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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step FOURTEEN

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Originally Posted by squeakmo9
You've described your cards well Starling, but what else do they suggest other than numbers and elements?
Reason being, for the Aces (RWS) hand holds a cup in its palm, the Swords grips...what does this mean to you as far as "next step"(Ace of Sword) and "outcome" (Ace of Cups)?
Not trying to be a hardass, Starling, just wanting to see more of what these cards mean to you.
That was a good question. Both the Ace of Swords and The Hierophant seem to talk about THINKING and/or studying as what to do next and what will break my blocks. The Hierophant is also a card about belonging to a group and following that group's teachings. And teaching is again thinking.

As for what I think the Ace of Cups means as an Outcome card...Well, it is about as good an outcome as one can expect. It means an outpouring of emotions, and caring. The Cup is overflowing in 5 different streams. All four of the Elements? And one more?
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21 steps step 14

21 steps step 14.1 and 14.2

I drew 2 new cards, Princess (page) of Cups and Six of Cups
Mt spread was like this: Princess of Cups * Hermit * Six of Cups

The cards described:
The Princess of Cups stands by a waters edge, feet firmly planted on the ground. A tree in autumn dress dominates the scene. The hold a single cup up to her chest. Her eyes are closed.

The Hermit Stands alone a wolf by his side, He stands on a cliff edge on a path. He is holding a lamp of light in his right arm and a stave in his left. The moon is 1/4. A river winds it way in a valley below.

The Six of cups sees a man standing buy a window with cup in right hand; he looks out, but not directly at children playing on the grass. The children, a boy and girl are playing with five cups filling them with sweets or jewels. The sky is cloudy but blue.

The similarities and differences. : The Princess and Six main characters are all looking introspectively. The hermit could be, but he is also looking a bit more outward. Each main character is holding an object in right hand, 2 are holding cups the hermit his lamp. The princess seems to steadying her cup with left hand. The landscapes are different in each. One card, the Six, has children in it. 2 cards have water, one does not. It’s the Six that doesn’t have water. 2 cards have the glow of sunset/rise, the Six does not.

The elements were: Water* earth *water
Modes were: Who? Lesson/why? Action to be taken
Dignitaries: WEW= Strong Receptive.
Numbers 9 and 6, each divisible buy 3. The other card associated with number 6 is: The Lovers.

Symbols and similarities:
I’ve taken the similarities of the symbols on the cards

The symbol of the golden cups is present in all three cars: Gold: harvest, riches, glory wisdom radiance, truth, perfection incorruptibility, greed

The princess/page is usually seen as child, and the 6 has children: innocence and new beginnings, immaturity and irresponsibility-student or learner. Naïve self or inner child

The brown color is present in all three cards: Earthy, groundedness, practability, serviceability, humility, rest, decay, depression.
Water is present in 2 cards: reflective qualities

The blue sky was present in two cards: Truth spirituality, calmness, peace serenity, fidelity, heavenly, cold, melancholy depression. The sunset is seen in two cards: Warm and the bringer of new things and the endings of things.

The clouds are choppy in two cards meaning unruly times, times are calming down, which is change.

It doesn’t seem surprising that there are many similarities in the cards of cups. The Hermit had far more differences than the two others. The elements were strong and reflective. I did feel that this spread was strong as soon as I saw it and the cards were complimentary.

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14:1 I drew three new cards this morning, as I explained in my Step 13 post. So those are the cards I'll be using for this exercise. I'm using Tarot of Prague, and my chosen card is The World. The other two cards I drew this morning are Strength and Justice.


All three are Major Arcana.
Each card has one woman as the main human figure.
Each card also includes one or more animals.
In each card the woman is standing and actively involved in doing something.
The color red seems to be important in each of the cards.


