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tarot heart 

Wow. I really like these pictures. I wonder how they were composed? The colors are so vivid. It's almost as if the people in the cards are moving. I agree that Schiffer should do this deck and Not Lo Scarabeo. I don't see anything wrong with the hands or heads. Maybe it's a screen distortion...
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Well, while the frequent and obvious perspective mishaps are a bit frustrating to me, I definitely enjoy the very original, over-the-top fantasy feel. And I even like the concept of taking a normal photo and adding layers of Photoshop opulence over the top. Some cards are very attractive, like the Prince of Cups:

But even so, the poor art quality on some of the cards is really a turn off for me, so I probably won't get it. Its a shame. I think with some more tweaking this could be really great, but its just not quite there.
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I love the Q of pent ...Vavavavoom

The King of Sword looks very familiar..... Or he looks like someone.. I just can't put my finger on it... Anyone?
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I thought LS did a good job with the Silicon tarot and they are doing no borders sometime...
Will see
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What I do like is the variety of texture.

Yet another devil with black African features amidst a sea of whites and Asians.

eta: I can't make out what the Q of Pents has in her left hand. A golden something.
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Thumbs up Tarot Illuminati

I usually dont like "busy" type decks that much, but this one seems interesting, and tempting (weirdly enough)-- I really like it! I added to my ever growing wishlist. I most likely will end up purchasing this deck soon after it comes out.

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Queen of Disks 

I dunno about this one. It's certainly cheesetastic in an over the top cinematic way. It's like the Elizabethan Period by way of Tarsem. Although the Devil reminds me of Xerxes from 300.
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Laura Borealis 

Originally Posted by Debra View Post
Looking at this I suddenly realize that tarot doesn't have nearly enough codpieces.

But overall... the attached cat says it all
Attached Images
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I saw that High Priestess card from the other thread and found it quite astonishing. Seeing many of the cards of the deck on Facebook I really like this deck, it's really beautiful and opulent. I'm glad to hear it will be published but I'm disappointed to know it will be by LS. The deck deserves to be a bigger deck than the small and slender LS decks size.
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I like these images. Theyr'e over-top and vivid; and I agree that they remind me of the Aquarian deck. I also think LS picking up the deck is wonderful. They have a high standard of quality and I personally think their size is close to perfect for a tarot deck! The current Llewellyn cards are like trying to shuffle sticky pieces of plastic.
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