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A new De-enabling thread for 2008

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Fey book de-enabling: It comes both as a set and deck alone. You don't need the book. I've had it for a year, have used the deck quite a bit, but I still haven't read the book, apart from some tiny bits here and there. It's pretty and well written but you really don't need it to use the deck.
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You know, I don't get the Fey. Lotta cute pictures, and, as far as I can see, no depth at all. Kinda like the Mystic faerie. I traded away my Fey, and never missed it; and I'm still trying to get something out of the Mystic faeries other than twee-twee-twee. There are decks out there with tons of this kind of charm that you can actually read with, nice lovely lively deep readings. The Magic Forest, for one. LS fairies and Hidden Folk for some others. It's not like these 2 decks are the only thing on the market, if your looking for charming. They're just the flavor of the month.
And while I'm at it, I have to say that the companion book for the Mystic Faeries is written for 9 year olds. Or maybe it's by 9 year olds, I'm not sure. Maybe this is why the mermaids are dressed up? The cute little stories for the minors ---The Wands one really pissed me off. It was all about conflict and crummy decisions. that's real helpful when dealing with Wands. I don't know about the companion book for the Fey, having never seen it...but it can't make the situation with that deck any worse.
I don't know anything about the Jane Austin deck, But buying a deck on the strength of a few scans can easily be a least wait until you've seen most of the cards and read a few reviews written by actual consumers, not reviewers.
Grrrrr...I want me tea, now!
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A new year, a new thread, a new opportunity to be a curmudgeon...ah, what could be better!

Russian Tarot of Saint Petersburg images are too complex and hard to see. When you read tarot, don't you want room for truth to JUMP into your mind? With the Russian tarot, the images are stuck inside the card--as if inside a laquer box, which is the whole idea.
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Originally Posted by Miss Divine
Now I'm thinking about getting the Fey tarot, and nope I;m not even going to attempt asking ya to de.enable me from that one. Does it always come in a set, or deck alone too? And, is the book nessecary?
I know you said you didn't want to be deenabled from this one, but are you really sure???? I have it and have never been able to use it. I don't like how all the female feys have been so sexualised, it just doesn't feel right to me. Mind you that tends to be the way with most LS decks.
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I'm generally an advocate of the Jane Austen Tarot (I have it, and I read with it, and for me, it works, but it's not for everyone), but I will---for de-enabling's sake point out its weaknesses, as well.

It has a few: (1) it's really not good for anything except relationship readings or things intertwined with relationships. So, it's not an all-purpose deck. Try and get a career reading with it, and it'll drive you batty (2) the cards break down a bit easier than most decks, as they don't seem to be 'coated' but rather the same material as everyday playing cards, and (3) the cards have silly suit names sometimes (wands are candlesticks, swords are quills, and cups are teacups; coins are mercifully still coins), which personally I think is unnecessarily weird. The Tarot Court also has slightly weird names (Maiden, Knight, Lady, Lord), which is less weird, but still kind of unnecessary. I'm not a fan of gratuitous name-changing. I don't mind it if it serves a clear and important purpose (i.e. renaming Judgment as Aeon, which changes the meaning a bit IMO) but if it's just to be clever, I die a little inside.

When I asked a friend what else was unsettling about the deck, she mentioned the fact that a lot of characters---the same people---appear on cards that seem to be unrelated, and that can get confusing (i.e. Elizabeth Bennet, a character from Pride and Prejudice appears on The Fool, but she's also the Lady of Candlesticks and the key figure in the 7 of Candlesticks, as well as on several other cards, which is a little "The huh?"). Some of these connections make sense...but seeing The Fool as the same person as The Queen of Wands as the same person as the one doing the fighting in the 7 of Wands would be a bit jarring perhaps to some readers.

The Russian Tarot always looks like it doesn't want to be read. Maybe just me, but it always seems to be telling me it has no desire to be party to such pursuits. I agree with those who say it's hard to see, as well. Pretty and it seems to have some depth, but it just feels so distant. I know I couldn't read with it.

I've already bought my allowed decks through March. (Got November's late and January's early, so recently started with the Vanessa and still waiting on the Druidcraft to arrive, and I only buy them every 2 months.) But I really really really really all of the sudden want an aquatic deck. Tarot of Atlantis or Tarot of Mermaids are both calling to me. I'm also really jonesing for the motherpeace tarot, but I think that's mostly 'cause they're round. How fun the different degrees would be to read... I really need to be de-enabled, especially on the Tarot of Atlantis. Which I really really want to buy.
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Atlantis. In her review, Solandia describes it as a masculine fantasy deck. Do you really want it? or would you be just as happy to borrow a few library books on seashells and islands, throw some sea salt in the tub, and take a long soak?
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Tarot of Atlantis is pretty well incomprehensible. What are the pictures? Why those pictures? It needs a book, and if it had one it would probably just make you laugh. I shake my head every time I look at it.
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Oh, there's no book? Well, then, consider me de-enabled. I assumed there'd be a book with a tarot about Atlantis! I'd never seen it in person, so I didn't realize there wasn't. The allure of the pictures got me... but it's the kind of deck that'd need a book. It said paperback on Amazon, but I guess they mean the cards are made of paper!
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6 Haunted Days 

Sulis and Magpie, you both had me snorting up a storm with your Mystic Faerie comments!!

Yes, t-shirts? On "mermaids"?? Gah that irked me so bad. And they were hopping around on their tail I've said other places just how simplistic and boring the book was...and of course was told I was being "negative" Hey, it sucks.
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Queen of Disks 
Thumbs down

Another way to de-enable yourself off of the Mystic Faeries (and probably the Fey) is by reading "Jonathan Strange and Nr Norrell" by Susanna Clark. You'll never look at anything with fairies the same way ever again!

Just get the Brian Froud cards. They're so much better.
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