One of the women (The World) is nearly nude.
Two of the women face forward and looking slightly to the left, one (The World is turned to the right and looks back at us over her left shoulder.
Two of the women hold an object in each hand, but one (Strength) is bent over and holds open the mouth of a lion.
One has her arms up in the air, one out at the sides, and one down.
One is up in the air, one indoors, and the third (Strength) may be either indoors or outside.
One stands with one foot on a laurel leaf, one stands with one foot on an elephant, the third has both feet on the ground.
The style of art in the three cards is very different. Strength is Art Nouveau, The World is from an eighteenth century fresco, and Justice is from a 17th century door.
Strength and Justice have black and white backgrounds, The World is in color.


The fact that these cards are all Major Arcana suggests that they all have to do with important lessons I need to learn or archetypal forces at work in my life at this time.

The fact that they are all women seems to suggest that there may be some major feminine energy at work.

The fact that they are all active, capable looking women tells me that they may be urging me to take a more active role in my life.

The color red suggests that there may be the potential to tap into some creative energy.

The presence of strong animals in all the cards -- lions, an elephant -- might indicate strength.



According to the Golden Dawn system, as listed in Appendix C, The World is associated with the element Earth. I can understand this as the card seems to be about integrating all aspects of yourself -- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual -- and then being able to move joyfully out into the world. Strength is associated with Fire, which makes sense to me, as to me the card seems to represent confidence and courage, among other things. Justice is associated with Air, of course. That seems to need no explanation. So the element I am missing in this reading is water -- the emotions.

The numbers of the cards, although these are not stated on the card, are 21, 8 and 11. I can't really take that information anywhere.

The lion -- courage? -- shows up in two cards.

Balancing on one foot shows up in The World and Justice -- maybe this signifies balance between various dualities -- spiritual vs. earthly, past vs. future or positive vs. negative (karma?) in Justice.

The two women looking to the left might emphasize the future.
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21 Ways...Step Fourteen RWS The Emperor

14-1 RWS

The Emperor, Death and 4of pentacles (Step 12)

1. Emperor and 4/P each figure has a crown, (royalty)
2. Emperor and Death both are wearing armor
3. Neither of the 3 cards emanate warmth or kindness
4. All 3 figures have red on their person; although Death only has a red plume it is prominent.
5. Each figure is seated upright
6. Death and Emperor have water
7. Emperor and Death are major Arcana
8. Emperor and 4/P have the number 4
9. 4/P and Emperor are interested in maintaining the status quo,
10. All three figures are powerful

1. 4/P is minor Arcana
2. Death has more than one person
3. Death is the only one seated on a horse
4. 4/p only figure not wearing armor
5. Death is about ending the status quo unlike 4/p and Emperor
6. 4/p does not have water in the environment
7. Death and horse facing and moving left
8. The other 2 are seated and facing front looking at the reader.
9. Death is not royalty
10. Only Death has the sun .

What do the differences and similarities suggest?

I find that Death is a game changer, he’s moving forward taking action, while The Emperor and the 4/P are static in their emotions and their view on life. I admit I find all three to be a bit cold and non-expressive of their true feelings, which makes them appear unapproachable.

In these cards, I can see also very clearly now that the Emperor represents my mother and the 4/P represents me. I took on many of the characteristics of my mother. Death indicates that her influence has ended and now I’m going to have to take responsibility for who I am and leave the garbage behind..

Wow!! What a break through.

I can be that way sometimes. When I’m feeling self-conscious and a little inferior I find that people are not as responsive, probably because I’m exemplifying the energy of the 4/P and the Emperor. When I’m feeling confident I find that people I attract a lot more positive attention. I must work harder at exuding positive energy because I really like people and enjoy social situations where I interact with people from diverse backgrounds,
opinions, etc.

The Emperor and the 4/P definitely reinforce each other; they are both 4s, royalty staunch, unyielding, order… I even get the same feeling when I look at them.

I see Death on the other hand as the game changer. Even though at first glance you don’t get warm fuzzes from him either, but he warns you that something is going to end. That could be a good thing. Why hang on to something that is no longer worthy in it’s current state. It could give you the opportunity to improve something, or a relationship.

