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The Best Marseille Deck--Your Top Three List . . .

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Great idea for a thread, I think this is very useful info.
I just got my first Marseille, and am no authority, but I think anyone interested in this style of deck really should get the Noblet, if only for the painstaking work that M. Flornoy put into it (plus, it's absolutely charming).
If he ever does a full Dodal deck, I'll consider myself fully equipped.
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Just a little prairie faerie
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Just a little prairie faerie

lark's Avatar very first's just such a happy deck it makes TdM human for me.

Heron the colors, love the I constantly come back to for comparison and for readings.

Dodal.....still blows me away how different it is and that I even own a copy....excellet shuffling deck this one...and for comparison work a must.
To bad it's so hard to get.


I Just got the Veville and it is a quirky...humorous, funny deck...I'm really loving it and it is fast becoming one of my favorites.

I have the Noblet and although I find it a wonderful reading deck it is still to new to me to be called a favorite. We're still getting to know each other.
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The crowned one 

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Originally Posted by Debra
Yep. Giant purple box. Sleazy purple "spreadcloth" inside. I trimmed mine, too. But gold-painted backs and squared corners sound just fab! Can you show us?

Slumming is good.
By request
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Noblet (far and away my favorite TdM pattern & the new editions are breathtaking)
Hadar (the most elegant re-visioning & the prettiest of the TdMs)
Jodo-Cam (which is te most idiosyncratic, but also the most "sparky/fizzy" of the TdMs)

The Conver Heron gets an honorable mention because the softness of the color and the personality of the faces get me every time)
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Originally Posted by Scion
Jodo-Cam (which is the most idiosyncratic, but also the most "sparky/fizzy" of the TdMs)
I'm surprised that one is just now getting mentioned, it's my favorite reading deck.
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I am interested in the TdM on a conceptual basis, so the entire body of decks would have to be my number one choice. Some offer more than others, and I tend to be happiest among the photographic repros.

My original 1751 Claude Burdel, though incomplete, brings me closer to meeting an early card maker than any other deck. And I think the artist/engraver team was more talented and sensitive than Conver's, so I prefer it on an artistic level. Its a shame there is no photographic reprint available.

Of the earlier decks, I like the level of refinement in the Dodal, and point to the photographic Dusserre as its best representation.

Marteau's Grimaud is my preferred modern standard, and the one I was taught on. The plain vanilla art makes a clean statement.

Thank you Debra for mentioning my Bill's Tarot. It was very happy to be noticed among its friends, and is quietly smirking.
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Seeker, Patterner, Questioner, Dreamer

Aerin's Avatar

Universal Marseilles, because I can READ with it

Fournier, because I like the art

Camoin bicentenniel Conver, because.

(Major Tom's gets a very honourable mention, because the pips are just great. Bill's? What is that? I need to see.)

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My number one favourite deck is NOW the...

1. Noblet (I haven't had it long. I can't believe what i've been missing!)

2. Hadar (I prefer the subdued colouring compared to the Camoin)

3. Jodo/Camoin

My old faithful has always been the 1JJ Swiss to be honest. It's not a 'true' Marseille and so i couldn't really include it. I love the 1JJ though. It's the deck that started me off on my tarot journey a long time ago, and i never once lost my attachment for it.
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Tarot de la Rea (can that count?) I love it - it is gorgeous!!!
Major Tom's

DID I mention i love color?
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1. Noblet
2. Jodo-Camoin
3. I don't have one... unless, as frannie asked, the de la Rea counts?!?
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