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What deck is this? Collage style art deck. Distant Past Tarot

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brknarow22  brknarow22 is offline
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Originally Posted by Laura Borealis View Post

You can see it at the above link. Suggestive text warning
These are beautiful. I am not sure how missed them on Etsy. Officially on my ever changing list. I believe joining over her may be a really *bad influence for sure.
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My favorite card? I have to go with the fool.
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lightpers  lightpers is offline
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Just wow!

Mine's regular tarot size arrived today. I tried the Distant Past spread with this deck and i love they seemed without effort, connecting to each other so well, it feels very RWS but at the same time, the imagery made me melt into soothe, calm situation, it made me accept the facts of the readings with cool, calm manner situation.

Love the regular size, cannot think of bigger than this size and cannot imagine the smaller poker size than this one, i love the back of this card, is like dimentional time gate to every imageries, cannot wait for the second creation of Jeri Totten, so amazing!
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Join Date: 17 Feb 2013
Location: San Fransisco CA USA
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Well from the posts here it says I received this deck only a week ago but it feels like I've had it forever. I think it's probably one of the easiest decks I have ever been able to get to know so fast. Very simple and lush all at the same time. I thought I might have some trouble with the court cards, especially the horses in the knights. There isn't a lot of movement in them. I wasn't quite sure if the courts had personality or if one could not just be switched for the other. But I'm getting to know them and I'm finding this deck to be as charming, if not more than, the Victorian Romantic deck. I'm still hanging on to the fact my tarot size was the way to go. (maybe I'm trying to make myself feel better?). OK, the Empress is a little skinny! The 10 of coins is the card I need in the deluxe size! Sorry, that's as picky as I can get with this deck. I'm enjoying it very much. People I have done readings for compliment on such a pretty deck of cards. I think the cards resonate and have a calming effect with the querent as well. I'll keep looking for things I don't like about it but so far it's becoming one of my go to decks. Good job Jerri!
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This deck is at the tippy top of my wishlist...
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Thank you all!!

I wanted to thank you all for your support of The Distant Past Tarot!!
This week marks the 1 year anniversary of the deck's release...
and also marks the 300th deck sold!!
This is very special to me, as I created this deck for my young daughter,
and really had no intention of selling it to the public!
Thank you again for all your kind words and support of my work!
Blessings xoxox
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Cocobird55  Cocobird55 is offline
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You are very welcome.

I love your deck -- the Distant Past Tarot is one of my favorites.
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Nica  Nica is offline
Join Date: 20 Oct 2011
Location: Los Angeles, California
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Loved the deck. The blue and green jewel tones make it cohesive all throughout, and the portraits themselves are stunning.

The cards read straight out of the shrinkwrap with no issue.
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Le Fanu 

Congratulations! You have created such a readable and unique deck with such a distinct mood to it. It's a deck I love to use, for both myself and others.
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CharlotteK  CharlotteK is offline
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It's a very beautiful deck easy to read with. It's one of my favourites too. Please don't stop creating
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