These excercises are really bringing Tarot alive for me, I’m enjoying it to the fullest.
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Greer (2006) 21 Ways - Step 14

Step 14 – Dignity & Theme

7/The Chariot

• 14.1.1 – Similarities and Differences between 7/The Chariot, Knight of Cups, and Page of Swords:

o All three figures in the three different cards are looking in different directions: the charioteer looks straight forward, the Knight looks to the right, while the Page looks to the left.

o The figures in 7/The Chariot and the Knight of Cups are mounted while the Page of Swords is on foot. There’s a downward progression of beasts/animals used for riding: two for 7/The Chariot, one for the Knight of Cups, and none for the Page of Swords. It’s like the Page is lower on the totem pole/hierarchy be the virtue that the figure is unmounted.

o The two new cards are both Court Cards and have a number value of “0” (zero).

o 7/The Chariot and the Knight of Cups have water in their cards (both look like rivers) while it is uncertain (or at least not as significant) that the Page of Swords has any in the background.

o All three characters are holding something.

o The Page of Swords is the only card that has clouds in the sky as well as birds. Also it is the only card that depicts wind. The others seem still weather wise.

o All three have distant scenic venues.

o All three have something yellow on or are carrying something yellow.

o All three have light blue somewhere on them.

o The Knight and 7/The Chariot have wings featured on their items (a helmet and the chariot chassis respectively) and also have head gear; the Page doesn’t have either of these features.

o The Court Cards have red on them while the only red on 7/The Chariot appears on the coat-of-arms.

o Only 7/The Chariot has astrological symbols on it.

o The Knight is the only one that has fishes on his armor.

o The Page is the only figure that doesn’t have any armor.

• 14.2.1 – Repetition of Dignitaries between 7/The Chariot, Knight of Cups, and Page of Swords:

o As mentioned above, two are Court cards.

o There is a progression of Page and then Knight.

o Both 7/The Chariot and Knight of Cups are *water* signs.

o All three hold a symbol, though the wand suggests *fire,* the cup suggests *water,* and the sword suggests *air.*

o The two cards that share the *water* element are allied cards and are greatly strengthened by being next to each other while *air* and *water* are neutral.

Besides the Hazel (2004) book mentioned in Greer (2006) that is big on Astrological dignitaries, does anyone know of the others she was talking about?
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21 ways - step 14 - crow's magick

spread from step 12

question: how can i become more of a “force to be reckoned with”?

page of cups
this card centers around a reptile eagerly jumping out of a circle. it's almost like a puppy. its mouth is open, we can see its red tongue. it's camouflage-coloured. apart from the circle, six geometric, sigil-like elements can be seen on the card, all drawn in faint gold. from upper left to lower right they are three dots arranged in a triangle, an almost square rectangle, a zig-zag line, three rectangles connected by lines (a bit like a flowchart) and something that looks the head and shoulders of a one-eyed stick figure. the card's background is black (as all crow's magick cards). in the upper part, we can see flecks of green and red and gold that could be interpreted as cosmic dust. three astronomical symbols can be seen in the lower left corner (pisces, cancer and scorpio). in the lower middle, it says "page of cups" and underneath we find the words "unearthy, mystical."

the unexpected
3 of swords
the lower part of the card shows a metallic-looking heart of a grey maroon colour. it is cut in two by a red lightning bolt. icicles are hanging from the heart. on its surface are drops. three swords can be seen in the upper half of the card, pointing straight down to the heart. between them we can see two icicle like shapes. eight round shapes, five dark red, three maroon float through the card – they look a little like golf balls. the sign of libra is in the lower left hand corner. the words “pain, grief” are printed on the bottom of the card.

