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What's the postman bringing you?

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Join Date: 25 Dec 2006
Location: Atop a mountain
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Eeesh! 2008 is starting off with a bang! *lol*

'Received' decks are in pink, whilst 'Not-Yet-Received' decks are in yellow

Wednesday, January 2-2008--[/color]
Parrot T:
Wannabe T:
Oh, Wicked Wanda! T
Thursday, January 3-2008--
Mystic Faerie T:
Fairy Ring O:
Celtic Wisdom T
Thursday, January 24-2008--
Ship of Fools T:
Ansata T:
Legend Arthurian T
Saturday, February 2-2008--
Buckland-Romani T Orig:
Sunday, February 17-2008--
Buckland-Romani T Reprint x 3:
Babylonian T:
Well-Worn Path O
Monday, February 18-2008--
Tarot Organizer Software:
Friday, February 22-2008--
The Fantod Pack T (Edward Gorey):
Sunday, March 9-2008--
Ironwing Tarot:
Karma T:
Monday, March 10-2008--
Greenwood T:
Sunday, March 23-2008--
Book of Kaos T:
Wee Tarot Matchboxes
Tuesday, March 25-2008--
Mantegna T/O:
Wednesday, April 9-2008--
(4) Tarot Bags Baba Studio: Lady Dahlia, Undine, Tarot Reader, Fairytale
1JJ Swiss T w/Book & Mat
Thursday, April 10-2008--
Sternenmadchens Tarot:
William Blake T CrtvImg:
Movie Monster T w/Box:
Baphomet T w/Gilt 1st Ed
Sunday, April 13-2008--
Bruegel T:
Tarot Namur:
Saturday, April 19-2008--
Black Lilly Tarot:
Tarot Corrupt
Thursday, April 24-2008--
Druidcraft T:
GummyBear T:
Shadow Tarot Book
Friday, May 2-2008--
Star T:
Archeon T
Saturday, May 10-2008--
Shakespeare O/T:
Runic T
Sunday, May 11-2008--
Madame Endora O:
Thursday, May 15-2008--
Venetian Carnivale Mask Della Robia by Chronata:
Saturday, May 17-2008--
Love Spells Box O:
Fairytale T
Saturday, May 24-2008--
Truth Fairy O:
Sunday, May 25-2008-- (NEVER RECEIVED- got fleeced by berrieh for these)
Fantastic Menagerie T:
Victorian Flower O:
Sunday, June 1-2008-- from local used bookstore
Necronomicon T:
Tree of Life O:
Lord of the Rings T:
Universal T (Maxwell):
China T:
Healing Earth T:
Healing Earth Tarot Book:

Friday, June 6-2008-- from local used bookstore
Dream Catcher Set O:
Celtic Wisdom Sticks: http://[

Monday, June 9-2008--
Tarot of the Master:
Monday, June 16-2008--
Halloween T:
Monday, June 23-2008--
Alchemical Emblem T:
Minute T:
Wormweird T:
Zigeuner T:
Buckland-Romani T Orig:

Wed Aug 6-2008--
Power of the Runes O:
Tarot of the Deviant Moon:

Thursday Aug 21-2008--
Deviant Moon Promo Card #3
Sunday Sep 14-2008--
Bosch T:
Whimsical T:
Bright Idea T:

Tuesday Oct 14-2008--
Inner Child T:
Napo T:
Baroque Bohemian Cats T 1st Ed:
Vanessa T:

Tuesday Oct 28-2008--
Inner Child T:
Osho Zen T:

Shakespeare Oracle T:
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lilangel09  lilangel09 is offline
Join Date: 13 Dec 2006
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I still await the Silver Dark Sister aka. Bohemian Gothic Tarot Silver.
Unless she arrives early tomorrow, it will be 3 more weeks before she touches these hands!
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firefrost  firefrost is offline
Carpathian Dream
Join Date: 23 Jan 2005
Location: Yorkshire, UK
Posts: 23,922

I was kind of hoping my Runic Tarot from the Trade train would be here, but sadly not yet.
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Lewen  Lewen is offline
Join Date: 05 Dec 2004
Location: Exeter, PA U.S.A.
Posts: 3,353

I'm waiting for Waking the Wild Spirit to make its way to me. I was browsing the decks list here and it jumped at me. So, it's on its way to me. Looking forward to giving it a good home.
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WolfyJames  WolfyJames is offline
Permanent Resident of Halloween Town
Join Date: 08 Sep 2003
Location: Québec, Canada
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I got some money for Christmas and I ordered 6 decks, still waiting to get them:

Bohemian Gothic Tarot Silver
Dream Tarot
Lorland Chen Tarot
Magic Tarot of the Master
Tarot Style II Dragon
Tarot Style III
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the_surfacer's Avatar
the_surfacer  the_surfacer is offline
Join Date: 17 Jan 2006
Location: Alberta, Canada
Posts: 502

The influx of Christmas money means I'm waiting on an order from Amazon that includes the Fairy Ring Oracle, the Wheel of Change Tarot, the Haindl Majors and Minors books, and Italo Calvino's The Castle of Crossed Destinies, which is Tarot-based. Calvino's a favourite author of mine anyway, so him + Tarot = I can't wait.

I'm also waiting on my copy of the Minute Tarot and a Fantastic Menagerie deck/book set from jackdaw.
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franniee's Avatar
franniee  franniee is offline
Join Date: 24 Feb 2007
Location: new york, USA
Posts: 14,990

I am awaiting the bohemian gothic regular AND a wonderful deck I don't remember the name of that is coming from the lovely Aulruna in germany.

from the train trade - bullet train
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6 Haunted Days  6 Haunted Days is offline
Join Date: 02 Sep 2006
Location: Montpelier, VT USA
Posts: 7,966
6 Haunted Days 

Just ordered:
Wheel of Change deck/book
Light & Shadow deck/book
The Star That Never Walks Around: A Native American Tarot.

Plus some books.

And everything else I'm waiting for.
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truelighth  truelighth is offline
Join Date: 16 Mar 2002
Location: The Netherlands
Posts: 2,102

I just bought my two copies of the Black Lilly Deck.. one hand-coloured in lovely red/orange and one just plain black&white. I am so excited about those!!! Also just ordered the Wannabe Tarot.

Still waiting for the Arcana of the Red Jester, Arcana of the Tree People, Dancing Dragonfly Tarot, Bohemian Gothic Silver, Medevial Traumzeit Tarot and the Taiwanese Fantasy Tarot. I guess I better go and check my postbox again soon!
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Lina1  Lina1 is offline
Join Date: 27 Apr 2007
Location: .
Posts: 59

I've just bought myself a copy of the Universal Waite deck on eBay for £3.90 including postage. Bargain! It'll seem strange using a standard tarot deck when I'm used to everything that deviates slightly from the norm, but I look forward to it's arrival

There's plenty more I intend to have the postman bring me over the course of the year as well!
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