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What's the Postman Bringing? Part 11

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Serapis  Serapis is offline
Join Date: 04 Jul 2012
Location: Australia, QLD
Posts: 50

Ordered the Byzantine Tarot earlier today.

Later tonight I was watching some youtube videos reviewing decks and was really struck by the Intuitive Tarot. I ended up promptly ordering it and then only found out afterwards that she(Cilla Conway) also worked on the Byzantine.

Looking forward to them both arriving around the same time and a bit inspired by the unexpected serendipitous confluence after having not ordered any other decks for many months.
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HearthCricket  HearthCricket is offline
Join Date: 10 Feb 2002
Location: ~~
Posts: 16,603

Not the postman, but a fun trip into Salem today yielded books, postcards, bones and other various goodies, plus some decks!

Alchemy 1977 England Tarot
Ancestral Path
Tarot of the Old Path
The Wicca Deck
Fairy Lenormand (picked up 2, am in love!)

Such a fun day!!
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G6's Avatar
G6  G6 is offline
Citizen X
Join Date: 23 May 2012
Location: USA
Posts: 6,030
Rohrig Spanish Version

Got the Rohrig Spanish version today! Bummer, the backs are two different shades of blue. Might try exchanging for hopefully a better printed copy.
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Miss Divine's Avatar
Miss Divine  Miss Divine is offline
Join Date: 05 Apr 2007
Location: An enchanted home
Posts: 2,545
Miss Divine 

Couldn't resist the adorable Bohemian Animal any longer. Hopefully it will be here before next weekend.
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RiverRunsDeep's Avatar
RiverRunsDeep  RiverRunsDeep is offline
Join Date: 02 Apr 2015
Location: h-e-r-e
Posts: 2,705

I'm waiting for the Dark Goddess tarot, as well as a copy of the Tarot Egyptien
Grand Jeu Oracle de Dames that I found for a decent price on ebay.

I have never purchased an oracle deck, but out of curiosity, I looked at
some. Weeeelllll..... let's just say I have "several" oracle decks on their
happy way to me now.
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Cocobird55's Avatar
Cocobird55  Cocobird55 is offline
Join Date: 09 Mar 2002
Location: California, USA
Posts: 7,785

I'm waiting for a special bag for Sulis for my Wild Unknown. She made one for herself, and had one left over. It's perfect for the deck.
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Celtictarot's Avatar
Celtictarot  Celtictarot is offline
Join Date: 07 Mar 2013
Location: In my wee hut in Aberdeenshire!
Posts: 1,418

Beautiful Creatures Tarot on order aswell as Sacred Sites Oracle

Last I bought:

Hands of an Angel Oracle
Crystal Oracle
Magical Spell Cards
Ambika Waulters Chakra Oracle
Chakra Wisdom Oracle
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hedface's Avatar
hedface  hedface is offline
Join Date: 17 Apr 2015
Location: Indiana
Posts: 51
Well, I did it.

After months of waffling and wondering if I was ready for it, I finally ordered the Aleister Crowley Thoth tarot. The price had dropped almost $6, so I couldn't rationalize putting it off any longer. It will be interesting coming from RWS, that's for sure!
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chorphee  chorphee is offline
Join Date: 25 May 2015
Location: Belgium
Posts: 103

Just 15 minutes ago...the Malpertuis Lenormand and the Tyldwick tarot... must be the most beautiful decks I have ever touch.
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Scorulia  Scorulia is offline
Join Date: 21 Jan 2015
Location: France
Posts: 46

I fell in love with the Tarot by Pole Ka, as soon as I saw it it was ordered, last saturday.
The same day, I ordered the "La corte dei tarocchi" deck, I had seen it a few months ago but couldn't afford it at the time.
And at last, the Belline oracle, I have been hesitating a long time (several months ) but I finally ordered it, as I don't like when something stays stuck into my head, it should be delivered on thirsday !
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