alternate possibility
ace of wand
a yellow, red and black feather hangs in the middle of the card. it seems to be suspended from a red wand that slashes the center third of the card from the lower right to the upper left. a black-and-yellow thunderbolt can be seen behind the wand in the upper third of the card; it looks like a strongly slanted N. seven rectangular, marbled shapes form the background to the feather, wand and thunderbolt. these shapes are layered; they are yellow, red and black, with the yellow predominant. the lower left corner shows the astrological signs of aries, sagittarius and leo. the words for the card are “success, rule”


the page of cups is the only card that
shows a being/creature
shows an abundance of geometrical symbols
shows thinly drawn geometrical symbols
has a background that suggest the universe/cosmos
clearly conveys a feeling of happiness, enthusiasm and liveliness
is a court card

the 3 of swords is the only card that
feels cold
clearly conveys an unhappy feeling
does not have the dynamic red-orange-yellow combination
has a movement from right to left
has a female feel

the ace of wands is the only card that
does not have round objects
has a lot of yellow in it
has an object (a wand) as a central figure
has a layered background
has its suit symbol all over the card (typical for ace)

they are all three from different suits and have different denominations


they show one central figure (not a pair or a group)
zigzag patterns
a crossing motion (the lizard crosses the ring, the thunderbolt crosses the heart, the wand and zigzag cross each other – this is more common than not in this deck)

additional similarities between page of cups and 3 of swords:
the suit symbols are above the main image (a 3.5% chance of co-occurring)
round objects (quite common in this deck; a 34% chance of co-occurring; also they are somewhat different types of round objects)

additional similarities between page of cups and ace of wands:
a dynamic, male feel
the combination of red and yellow
the cloud-like/marbled pattern
rectangular shapes
overall movement from left to right

additional similarities between 3 of swords and ace of wands:
the sharpness of the swords and wand
the sharpness of the secondary symbols (icicles, thunderbolts and zigzag)
the “middle” position of the thunderbolt and the feather

it’s interesting that they have so little in common. altogether, the zigzag pattern shows up in 18 cards; if my math is correct, there is a 1% chance that 3 out of those 18 cards would show up together. however, each zigzag pattern is different. the one in the page of cups feels geometrical and abstract, the thunderbolt that cuts through the heart in the 3 of swords is very real and destructive; and the one in the ace of wands feels more abstract again but much less so than in the page of cups – it seems to denote dynamism and power. interestingly enough, the zigzag pattern also shows up in the tower, death and devil – the three most “feared” major arcana. furthermore, it shows up in the 2-8 and page and king of wands. it is definitely a symbol of power just like electricity – electricity with the full continuum of the power to sustain and destroy. all of this suggests that there is definitely something intense going on here; this is not “business as usual.”

the fact that all three are minors may perhaps signify that this spread is not pointing to anything of major proportions although the presence of the zigzag lines make that a questionable assessment.

the 3 of swords looks like it doesn’t belong, like it is separating, almost inserting itself between, the page of cups and the ace of wands. there is a feeling of “aah, this is right” when i take out the 3 of swords, like the other two cards belong to each other, complement each other. the fact that this card was in the position of “the unexpected” makes sense, then, as does the fact that the page of cup stood for the issue and the ace of wands for “alternate possibility.” the unexpected (unseen/denied?) fear that “breaks my heart” with its coldness is definitely something that may be keeping me from the possibility of quiet authority that the ace of wands indicates.
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Step 14~The Vampyres Tarot ~The Empress


I drew two new cards and I got the Four of Skulls and the Emperor.

First I compared the
Four of Skulls (Pentacles) and the Empress:

-beautiful dark haired woman with a tree branch above her head
-roses: one red vs. two purple
-blood on an item held in the hands: on the axe/on the rose
-Elements: very earthy ladies (Skulls is Pentacles and this Empress is earthy)

-the male warrior in 4 of Skulls
-castle wall & tower nature

The Empress and the Emperor.

