivity.
The grey guardsman is patrolling the grounds with his spear in hand, signifying safety and protection.
The young boy is helping his older relative/neighbour.
The older woman is gratefully accepting the help of the young boy.
The turret and the buildings in the background indicate community and security.
The blue sky, the green grass and foliage suggest a calming and uplifting scene.

13-1 (c) Where have any of these symbols appeared literally, either in relation to my issue or just recently?

It's summer, so the weather is warm, bright and clear, with flowers in bloom, trees in leaf and green grass.
I live in a secure apartment building which encourages a sense of community.
We recently had someone from the fire alarm company around for their annual check of the building's fire alarms both inside the flats and in the communal areas. I suppose that would foster a feeling of safety and security that everything is working as it should.
That's really about it. There's nothing that relates specifically to my “issue”.

13-1 (d) Do any of them remind me of anything else?

No. (This question feels a little nebulous, to be honest!)

13-1 (e) Can I see any recurring themes?

A recurring theme of white, signifying innocence and/or pure intentions.
Also of the colour green, indicating growth and productivity.
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21 Ways - Steampunk

Step THIRTEEN - Steampunk (Moore) - 5 of Wands

Symbols on my card and what they mean to me:
Grey storm clouds - trouble, danger, anger, fear, turmoil, strong emotions
Eye patch - something hidden, not seeing clearly, a disguise
Golden wand - power, authority, magic, wealth
Brown and green wands - nature, support
Brick ground - solid foundation, steady footing, practicality
Brown suit and tie - power, authority, confidence, business, professionalism

What these symbols can be used for:
Eye patch - correcting sight, hiding disfiguration, a costume or disguise
Wand - striking someone or something, casting a spell, support while walking, pointing at something
Brick ground - walkway, decoration
Suit - commanding authority, fitting in, playing a role, being professional

The following have literally appeared in my life recently:
Storm clouds - there have been quite a few dark, stormy days here this week
Eye patch - A child I work with wears one to correct his vision (make his other eye stronger)
Brick ground - I encounter brick walkways often, in 2 areas. First, some of the sidewalks near my work are made from brick. Second, the entrance to the cemetery near my house is brick (I go here often, find it very peaceful)
Suit - I don`t work in an office setting, but I work in a daycare located in an office building. Many of the parents wear suits when I see them. Also, my best friend wears suits to work, though I don`t usually see him wearing them

Some other things these symbols remind me of:
Storm clouds - thunder, lightning, blizzards, rain, rainbows, darkness
Eye patch - glasses, pirates
Golden wand - fairy tales
Green or brown wand - Fairy tales, my grandpa (walks with a carved brown stick)
Brick ground - olden days, quaint towns
Suit and tie - business people, authority, money, status

Recurring themes:
The suit and golden wand have similar themes of power, authority, and money.
The bricks fit well with those, could represent a solid or steady foundation related to power or money.
The other symbols seem more independent in terms of their meanings.
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21 Ways - Step Thirteen

Silicon Dawn - Hermit

Gears - machinery, progress, thinking carefully about something, planning, necessary components
Red & blue racing outfit, jester's hat w/bells (joker's outfit? Diamonds on leg) - taking a gamble, being different from others, sense of humor, spontaneity, speed, forward movement, inconoclasts
Light glowing in her hands - insight, spiritual wisdom, hope, guidance, signals
Smoke at her feet - speed
Female hermit, long dark hair & smirking - mystery, wisdom, sharing with others, receptivity, inner knowledge & wisdom, secret knowledge
Dark alleyway with a doorway & house with Windows - fear, uncertainty, danger, ignorance
Yellow portal - travel, discovery, illumination, enlightenment
Red & orange foreground, swirls that look like flames - drive, desires passion

Gears are used to make mechanical objects work. Like gears make clocks turn, machines operate, vehicles drive, etc.

Flames & light are used for illumination in the dark, but also comfort and chasing away fears.

Doors and windows are entrances to let things from the outside in. But when they're closed, they keep unwanted things out. So they are a form of protection and isolation.

Portals are used to go from one area to another, even places that may not seem physically connected.

Literal interpretations -
Well the female hermit looks a little like me. I spend lots of time in my house. The dark alleys remind me of a certain place I've been thinking about visiting. And the bells on the Hermit's hat remind me of a cat toy I have for my pet lol.

Recurring themes - movement through time and space - the gears, racing outfit, portal, smoky feet. Could also be symbolic like traveling mentally and considering different angles of situations.

Wisdom & illumination - the light, feminine hermit, portal. These things all make me think of someone who has discovered secrets that nobody else has but is keeping them to herself for now. The Hermit's aloneness makes me think of privacy.

I also see forward progress through time & seriousness with the gears. Being methodical and determined.
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