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The Best Marseille Deck--Your Top Three List . . .

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"and you can't make me..."
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"and you can't make me..."

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1. Noblet - who knew one of my main reading decks would end up being a TdM?
2. Judo-Camoin - the first TdM I bought because I liked the deck.
3. Hader - the second TdM, purchased on the advice of a AT member.

By top - I mean my personal top three favorites.
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Dodal, Dussere

Noblet, Flournoy

Marteau, Grimaud

Major Tom's (Australian printing)
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I'm sure there are many that deserve to be nominated, but these get my vote simply because I like them.

1. 22 Noblet Majors by Flornoy
2. Hadar
3. Camoin 'Bicentennial'
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1. TdM Jean Noblet
2. TdM Hadar
3. TdM Camoin & Jodorowsky

and many more


PS: sneaky way of adding more.

I love the Vieville and Besancon, the Tarot de Nostradamus (Centuries), Roy du Nissanka, and especially the Carot Tarot and the Chat du Marseille and Tarocco di Marsiglia (Svizzera 1804), Tarot de la Felicite and Vandenborre Bacchus Tarot and Marteau, and Conver, and .... must stop somewhere ... here will do

mythos - rule-breaker
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Carpathian Dream
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Carpathian Dream

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From what I've read, I think the Noblet would win a popularity competition.

I'm not sure what my favourites are yet. At the moment, I have the Noblet and the Universal. I'm waiting for a Camoin & Jodorowsky and an IJJ in the post.

One that I'll soon be ordering is the Fournier - I love the colours.

Soon I'll start comparing - watch this space!
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1. Tarot de Marsella, it's funny nobody mentioned it, it got quite popular here t some point. Yes i'm a has-been :-D
I love the crispy lines, the clarity of the pics and the "porcelain" feeling... call me weird...

2. Hadar's

3. I'd go for the Noblet that i don't own yet though i'm afraid it might have the same devastating effect on my eyes as the Jodo-Camoin if those backgrounds are as white as they seem to be on the scans.

I often wondered if i was ever to be a real TdM fan as i need clear lines and do not like the fuzzy unprecise pictures of the repro decks.


nice thread btw :-) thx Debra :-)

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sporadic magic
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sporadic magic

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I started to do a tally and then got confused.

The Noblet is the clear front-runner, with Hadar, Dodal, Heron Conver, and Fournier running together in a pack on its heels.

TCO sure dressed up that inexpensive Thunderbay deck-- don't we all look good in gold!
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Seeking wisdom, peace, and solitude
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Seeking wisdom, peace, and solitude

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Here's my top 3, in order:

Jean Noblet
Kris Hadar


The Fournier was the deck I used to "learn" to read TdM-style decks. Plus, I love the colors.

I've been getting to know the Jean Noblet in detail for the past several months while taking JMD's "30 weeks" course.

And the Kris Hadar is simply beautiful. Elegant, refined.
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le pendu 

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Originally Posted by mythos
PS: sneaky way of adding more.

I love the Vieville and Besancon, the Tarot de Nostradamus (Centuries), Roy du Nissanka, and especially the Carot Tarot and the Chat du Marseille and Tarocco di Marsiglia (Svizzera 1804), Tarot de la Felicite and Vandenborre Bacchus Tarot and Marteau, and Conver, and .... must stop somewhere ... here will do

mythos - rule-breaker
Now mythos, you KNOW that we can't mention these decks, as they are not really "Traditional" TdM decks.

We must SHUN these "not true TdM decks", or else people might accidently explore them and fall in love with them for their unusual details!

Details like that the Jacques Vieville Tarot is a wonderful deck that is old as the Noblet, from Paris in 1650, but he has iconography on some of the cards that are completely different, and possibly tied to Bologna or Florence!

Or that the Tarot of Besanšon is very similar to the TdM, but they switched the Pope and Popess for Juno and Jupiter... this was way back several centuries ago, so even back then people were "updating" the decks to reflect current tastes. Even the much beloved "1JJ Swiss" deck is an updated Besanšon!

Or that the Tarot de Nostradamus is actually a redrawing of the Jean Dodal (or Jean Payen) deck, with a few modifications.

Or that the Tarocco di Marsiglia (Svizzera 1804) is a delightful deck that has a very unusual depiction of the Hanged Man; even odder, it seems to be a copy of the Hanged Man card from a deck made in the 1500s; and even more mysterious, there seems to be a visual connection to some rather morbid history (wanna talk about "dark decks"!).

Or that the Vandenborre Bacchus Tarot is another example of tarot switching things around and disposing of the Triple Tiara team and adding Bacchus sitting on a barrel, and a character from the popular theater! It's very closely related to the Jacques Vieville, but if you look closely you can find lots of little differences between them.

Now the Tarot de la Felicite is not old, but I voted it into my personal top 10 of all time. For fans of the Flornoy 22 decks, they've got to check this one out.

No one can deny the charm of the Chat du Marseille, a playful reminder that these decks can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

And let's not forget all of the Italian variations.. the Bologna, and Piedmonte, and many others. Are we going to bring them into this too??

Now, you named several that I don't know. And you know what's going to happen don't you? I'm going to have to go take a look at those! SEE what you've done?

Rule-breaker INDEED!
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Iwas talking to someone from NZ yesterday- who reads with the 'Angel Tarot' because the clients like the pretty pips! ~Rosanne
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