-Major Arcana, successive numbers, a regal couple
-rose in the hand
-tree branch with fruit above
-medieval velvet costume with high collar
-black nails
-portrait picture, front view
-the facial expression: thoughtful, serious and a bit anxious or sad

-green apples vs. red pomegranates
-lots of green vs. red (background, jewelry, even color of eyes!)
-she is just holding a rose, he is holding the ram head staff and the rose
-Elements/Divinities: Empress is Earth, Venus, Aphrodite and the Emperor is Fire, Ares, Mars

Comparing the two new cards
4/Skulls & Emperor:

-both are fours (Four of Skulls and Major Arcana number Four)
-skulls in both cards: vampire skull vs. ram´s skull
-a powerful man in both cards

-overall color: grey vs. red
-two persons vs. one man
-minor arcane vs. major arcana
-elements: Earth vs. Fire
-surrounded by castle wall & tower vs. nature

Numerology seems to be an issue here, since the original Three (the Empress) got Fours on both sides. So there is movement to a higher octave, from number three up to number four. Many things come in fours: four elements, four corners in a square, four seasons, and four cardinal directions.
Alchemy and numerology say that Three is an uneven and dynamic number that seeks a new balance in Four. Jung often spoke about the old Alchemists that said: Out of the Three comes the Fourth.
Jungians find four functions in the Psyche (thinking, sensing, intuition and feeling) and for most people it is the fourth function that is hardest to integrate into the whole. The third is already difficult for most of us but the fourth is even harder.
If I was doing a reading for myself I´d take this as a suggestion to look at this a bit closer perhaps.
Also, in a reading I´d have to think about what it means to have the Divine pair (Aphrodite and Ares) come up as a couple next to each other.
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21 Ways - Steampunk

Step FOURTEEN - Steampunk (Moore) - 5 of Wands

*Note - I approached this exercise based on meanings of the cards, more than other elements)

I used the 2 cards I drew for step 12, as that spread was very insightful and I wanted to work with them again.

5 of Wands and Tower:
Similarities - Change, adversity, growing through difficulty, new experiences or perspectives, danger
Differences - 5 of Wands (not Tower) can relate to cooperation, teamwork, competition, comparisons. Tower (not 5 of Wands) can relate to foundations.

5 of Wands and Knight of Swords:
Similarities - Action, something new
Differences - 5 of Wands (not Knight of Swords) can relate to passion, uncontrolled emotions, cooperation, conflict, adversity. Knight of Swords (not 5 of Wands) can relate to logic, analysis, controlled emotions and thoughts, independence, contemplation, precision.

Tower and Knight of Swords:
Similarities - Newness
Differences - Tower (not Knight of Swords) can relate to unexpected events, chaos, external forces. Knight of Swords (not Tower) can relate to planning, patterns, logic, internal forces, precision.

The idea of 'newness' is present in all 3 cards. These 3 showing up together definitely suggest some drastic changes!


A wand, sword, and major. Nothing in common there. Suggests a life event or lesson involving motivation or passion and thoughts or communication.

2 fire cards and 1 air (with a fire card in the centre). I don't know much about elemental dignities, but the appendix about this says the 5 of Wands would be strengthened by both (as it is flanked by a strong card and a friendly one)

A 5, a 7, and a court. Nothing I can see here.

Also not applicable to these 3.

The Knight of Swords was in the 'What to hold onto' position in my earlier spread.
'Hold onto' a sword gives me a very strong visual image! Plus, this knight is actually holding her sword with both hands. Both of these things seem to amplify the message for me.
The Tower was in the 'What to let go of' position.
'Let go of' the tower also gives a strong image - jump! Whatever change the tower refers to is increased by this I'd say!

One symbol in particular stands out to me here - the mountain.
The Tower and the Knight of Swords both have a mountain in the background. The Tower's mountain is in the distance while the Knight's mountain is much closer. Seems to say I need to get closer to the mountain (obstacle?) in order to move forward.
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