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Originally posted by retrokat
I'll be really cheeky and suggest that you could look for Xmas presents at
I guess I shouldn't be one to gripe, since you had asked for suggestions and I did not answer, but I notice that most of your gift items focus on the female figures of the tarot. The only exceptions I see are the Magician tee and The Devil BBQ apron (cute idea, but doesn't it play into the stereotype too? The male as the master of the barbeque)

Where I am most disappointed in this is with the mug. The only two choices are queens. I am a big mug afficionado now. I would think it would be great to have a Hanged Man mug. Coffee certainly does change my perspective!! Plus when I tip it to get the "good to the last drop", he becomes right-side up!

And if I had my druthers, I would love a mug with my significator: The King of Wands. Being a creative, intellectual writer, coffee is sometimes a necessary stimulant! As a matter of fact, when I saw the thumbnail image on your website, I could have sworn he was holding a coffee mug in his right hand (turned out to be the arm of his throne).. In any case, he looks like he could use a good stiff belt of java!!
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Hey! Hey! Did you notice! Did you notice! (lark pokes Khatruman in the ribs a few times with her elbow) Hey! Did you notice! The Sleepy Time Big Tee with the Moon card on it! That was my idea!!!

I think the Hangman coffee mug is a great idea. I hope Kat is still out there reading the threads.
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heh, heh. I woulda had all the Kings, Knights, the Magician, the Heirophant etc as well but as I can't afford a paid shop on Cafe Press (yet...) I only get the choice of one design per product (eg large mug, small mug) and since I'm a female my favourites happened to be the chicks

Will add more guy stuff when I can add more items. Certainly there are more male t-shirt sytles I haven't used yet, so I'll go for those next & with usual male Significators.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys!

(BTW, the Devil wasn't a gender stereotype - in the usual medieval tradition, if you look closely it's a hermaphrodite, has breasts!)
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Just listed some more tarot bags on eBay if anyone's interested:

OK, so you can't get a Golden Tarot deck to keep in it yet, but I guess it would protect those other decks... you know, the ones that are actually available now... *sigh*
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Waiting ...

Yet I am a bit disappointed as I loved so much the Hermit and the Chariot from the first version of the deck.

Last spring, I almost bought a pirat copy after falling in love with the images on eBay where the seller only described it as "Beautiful tarot deck" without name ... Fortunately, I asked here what this gorgeous deck was and I was replied immediately "don't buy it!" ... Later the auction was prematurely closed (probably cancelled) after Kat and/or her publishers reported to eBay.

So there isn't a legal paper deck of the version 1.0, is there? Can I print it at home, for my personal use? Sure the images wouldn't look like a manufactured deck but still ... Has anyone done it? Did it succeed? I insist that this would be absolutely for my personal use and I pre-ordered the version 2.0 already ...

Never waited so long for a deck ;-) Nice feeling though ...

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Printing version 1.0

Long before I got the deal with US Games, a fan who I'd never met asked if she could download and print the version 1.0 deck for her own personal use, and I agreed. After all, the original version of the deck had been stolen and commercially pirated/published in Germany so what's left to protect? I did the original version as a labour of love, not for money.

That kind fan not only printed a version for herself, but also a copy for me. I'd never been able to print it off myself as I couldn't afford to do so - and then this copy arrived Air Mail from the fan in New York - she'd even painstakingly assembled a little booklet from my interpretations on the site! I was speechless.

The version she printed certainly wasn't good quality as it was only ever created at 72dpi, but it looked a lot nicer than the tiny pirated version.

As though that's not generous enough, that same fan then started a campaign, which led to both me & publishers being inundated with emails from tarot fans all over the world begging us to publish. It must have had some impact, as USGS approached me and ASKED me to submit a formal application (which they immediately accepted). In all my years of not even being able to get publishers or literary agents to even look at my various projects I knew how incredibly lucky I was!

Anyway, so if I EVER complain about a fan using my work for their personal use, may I get struck down in my tracks.

As an artist who's struggled to make a living from my work for many years, of course my attitude to people who steal my stuff for personal gain is different (such as the eBayer you mentioned). But if you want to print a copy of the original (pre-US Games) version, for your own home use and never to sell - then please, be my guest

On a positive note, I'm ASSURED by US Games that the deck is out this month (January) - although I still haven't even seen a copy myself. I hear it looks good from people in the US who have actually seen one of the two copies that the Publisher has. The box is very nice apparently - I didn't design it so I'm not asking for any credit on that one

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Wishing you all love, happiness and pretty shiny things to fondle.
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Cool This is a beautiful deck

I have seen the images of this deck and I liked what I saw. I may just decide to add it to my collection.

I can't wait for it to be released.
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It's January!

Yay January! *waits for her deck* Did anybody get theirs yet?
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I pre-ordered it from Tarot Garden, and they haven't sent out an e-mail yet saying they have them, so I'm assuming the publisher hasn't shipped them out yet.

-- Lee
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Nope -- I've not heard anything from my contacts at USG. Although they're probably all busy at the Eastern INATS show at the moment. Give them a little bit of time to get through that event and back into the office and settled. Then I'll probably be able to get an update on the publication status.

-- Jeannette
Tarot Garden
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