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The Dark Lady (20)

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ellirhyn, I love your explanation and reflects a lot of what I feel when dealing with the Dark Lady. Thanks for your post it has helped me solidify my interpretation of her.
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I'd like to add to this.

To me, the Dark Lay is someone who will help you; once you figure out the lesson.

I have never locked my keys in the car; until a month ago. I did it twice in the same day! I drew two cards, "O! That Gnome" and the "Dark Lady".

It occurred to me that she wanted to help me with dealing with the pranks from the gnome, but she wanted me to understand the lesson first. I have always felt the goddess energy from her.

Aso delving into Shamanism, one finds that shamans work in the complete dark. It is in the dark that they receive their wisdom. She is the feminine emodiment of the dark, in which we receive wisdom.

Just my two cents.
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My first impression I got is that look. It's disconcerting. But, besides that, it's a look my mom would give me when I was trying to get away with something, and she knew the truth.
I see her third eye is a flame showing the mysteries and secrets she has learned from the darker side of life. Her wings are not dark, and the primaries deflect light like they were bullets. She also has a bird's tail on her back, something I haven't seen anywhere else in the deck. I see crows when I see that tail, and crows mean a connection with the other side, or psychic connection.
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I always thought the Dark Lady was malevolent and a faerie that saw the darker side of life, balancing the dark and light side is her primary aim. I read for an ex and she was the first card that came out and her eyes were glowing red. She didn't like me using my faery deck to read for this guy that was a narcissist so I read for him from the Dark Tarot and now cannot ever use that deck again lol

I had the dark lady come out this morning after I asked a question about a man. Her eyes did not glow red this time thankfully but I was told by her that I already knew the answer to my question and I just have to go inside and the answer will be found.

I have always found her fascinating and she speaks to me about learning to balance the dark and light side of ourselves and also to look within for answers as we do know best and our intuition (as women) is high. Also trusting the universe that answers and help will be delivered.

I love her (not as much as himself - or solus) but she is a close 3rd
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